So there’s this thing I want to talk about.

But I don’t. Because I like you and I don’t want you to not like me because of the fact that you’re human.

Now if it were ten years ago and I didn’t like you so much (which would have most likely been the case given that I was a mean person) I would have already told you, rubbed it in your face and sealed it with lacquer.

When I was pregnant and barfing up my intestines women would look at me, tsk tsk and let me know HOW GLAD THEY WERE THAT THEY WEREN’T ME.


However, after I had given birth and came back to work with a 28″ waist and size 4 jeans all I heard was “I HATE YOU YOU LUCKY DUCK.”


Barfing your brains out is now considered lucky? Bring on the lucky toilet seat and I’ll display it proudly on my desk.

I would imagine the lame anxiety I’m feeling is similar to close friends of mine who tell me that they are pregnant. Or millionaires.

Here goes.

In exactly two weeks I will be flown to NYC at the expense of HP because of a review I have been doing on this little lovely. I will be put up in a swanky hotel on Times Square for three nights. I will have the opportunity to attend fashion week and a private party at Vivienne Tam’s boutique.

If I were not myself I’d hate myself too.

We humans, we’re such inherently jealous beings.

I can admit that I have watched other bloggers go on cruises, vacations, getaways, to private parties and receive swag that would blow anyone’s mind. And I fully admit to thinking “WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT HER?” or “I GET MORE TRAFFIC THAN HER.” or “I WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCH A BETTER CHOICE FOR THAT.”

Guilty as charged.

Am I ashamed?


I was a jerk to think those things. I would have never wanted someone to think those things about me if anything spectacular were to ever happen to me. So I stopped being such a wench and started celebrating with others when they had reason to celebrate.

And then this opportunity came to me. An absolute dream come true. Remember how I feel about NYC?

And wouldn’t you believe it, I went poking around on the internet a couple of nights ago and found more bloggers getting things that I wasn’t. And the jealousy started to sink it’s teeth into my brain again.

I am so far from perfect it’s not even funny.

Blessed? Yes.

Grateful? Not as much as I should be.

Perfect? *insert manical laughter here*

So you’re not perfect either, right? *nervous giggle*


  1. Dude! You get TRAFFIC! *jealous*

    😉 Kidding! I hope you have an awesome trip (but I *am* jealous about NYC).

    Chibi Jeebss last blog post..Poor bugger

  2. I’m TOTALLY perfect. Oh you didn’t know??

    Yeah, most people don’t.

    Enjoy yourself, girl. You deserve it. 😉

    VDogs last blog post..Love Is…In Your Bedroom

  3. I know we didn’t talk much at the conference but I am seriously one of those people that gets happy for everyone that has a wonderful opportunity. Envious? Yes (NY -my hometown and fashion week)! But I am so happy for you (and wondering if you will share the secret for getting such a wonderful opportunity). I am very glad to hear that you are reviewing that baby – I hope you get to keep her!

    Renée aka Mekhismoms last blog post..Blissdom!

  4. CONGRATS!!! I must admit your trip is making me want to rack up more irresponsible debt and take a trip to the Big Apple myself. Hey I can stimulate the economy!!!!!

    Christys last blog post..2008~2009

  5. i figure, i’m friends with you on facebook and twitter so…i should probably inspect your blog.
    and phew…
    it’s a good thing i’m secure in my suckassedness!! otherwise, i’d be jealous. thankfully though…i’m getting free sex toys from my other website…so, that’s something.
    i’d be jealous too!! 🙂

    melissas last blog post..The Barer Of SEXY News…