When it came time to write my post for Hallmark last month I felt as though I had said everything there was to be said about Addie as a big sister, short of showing you a picture of my heart exploding with love I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I asked Cody if he had anything to say, turns out, he did. So here it is…my darling husband’s second guest post in 6 years.

I sure am a lucky/blessed/happy lady.

Vivi hug.


I grew up in a small oil town surrounded by other boys whose fathers worked in the oil field or on farms.  One thing I learned at a young age was that a person was not tough if that person showed emotion.

On my wedding day, my wife expected me to shed tears and show how happy I was to be getting married—unfortunately for my wife, no tears were shed.

At the birth of my first child, my wife expected me to shed tears and show how happy I was to be having a new daughter—unfortunately for my wife, no tears were shed.

At the birth of my second child, my wife expected me to shed tears and show how happy I was to be having a second daughter—unfortunately for my wife, no tears were shed.

Here is a confession for my wife.  Even though there were no tears shed on our wedding day, I was unbelievably overcome with joy when I first saw her walking down the aisle.  I will never forget the look she had on her face and how stunning she looked that day.

Here is another confession for my wife.  Even though there were no tears shed when my first daughter was born, the emotions I experienced were indescribable.  Getting to touch my daughter for the first time was one of the most exciting and euphoric moments of my life.

Here is another confession for my wife.  Even though there were no tears shed when my second daughter was born, the emotions I experienced were just as indescribable and incredible as when my first daughter was born.  As I kept my hand on my daughter’s minutes-old stomach, I realized that the feelings a father feels at the birth of his child is a feeling that he will experience only a handful of times and will be one of the peaks of his life.  I decided to cherish that experience because I realized I may never feel that way again.

This post is supposed to be about Addie as a big sister, and you may be wondering how I got so off track; however, Addie as a big sister fits perfectly in this post, and here is why.

I did not expect Addie and Vivi to get along as well as they do.  After Vivi was born, I left the delivery room to call Addie and tell her that she was a big sister.  I discovered Addie had left about fifteen voice mails on my phone begging for updates on Vivi’s birth.  That kid was just as excited to welcome Vivi into the world as I was.  I have watched Addie play with Vivi for hours at a time.  She does not play with Vivi because she doesn’t have anything else to do—she genuinely loves playing with her little sister, and Vivi genuinely loves playing with Addie.

Addie has been the best big sister Vivi could ever want.  There have been several moments where I have seen Addie taking care of Vivi and I have experienced that euphoric feeling that I felt when both Addie and Vivi were born.  Although I did not shed tears at my wedding, at Addie’s birth or at Vivi’s birth, I have had to fight back tears when seeing the love Addie has for Vivi.

vivi and addie


If this isn’t a dream come true, I don’t know what is.  It’s a literal dream come true to partner with Hallmark in 2012 on their “Life is a Special Occasion” campaign again and I thank them tremendously for believing in my family and me and for sponsoring this post.


  1. Heart a flutter.

  2. ::tries to swallow over the large lump in my throat::

    beautiful. just beautiful.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I wish my man could put his feelings into words so beautifully!

  4. Momma Lioness Michele says:

    Gorgeous. His love for his family just flies off the page. And that photo at the end is divine.

  5. Mommabird2345 says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. Definitely something to save for Addie & Vivi when they grow up.

  6. Well, I DO cry! Like right now, for instance!

    My goodness, how I love your family.

  7. Beautiful emotion, beautifully expressed. Casey will be very, tearfully proud!!

  8. sweetest ever.

  9. Pitter pat.

    Shut up, ovaries. I’m not ready yet.

  10. Note to Casey: you picked a winner. This is a gorgeous guest post.

    Note to Cody: Thank you for expressing this so beautifully. I would give a million dollars for my dad to say he was proud of me. I know he was, but to hear him say it would have meant so much.

  11. Great. Now I’m sitting here crying and have to explain “why” to my BF while simultaneously convincing him that we need to go have babies ASAP.

  12. I’m tempted to drive there right now with a case of Bud and a box of Kleenex. Miss ya, Big Guy. *punch in the arm*

  13. <3

    so beautiful and wonderful.

    This is a gift for Casey, Addie and Vivi

  14. Swoon. Nothing better than a man’s love for his wife and kids.

  15. sob! so sweet and well said.

  16. Oh my.

    I think I might love Cody as much as I love Casey.

  17. Beautifully well written. What a wonderful kaleidoscope of memories you share 🙂

  18. Wow wow wow so perfecT!


  19. Heart strings were tugged. My husband too doesn’t shed tears, but I have no doubt the births of his sons are the two of the most precious days he experienced.

  20. This post almost made me cry. How very touching!

  21. Beautiful.

  22. Thanks, Cody! That was a great way to start my week. 🙂

  23. awe Cody, I love his silent and stoic heart…

  24. Well, I just couldn’t stop the tears while reading this. So sweet Cody. All three of your girls are as incredibly blessed to have you and you are them.

  25. Cody, you might not have had tears but you sure brought forth some from others!

  26. Erik Fisher says:

    From a Dad’s perspective, dead on. Words cannot describe it, even if tears aren’t there. My seven year old daughter sitting holding my 6 month old son, both of them smiling at me, hits me in a place deeper than tears.

  27. Cody: Fortunately for your wife? She picked you and you picked her. You are a beautiful match. You don’t need tears to express your heart or to show your love and pride. Casey is one lucky girl. And those girls of yours? Wow…. never will a day go by that they will doubt the love and devotion of their daddy – that is worth more than all the tears in the world.


  28. How sweet!

  29. Preciousness. And I totally get it.

    I happen to have a quiet husband who doesn’t show a ton of emotion. But just because it’s not a big whopping demonstrative show of AMAZEMENT complete with tears and jumping up and down, it doesn’t mean he’s not relishing the moment with every fiber in his body.

    I totally get it.

    And sisters? I agree with all that, too. Watching those sweet moments is nearly too much to bear.

  30. Daddies talking about their tiny angels is too much for my heart to handle. My own husband has done it at my place and I can’t read them without crying!

  31. SOOO sweet!!!! What a beautiful, love-filled family you have. 🙂

  32. Awwww. Darling.

  33. Huge resounding “Awww” also I am constantly amazed at how well my son and daughter get along. I never expected them to be so adorable.

  34. wow. love this.
    {and one of the reasons why I am so excited about my son hopefully being a big brother some day is because I see how HUGELY he loves – it feels like such a parenting triumph – even though I had nothing to do with it.}