When I make Vivi and Addie’s beds I put a waterproof mattress cover on, a fitted sheet, then another waterproof mattress cover, and then another fitted sheet. That way if any bodily fluids go leak in the night I’m not stripping and making a tiny bed in the wee hours of the morning.

I kind of think that’s perhaps the most clever thing I do as a parent, perhaps the idea is all over Pinterest now or old news to everyone else, but when it finally dawned on me to do such a thing? I was pretty proud of myself, it has served me well on several different occasions. You’re very welcome if this is your first time hearing such advice.

We had missionaries over for dinner last night and in true Vivi fashion, she began swallowing her food like an alligator (whole.) She gagged a bit on a stewed tomato, I patted her on the back and she coughed it up. One missionary looked across the table at me wide eyed and asked “How do you not panic about stuff like that?” Cody said we still panic, but after awhile you know when to really panic, and when to just give your kid a firm smack on the back.

She's a very aggressive eater

As I fed Vivi lunch today I realized the only times I’ve really needed to panic as a parent is when there was lots of blood, a loss of consciousness or a hospital involved. Or when it goes quiet. You’d think after hundreds of years of evolution babies would figure out their parents are TOTALLY ON TO THEM when they go quiet. Quiet babies (unless asleep) are not to be trusted. There was a time I was absolutely sure I was going to be swaddling Addie into her teens and Vivi well into her 20’s. Just recently I fretted that Vivi would never be able to give up the bottle or manage to eat enough real food to keep her full and happy.

Not only is Vivi completely ‘meh‘ towards the existence of bottle and its milk contents, she eats more food than Addie, and possibly me, combined.

Addie’s last day of first grade is tomorrow and then we’re on our own for 10 weeks to take over the world, eat as much produce from the Farmer’s Market possible and spend as much time in cool water as needed. This year we get to take Vivi a long with us on all of our adventures, we’ve never had a sidekick before. Last year she was just too little and high maintenance to really enjoy anything summer had to offer and Addie and I are really excited to show this baby so many new things in the coming months. (Like tutus as headdresses!)

Learning to Walk

What are you most looking forward to this summer?


As with the changing of the seasons, my responsibilities and obligations will be changing as well and I’m really excited about some new opportunities (this one!) and bummed about saying goodbye to others (Baby’s First Year (my baby’s too old!) and Babble Kids (I just can’t keep up!)) This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month (such a lovely group!), and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories and experiences with you here several more times over the next month before beginning over there full time at the end of June.


  1. all I can say is “fat baby legs, omnomnomnomnomnom”

  2. So looking forward to summer! I have one who is also in for a treat as she is old enough now to really experience what is going on.

  3. kristen says:

    I just love her legs! and Addie’s smiley love for her sister!

  4. Dude…no homework. 3rd grade math is hard,yo’ 😀

  5. Oh that first photo! And also, my midwife passed on that sheet trick for homebirthing… that way after the baby is born you have fresh sheets under there waiting. Only I ended up having Ivy on all fours on my bedroom floor, so I saved those extra sheets for later.


  6. Bethany says:

    man am I jealous of Austin. I would adore meeting you Casey. Your writing has given me hope when nothing else has. Keep at it darling, your girls are so lucky.

  7. First of all..that picture is tutu cute..har har. I’m looking forward to our yearly vacation to hubby’s hometown of Naples Florida. It’s way way South Florida…so nobody is there ….we have the run of the place. I can watch my children explore and learn the things my husband learned as a child…in his natural environment. I soak it up, as they soak up the sun, and the salt water, and I not so quietly shout out warnings..BEWARE OF THE SHARKS!

  8. Bella out ate her brother all the time when she started eating real food. It was kind of crazy. She’s slowed down a bit now that she’s 20 months, but she sure knows how to pack it in!

    (also we have one of those placemats, I LOVE them. Always give them as baby shower gifts. Especially perfect for when you’re at a restaurant)

  9. Swimming, swimming, swimming! Pretty much water activities are the only option outside in a Texas summer.

    So excited about your writing for Disney Baby (and excited to be writing there too)!

  10. Don’t remember where I heard it, but I did that similar layered bedding thing when we were potty training. (Used puppy pads in between sheets.)

    This summer I’m looking forward to the SUN. As recent Portland transplants from LA, we’re excited about the break from the rain. We hear that PNW summers are hard to beat.

  11. I simply cannot get enough pictures of Vivi’s legs. They are hand sculpted by God out of cute. I cannot get enough.
    Is that weird? I hope not.

  12. Tutus as headdresses… and those legs! Adorable.