Last year just before BlogHer I had my hairs done. Not only was it the best hair did session I had ever had, I had also finally found someone. Someone who I could just sit down in her chair and say “FIX THIS” and she did. Perfectly.

The stylist ended up breaking her shoulder about a week after she did my hair. I was one of her last clients. (Try not feeling really guilty about that. She’s the one that breaks her shoulder and I’m the one that’s boo hooing because she won’t ever be able to do my hair again.)

One of the most shocking things about this haircut is that she actually thinned out half of my hair. I have a ton of it, it is naturally curly (hello, have you seen my kid?) but it is very, very fine. Having all that extra weight gone was liberating. And the color? I did nothing less than glow for months. It was through this haircut that I met Whoorl and it was through this hairstyle that we came up with the “Let the moosh whoorl your hair contest extravaganza” (Long story short, I won a $1000 gift card and decided to pay it forward by holding a contest and sponsoring another lady to have a complete hair makeover. Because good hair days? WORTH EVERY PENNY.)

Oh. Speaking of pennies.

We just bought a house. With a broken pipe that flooded the ceiling and turned my kitchen into Lake St. Moosh. And it’s infested with carpenter ants. And it’s currently painted in all the colors that were rejected by Chuck E. Cheese and It’s a Small World. BUT OOH! HOME OWNERSHIP! My husband also just graduated from law school. Which means all those people that funded law school are going to want their money back in a few short months.

With interest.

Guess what the first thing to go is when you have to give up “luxurious spending?”

Personal care.

And then I started going bald.


From PCOS.

So I had my hair thinned out on purpose, and then I started going bald.

And then I started to cry a lot.

The time came that I needed to get a trim on my thinned balding head of hair.

On a budget.

Which landed me at a mall “salon” with a salty older woman named Charlotte.

$18 hair cuts really do look like $18 hair cuts with my hair.

Charlotte decided that “blending in my bangs” meant “bring them back to life, only when they are reanimated make sure they are in the ’90’s style of big swoop bangs.” Oh, and then she just trimmed the rest all even without blending the layers so I ended up with a sort of mullet with a puff on top.

There are very few pictures from this period of my life. Most involve ponytails. And headbands.

But this one survived.

May 9th, 2009

This was after Charlotte, twenty minutes of tears and an hour with a straightening/curling iron.

Even my mother in law concurred that I pretty much looked worse than before the haircut.

So maybe you’re thinking “It’s not that bad.” Which I agree, it’s not that bad.

But I know what good hair can do for a girl. And for her outlook on life.

My hair has roots. It’s not a flattering color for my skin. It’s too heavy in places, too thin in others. But I have hair. And it’s not falling out anymore. It smells pretty good most of the time. It’s healthy. And most importantly it’s growing from my head instead of my nipples (you PCOS girls out there are all AMEN TO THAT.)

Why make such a big deal out of my hair? Three reasons. One? I’m having a giveaway based on all things follicular. You want to win. Promise. Find all the details here.

Second? Susan of Friday Playdate, Heather of No Pasa Nada, Danielle of Foodmomiac and Sparrow Hair in Chicago are having a little hair makeover contest. And I’d kinda like to be able to be in the nimble hands of Sparrow Hair and Whoorl all while being in the company of Susan, Heather and Danielle. I’d like to spend my BlogHer weekend with fancy new hairs. (Hello best swag ever.) And also? If I don’t enter for this opportunity? I’ll be destined to “Charlottes” because when it comes down to it? Functioning plumbing really is more necessary than fancy hairs.

Darn practicality.
Third? The only appointments I’ve had the past two months have involved doctors, gas, bloating, blood, narcotics (so this one’s kinda funny), nausea, pain and my vagina. I’d like one that didn’t involve any of the above. And for the pity vote?

how surgery can make you too look 5 months pregnant in less than two hours!!

That’s not a baby. That’s C02 from my laparoscopy. And that’s also a ponytail. And a headband.

See? I don’t lie.

*kiss kiss* to the judges. I don’t envy your task.

(going to BlogHer? You can enter too as long as you do it by tomorrow. See aforementioned sites for all the details.)


  1. Where do I sign up to hang up posters, placards, and staple signs to telephone poles, etc.? VOTE FOR CASEY! (xoxo)
    My daughter has been losing her hair. We still don’t know what’s going on. All the usual suspects (thyroid? pulling it our herself?!) have been ruled out. We see a pediatric dermatologist next week. I had her hair bobbed two weeks ago. Thank goodness it suits her personality and she doesn’t have her heart set on pigtails right now.

    Casey Reply:

    @Angie, Oh gosh thanks. And the hair pulling out? My friends daughter is a hair puller outer. GOOD LUCK.

  2. Heart. That’s all.
    Lied- The picture of C holding Moosh? Confirms that you have one of the single most adorable children ever to grace the planet.

