comparing my babies.

At least three things are true.

We make them blonde.

We make them chubby.

And boy howdy we make them cute.

Did your babies look alike?



  1. Oh. My. Heavens.
    Those little faces. You are definitely blessed. 🙂

    Our two boys look absolutely NOTHING alike. The older one is 99th percentile for height with dark supercurly hair and my face; the younger one is barely 10th percentile for height with light brown stick straight hair and my husband’s face (and my husband and I have very different features). It was surprising how different they are, but it’s also fun!

  2. The cuteness! It’s TOO much! <3
    Mine look nothing alike, although that could be due to the fact that we have one boy and one girl, but truly- they're polar opposites in just about every way, especially in the looks department.
    My daughter is my mini-me, and my son is my husbands. Eerily so. My daughter with her red hair, blue eyes, and tiny little frame, weighs 37lbs at 5 years old.
    My son.. mouse brown hair, hazel eyes, built like a line backer, weighs in at 35lbs at 2 years old. Unfortunately (for me, notsomuch for him) my son has my body type, and I'm pretty sure he's going to grow up to be a sumo wrestler or a body double for the Rock. Although his penchant for all things sparkly may lead to other career aspirations, but whatever! 🙂

    Your girls are most definitely your mini-me's and it'll be interesting to see if Vivi grows up to look as much like Addie when they're older as she does when they're both babies. 🙂

  3. Bonus, the come with big blue eyes and insanely long eyelashes!

  4. Holy moly! Some of those pictures seem like you’re looking at the same baby. They sure are pretty, I bet it takes you back often!

  5. YAY!! This is so fun. Do they look exactly alike to you? To me, they have some of the same stuff in some of the pictures, but overall they also look really different. So neat. They are both the gasp-omg-that-baby-can’t-be-real type of cute.

  6. My ovaries just exploded. You make beautiful babies!

  7. Heehee, you did it! You just made my day. And now I want blond, chubby babies. (Mike is blond… Heh.)

    It really is mindblowing how alike Addie and Vivi are. You and Cody make gorgeous babies.

  8. I absolutely love this!! I can’t believe how much they look alike!!! Amazing and beautiful!

  9. They definitely look like sisters and are super cute!

    My oldest is my doppelganger, but my other 2 look just like each other…and like my husband.

  10. It’s amazing that you found such similar photos of them! I tried to do this before, but could never find similar poses, expressions at the same age.

    Thinking I’m going to try your photos by the Xmas tree later today… we’ll see how this goes.

  11. Oh my…. the cuteness is almost too much to handle!

    Sometimes I think my girls have always looked pretty different…. but other times it’s like we made twins 3 years apart.

  12. Still waiting to find out…

    Less than 3 months and we will know!

  13. Your babies have the same mouth. Same smile. Gorgeous.

    And no. I have four children, and NONE of them look alike. At all. To see their baby pictures, you’d think I was making time with all the neighbor men, because not only do they not look like each other, they don’t really look like my husband or I.

    Genetics are such a bizarre thing.

  14. Adorable. And those cheeks that are so big they make the corners of their mouths go down? Unbelievably cute. Don’t you just want to eat them up?

  15. Blonde haired and blue eyed…mine do look alike…the boys do. My daughter is blonde haired and blue eyed..but doesn’t look so much like the boys. Now..oh my goodness are those some chubbeh cute bebe pictures..I lub em!

  16. You speak the truth. CUTE BAYBEEESSSSS. My ovaries hurt gotta go now.

  17. They are just so stinking cute! Their smiles…ahhh, the cute is too much!
    I didn’t think my babes looked alike, but then I found this:

    Turns out they do!

  18. Nope. My babies do not look at ALL alike. We have two boys, and we each got mini-mes. My oldest is the spitting image of my husband, he just has a little less red in his hair. My youngest is the spitting image of me. So when we’re all together, you can see they look like us – but look absolutely NOTHING alike.

  19. Oh my. I’m in love.

    Um, mine don’t. Not really at least. They all have similarities. However, one is a mini-me, one is a mini him and the middle kid is a perfect mix of the two of us.

  20. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful comparison! And how incredibly similar their baby pictures are! That is crazy. We only have 1 so far, but hopefully we’ll add to that soon. I can’t wait to see how our children will/won’t resemble each other.

  21. P*R*E*S*H
    out of our 4, only the first and last look alike – but they are al super cute boys!