Allow me to sum up my February for you:

Different hotels slept in: 4

Planes taken: 5

Nights spent sleeping in my own bed: 9

Nights spent sleeping in the car: 2

States visited: 8


That being said I’m desperately attempting to play catch up to my duties as a responsible adult (see: laundry, grocery shopping, general self care) as well as my responsibilities as a working professional (see: write write write, click click click) and one of the most exciting things that I didn’t even get a chance to talk about was the fact that I was chosen as an ambassador for Clickin’ Moms. WHEE!

The ever lovely Jill from Baby Rabies was the matchmaker and seeing as how I’ve been gleaning wisdom and inspiration from her photos for the last several months I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to learn from the same forums she’s been so heavily involved with (and loving.)

That being said…I have only barely begun to scratch the surface of what Clickin’ Moms has to offer and I’m really excited about it. The truth is I kind of have no idea where to start but I’m really excited to all AT THE SAME TIME. Using my camera almost every single day this year has already taught me so much and given me so much confidence as well as some of my most favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

Won’t you learn with me?

I have a discount and a free trial offer for you…

Use the code MOOSHTRIAL for a (you guessed it) free trial and if you love it or find any sort of inspiration then use the code MOOSH20 for 20% off a 6 month (reg. $30) or 1 year membership (reg. $50)

I’ll be posting here and there about things I’ve learned or photos that have been inspired by the Clickin’ Moms forums, IT’S LIKE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL BUT ONLY TAKING THE CLASSES I WANT TO.


Current favorite photo? THIS ONE.

Addie reading to Vivi

Who’s with me?

**I have been compensated with a 6 month membership and access to forums and online classes by Clickin’ Moms as an ambassador, links are affiliates.**


  1. CM is the best! I hope to see you around there! 🙂

    Sarah Reply:


    I was gonna buy your 50mm f/1.4 from you but I was short! I thought your name sounded familiar.

    CM… small world. 🙂

    Julia Reply:


    Ha – I love the internet!

  2. Oh my goodness me. That is an adorable photo, I must agree!

  3. I just love this photo! Congrats on becoming a Clickin’ Moms Ambassador.

  4. Amy in StL says:

    Baby Rabies?!? Is there a shot for that? I’m pretty sure some of my fellow 40 something friends have that and are driving us nuts with it.

    Jill @BabyRabies Reply:

    @Amy in StL,
    Sadly, I believe the only cure is to actually *have* a baby and then realize what tiny little soul suckers they can be 😉

  5. ahhhh!! God totally blessed you with 2 of the CUTEST models ever. Lucky gal. And YOUR photography inspires ME! So, so happy to have you along for this fun ride. I know you have so much to offer everyone. Yay!

  6. Sweet! I just did the free trial. A good friend of mine has totally taken her photography business to the next level because of stuff she’s learned with Clickin’ Moms.

  7. I’m pretty sure that sounds like the busiest February ever. Good thing you had that extra day!

  8. That is a GREAT photo!


  9. I’m on there as punch. Hope I see you!