    Casey Reply:

    @ToKissTheCook, Oh yes. Thank you. If I don’t ever get a second one? At least I scored on the first one right?

  3. Oh honey you need a HUG!

    I totally feel your follicle pain. I have hair JUST like that and lately I have been all about hair ties and sunglasses (the act as a head band of sorts)it’s an AZ thing.

    Casey Reply:

    @kat, Oh I totally use sunglasses as a hair accessory too…and pencils.

  4. Sometimes, being a guy is awesome. I put a #1 on my trimmers and just shave my head. During the Winter months, I pay like $8 to get a #1 on the sides and back faded into a #3 on top. Win.

    Casey Reply:

    @Joe @ IrrationalDad, Yeah. I’d be really screwed up if I had to name my haircuts by numbers.

  5. Can we vote for you, for reals? Because I am not going to BlogHer, and while my haircut is slightly uneven, it is tolerable. And I owe my mostly painless Brazillian experience to you, so basically, I feel I owe you a campaign. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Kim, I’ll hire you as my campaign manager. You’ll only have to work for 24 hours!

  6. Jennifer says:

    My hair started falling out a few months ago after having meningitis. My stylist has been exceptionally kind throughout the whole thing. She’s managed to not only disguise the fact that my hair is crazy thin right now, but given me a cut and color that has been complimented over and over. I can totally relate to crying as your hair is washing down the drain, and I know the value of a stylist who makes you feel like a million bucks. (Thanks, Jessica!)
    Best of luck, Casey!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jennifer, GOD. BLESS. JESSICA.

  7. Okay, well I’d totally vote for you, or campaign for you or twit for you or leave comments or…you name it. After what you’ve gone through this month, er last month, you totally deserve a great haircut. And besides, a great haircut makes a girl feel like a princess. If only all our hair could be as adorable as the Moosh. And the CO2 oh Casey, I’m just sending really, really gentle hugs, that looks sooo uncomfy.

    Casey Reply:

    @Chris, Yeah. Hugs pretty much are off limits.
    And thanks for the campaign offers. However I believe I’m a the mercy of the LOVELY LADIES IN CHARGE OF DECIDING. JUST LOVELY.

  8. I have a great hairstylist who works in Fishers: Lauren at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. She is a specialist with curly hair. I actually live in Texas but get my hair cut with Lauren every time we are in Indy visiting family. Having curly hair, I totally understand the terrible haircuts that we are sometimes forced to endure. I’ve had an unrequested mullet…twice. Ugh.

    Kim Reply:


    Ooh, I could totally kill two birds with one stone. Although if all of my grooming happens in/around Indy, in theory I should live there. But then my mother would have a heart attack, because I would be a HOOSIER. (I am from Louisville. You know. We’ve got that bias.)

    Casey Reply:

    @Sarah, Kiss Kiss BANG BANG? They would never want me as a client. I’d just sit in the chair and say the name of the salon over and over in a dozen different voices and accents.

  9. so my hair falls out like it’s my job. and then i get diagnosed with PCOS. but it took me saying those two things OUT LOUD to my mom who finally said, “Is that why your hair is EVERYWHERE?”


    and the nipple hair comment you made – it’s like all the pieces of a ridiculous puzzle are coming together.


    Casey Reply:

    @emily, Are you lactating too? THAT’S A FUN ONE TO DISCOVER.

    emily Reply:

    @Casey, NO!!!!!! sounds awesome, but hopefully that is one symptom that i can avoid. ugh! i am currently enjoying the weight gain and irregular cycles. i’m not sure how much more fun i can have! 🙂

  10. you need to win this – so do I!

    Casey Reply:


  11. Please tell me who I need to kiss, stalk, email, or bribe with baked goods to get you into one of those five chairs for this? If for no other reason (and there are obviously other reasons too), you TOTALLY deserve to win this in a “what goes around comes around” way. Say the word if there’s any way I can help.

    Casey Reply:

    @MommyTime, You’re so funny. Thanks. You know who needs to be bribed on both of our behalves. Heh.

  12. I’d LOVE to see you win. And you are so pretty. Had to say it.


  13. You’re going to win. I know it.

    Regardless, you’re going to have new tresses for BlogHer. 😉

  14. Good luck dawl, you deserve it…s’pecially after your month of woes. Love you.

  15. Oh man, you so deserve to win. And, even in the face of a Haircut You Hate, you look absolutely beautiful in the grad photo!

  16. I go to Laura @ Hair Spray in Castleton and she’s great! I’m naturally curly and fine too. Here’s a recent post-hair cut shot:

  17. 1) i would totally vote for you.
    2) if you are ever within driving distance of my hometown, i will take you to my fabulous beyond fabulous hairdresser
    3) HOW did you get your hair to stop falling out of your head and STOP growing on your chest!?!?!?!?