I wasn’t paid any money for this post, nor was I bribed.

I was given a couple of CDs at Blissdom and BlogHer.

And arm candy.

It's like the prom I never had with @iamchrismann

@iamchrismann is @myinternethusband

I wasn’t going to buy into it. Cute boys who sing are a dime a dozen. I’m from Utah. You want to get a girls attention? You play an instrument and you sing. Maybe that’s not just Utah, but seriously, UTAH.

But the boy (Chris Mann) can sing. And he’s funny. And he’s charming. And so far his head is still in check.

So to my boo, @iamchrismann, congrats on your EP coming out today (on itunes, amazonMP3, Rhapsody..etc.)

And to the rest of you? Go buy it. I promise you he can sing.

And that you’ll want to make out to a few of his songs.

Multiple times.

Just try to keep your mind on your significant other and not this.

Chris Mann singing to ME.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

(And sorry for objectifying you Chris. But yum. Cody agrees, however with him the yum ends with your music.)


(Ends. with. the. music.)


  1. my friend and her husband are in love with Ray LaMontagne..yeah, it is a different kind of “sexy”

    Mr. Blonde Reply:

    @heidi, LaMontagne’s stuff is brilliant!

  2. He is pretty cute but you are SMOKIN’.

  3. And he’s got my last name !! YAY !!

  4. *swoon*

    So. Pretty.

  5. uh … yum
    that is all

  6. So yum!

  7. Seriously. When I met him at Blissdom, all I could think about was asking my husband for forgiveness 😉
    In all reality, Chris Mann is adorable, funny, personable, and can SING. It isn’t fair to us regular people.

  8. Dang, girls. Calm down on the guy. As a music critique and a half, I really like Mann. His vocals are tremendous. And, he has all the marks of a true entertainer. Comedy, performance, access, charisma, authenticity, etc. He’s like the dream brother-in-law or something. Buy his digs. It’s worth it.

  9. That gold dress was gorgeous! Where did you get it?!??!

    Chris Mann was a good accessory but the dress….

    Casey Reply:

    @Kat, J.Crew (From my mom, LOVE YOU TINY GRAMMA)

  10. Soo pretty. I love the last picture – yum!

  11. YUM is right!!!!

  12. Definitely not a fan. His music makes my ears bleed.

    Casey Reply:

    @Avitable, And your dancing makes me throw up in my mouth a little so we’re even.

  13. lol. you are so funny!

    he has nice eyes…I’d like to check him out…I mean check out his music, yeah.

  14. Please say he is single. Please. Because then I feel like less of a creeper about my drooling all over the computer screen.

  15. I guess his music MUST be good, lol.

    Wilma Ham Reply:

    @Wilma Ham, I guess really good, if he gets me in a tiz like this and have me put in my comment twice. What is he doing to us???

  16. Oh my goodness. Thank you. Ahem. Blink. Yeah, thanks.

    (And I also am a Ray LaMontagne fan)

  17. He’s a cutie… and he CAN sing, too. 🙂

  18. K.. I’m looking up the bra D40 thing.. course first I’m remember meeting Chris Man in person.. but at first here I thought this was the yanni Gug!
    (Did you get that the short brown hair one.. is LDS??)

  19. Nice couple.. very generic. and healthy

  20. Can’t find it. Must be some other Moosh, some other Indy? but I swear.. a whole series about a visit w/ur mom going to Chicago, hurting your leg, and a camera…?? Am I even in the right stat yet??