Cody has four sisters. No brothers. Cody has one wife and one daughter, no sons. I distinctly remember walking through the grocery store with him tossing my feminine products in the air like a football, that’s when I realized how awesome a boy who grew up with nothing but girls could be.

This is Cody’s baby sister. (He is the second oldest.)

I took her pictures for practice and for her birthday. Which is today.

Happy Birthday Olivia!

She made it through high school with a 4.0. She made it through her undergrad with a 4.0. She made it through graduate school with a 3.8. She has a job as on the tax team at a very affluent company. She just passed her CPA exam. She owns her own home. Pays her own bills.

Today? She turns 23.

I know.


  1. She is beeyoutaful! Wow. No words can even describe her. And, your amazing photography – beeyoutaful!

  2. I’ve gotta hand it to Cody, he seems like a stronger man than I. But I grew up with 4 brothers and I have 2 sons. No sisters or daughters. Can I use that as an excuse? No? My wife doesn’t buy it either.

    Mike Petersons last blog post..Christmas 2008

  3. My husband is the second child of five. All girls except him. He knew more about girl stuff than I did and taught me a thing or two when we got married. He has never said “you women” or “female’s, I just don’t get them”. It’s actually kinda nice.

  4. Wow. Smart AND beautiful.

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Culturizing Christmas

  5. Holy impressive gene pool Batman! And she’s beautiful to boot!

  6. She’s beautiful, smart and so young! Impressive.

    Happy Birthday to Olivia!

    And yes, you have an awesome man.

    Rheas last blog post..Is it still Christmas?

  7. What a way for me to feel sucky! I am 24 and just starting graduate school, and just a substitute teacher. Blah. But congrats to her! That’s awesome!

    Kathys last blog post..Home, Home At Last!

  8. She’s beautiful and smart. It can’t get better than that, right? Wait. Is she funny too?
    Happy birthday to her! : )

    Jens last blog post..Happy Celebrating!

  9. Is she single? Because I’ve got a brother…

    Amelias last blog post..Sometimes, old people are ANNOYING

  10. Wow. Gorgeous and Successful.

    Reeses last blog post..Comic Relief

  11. Kami's Love says:

    Good work! Good work! I’m next…be prepared to use and abuse photoshop with me. Hehe!!

  12. Kami's Love says:

    Oops! There are just 3 sisters. Unless there is one I don’t know about? Maybe in the army somewhere? πŸ˜‰

  13. Kathy, substitute 29 for 24, and an aide for a substitute teacher, and you have me.

    I’m starting my special ed certification next month, hoping it’ll get me my own classroom.

    So yeah, I hear ya.

    But seriously, that is awesome – good for her!

  14. Beauty and brains! WOW! Great pictures! Can you say envious?

    Happy Birthday Olivia!

  15. This 25 year old who is in 6 digit credit card debt and who barely scraped a 3.4 out in undergrad is not just impressed, but floored.

    Obviously her parents (and her, of course) have done some things very right. Congratulations and happy birthday to her!

    Overflowing Brains last blog post..Thieves: 2, Me: 0

  16. Nice. Nothing like an overachiever to make my day. Really, though, that’s admirable. Good for her.

    Camilles last blog post..Merry and Bright, Yo.

  17. she rocks !!!

    feeners last blog post..Information

  18. She’s hot… does she happen to live in Utah need a date with a cute 25 yr old that also owns his own home?

  19. Love the composition of the first shot.

    Also, so impressive and so not where I was at 23.

  20. Wow! She’s gorgeous and accomplished!

  21. Olivia is not only beautiful, she’s the kind of woman I’d like my daughter to be when she grows up! I was such a screw up at 23. She should be proud and so should her parents!

  22. She really is incredible. Is the rest of Cody’s family like those two? Intimidating to say the least!

    And as always – GREAT PHOTOS!!! One day I want to be an artist like you!

    Bennies last blog post..

  23. Oh, wow. I am full of underachievement. She’s beautiful and I’ll vote for her in about 20 years!

    Anissa@Hope4peytons last blog post..Knowing what crazy looks like doesn’t make it any easier to avoid

  24. Happy Birthday Olivia!

    She is beautiful and brilliant. Two awesome things to be.

    The Bossy Yankees last blog post..Douz, Tunisia

  25. Wow. This girl makes me feel old and unaccomplished at 25. I’m not even done with my undergrad. Yikes. Kudos to her, though! That’s awesome!

    Rebekahs last blog post..The Good, the Bad, and the Merry

  26. East Coast Teacher – I just did the special ed thing at 28 – it is wonderful! πŸ™‚

    Re: Olivia – she’s making me wish I could go back and redo college (I had the 4.0 in high school, but not that HAIR!) and wish I was more ambitious…

    Congratulations and happy birthday to her!

    Kims last blog post..Pouring it out.

  27. Is there some reason why she has to be gorgeous too? How do we enter that genetic lottery?

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..And then the phone rang…

  28. How can I love her and hate her so much at the same time! So proud of you Liv! You are gorgeous inside and out. These photos are gorgeous Casey…when is it my turn?

    Kimmies last blog post..Frosty.

  29. Okay…So not fair since she is absolutely beautiful too!

    Rachels last blog post..What lap?

  30. All I can do is hang my head.
    Damn over-achievers!

    Crazy Mos last blog post..Tic Toc

  31. Yeah, so I guess I don’t have to talk about how I was not even close to being that together at 23.

    P.S. My son is the lone boy with 3 sisters. I hope it makes him sensitive and an amazing cook and a great listener and all the things that any woman would kill to have πŸ˜‰

    WMs last blog post..C’mere, I wanna tell you a little secret

  32. How freakin’ awesome! Happy birthday!

    Lisas last blog post..Weekly Winners