It’s the end of the month which means round up time on all the things Cody and I did when we weren’t here, in Utah or Mexico. (February went kind of fast, no? I mean, it still sucks with all this cruddy weather and while part of me is optimistic that it’s almost March and all this grey wet sky crap is almost out of the way the other part of my brain is all MARCH IS THE WORST MONTH EVER IN INDIANA. Who knows. I’m having a hard time, more on that later.)

Brittany and Abe's Wedding
By Cody:

Cody cuddle dumped me. Like that Friends episode but worse.

Ten things Cody has learned from Vivi.

I got the storm door I wanted for Christmas, but it seems like Cody got even more out of his gift to me.

Cody (and I) wholeheartedly supports Mexico in the winter, here’s why.

And the super emotional one, 10 reasons why Cody didn’t get a divorce 4 years ago.

By me:

The evolution of Vivi’s feet, from tiny little toes to pumped up kicks (and all the stacked piggies and scrunchy toes in between.)

I’m now brushing Vivi’s teeth with sugar twice a day. Part one of this little journey can be found here. Then part two here.

The last video from our Disney Cruise.

January was about decluttering, February was about makeup, now it’s on to March and my next new month’s resolution (because New Year’s Resolutions are too much work.)

And last, my date to the wedding this past weekend, she wouldn’t dance with me but she had no problem eating all the cake with me, fair trade off if you ask me.

Best wedding date ever.
When she had the opportunity to wear the bride’s veil I thought she was going to flop over and die from happiness.