On Friday I told the cashier at GapKids “You know what’s going to happen here? My seven year old is going to wear this dress with these tights and declare that she matches, because EVERYTHING MATCHES!”

The cashier smiled at me and told me she used to be teacher, “I could always which days the kids dressed themselves.

Sure enough, the first thing Addie did was pair her new dress with her new tights as well as her new-ish back to school sweater:

Well,  @natthefatrat did say it was THE neutral for fall 2012.

In case you can’t see her (with all the cat-ouflage) she’s on the left, in head to toe leopard print with purple patent leather shoes (We battled for an hour over how badly she thought she NEEDED! leopard print shoes.)

Last night we went to PetSmart and scared the everloving crap out of a chinchilla, can you just hear his little chinchilla mind freaking the freak out at the thought of a leopard staring him down?

We spent the night showing our kids things they can't have.

She’s so funny, always in her own little world where everything is wonderful and apparently very matchy matchy.

I hope you all get a chance to meet her someday, she’s simply wonderful.


Over at Shutterlovely:

I’ve lost 10 pounds and learned an awful lot.

When is a marriage worth fighting for?


  1. Oh I love her. My 7 year old daughter does the same thing. One day I swear a zebra was living with us. I kept braying at her all day. She did not find it amusing. xo

  2. Sophia has leopard shoes that match nothing and she wears them with everything. Your girls are beautiful.

  3. Maybe an easy Halloween costume this year?! Although knowing her and you via the www, the leopard is probably so last year for Halloween!

  4. My 7 year old went to school head to toe in different shades of pink last week, because it matched. She topped off the light pink and other pinks with a hot pink blazer.

  5. You make good kids, yo.

  6. Ha. I love it. Makes me want to put on some leopard print if I had it!

  7. If/when we have kids they better be at least as half as fashionable not to mention awesome (& gorgeous) as yours!! <3

  8. Cannon is going to want Addie to wear that to their wedding. I have a feeling that she’ll be happy to, at least for the reception. 🙂

  9. Also, he is always begging me to wear my leopard flats, and when we went to the Field Museum, he made me take his picture with pretty much every cat in the place.

    We should just write up the marriage contract now.

  10. That is AWESOME. I think she and Zoe usually sound like they would be quite the best buds twosome…. but in the case of fashion, I think maybe Addie and Ana would have a better time playing dress up! lol

  11. My stepdaughter wore a leopard print shirt with a pink fluffy tutu skirt and snake skin print leggings once. I feel your pain lol.

  12. Hi, I’m a relatively new reader here. Your girls are precious! Also, I think we live around the same parts. 🙂

  13. Where did you get Vivi’s leggings? My 10-month old must have them! They’re like jeggings. I wouldn’t wear them, but I’ll happily put them on my kid.

    Casey Reply:

    @KDA, They’re fine wale cord jeans from GapKids. Super cute.

  14. OMGosh! I love it! Just had my first girl 9 months ago. I look forward to these future adventures. 🙂

  15. The nice thing is that she’ll be easy to “spot” in a crowd. HA. Sometimes I just crack myself up. Yes, I’m an idiot- I freely admit it.

  16. I had two little sisters who used to do the same. They used to gang up on the poor animal and scare the hell out of it !!!

  17. just clicked through all the clicky posts. Because, I KNOW AND UNDERSTAND.