In 2009 I met a man named Chris under a dirty freeway overpass in Chicago. I had just finished a test drive around the city in a brand new bright yellow Chevy Camaro.

“How’d you like it?” he asked

“My husband! The jealously he will experience when he finds out I drove his dream car! THAT CAR IS AMAZING!”

“So your husband likes Camaros?”

“Loves them, grew up with them. Life list to drive one.”

“Let’s make it happen.”

Several months later a yellow Camaro showed up in our driveway and it didn’t leave for a week.

Best week ever.

camaros make all the minivans at church jealous.

(neener neener minivans!)

I stayed in contact with Chris and when my Aunt Cheryl passed away, he and his fellow associate Connie along with Chevy took care of my family in a way I never would have thought a company, let alone an automotive company, would.

When I found out I was pregnant a month later Cody and I had the “I think we’re going to need a new car that starts every time you ask it to.” discussion.

Both of us grew up in homes where cars were never bought new. You bought used and you drove it until it died. We wouldn’t be getting a new car.

“I wish we could buy a Chevy, they’ve been so good to us.” I mumbled one night.

“Me too.” said Cody.

Connie had jokingly offered up her employee discount to Cody when I told her how sad Cody was to give back the Camaro. I wrote her and told her that we were actually considering a new Chevy but we didn’t know if we wanted to go with a Traverse or a Acadia and that we were nervous to make such a huge investment into such uncharted territory.

“Why don’t I send you one for a week and you can see how it fits into your life?”

We drove an Acadia for a week and knew that the Traverse was for us. Through other connections we met up with a local dealership and salesman (Brian Eybel at Hare Chevy, tell him Casey sent you) and he found us the exact car we wanted with the exact features and sold it to us through an employee referral program.

To say I love my car would be a gross understatement.

I *LOVE* my car.

Several months later Cody’s dad was coming into town for the Indy 500 and Mecum Auto Auction. He has two old Camaros of his own that get the prime garage real estate, I asked if it would be possible to have a Camaro for him when he got here. The man works harder and loves fiercer than almost anyone I know and he loves Camaros.

On their first morning here a cherry red Camaro with black racing stripes showed up in our driveway, the exact same color of his vintage Camaro back home.

The look on his face when I opened the front door to his surprise was better than a kid at Christmas and Disneyworld combined. The grin didn’t leave his face for four straight days. He and Cody (his only son) hung out in the Camaro, doing whatever it is dads and sons do.

I grew up in an all Toyota household.

My girls will grow up in a Chevy household.

I spent the day at the Chicago Auto Show as a guest of GM today. I sat in Audis, Porches, VWs, Hondas and I even took a ride in a Dodge truck with the most adorable man from Texas you’ve ever seen or heard.


When the day was over I went back to the Chevy display and sat in the 2012 Traverse.

It felt right. It felt like home.

The only thing that felt as good was a 2012 Camaro. Dang sexy cars those things are.

I. love. my. car.

I realize not everyone can have the experiences I’ve been fortunate to have, but I can promise you that all that stuff Chevy talks about with American traditions and keeping it all in the family? It’s true, everyone I’ve ever met who works for the GM brand believe every word of it. Did you ever see the commercial where the sons find the dad’s old car that he sold so they could go to college? Watch it and feel your cold icy heart melt.

I asked the woman working at the Volkswagen display what their twitter handle was.

“Twitter? I know we’re on facebook, but I don’t know about twitter.” (They are, they’re @vw)

RED ONE! *punch*

If you had a company, wouldn’t you want to know what people were saying about you? (RED ONE! *punch*)


Someone made a comment that they didn’t understand why they brought a bunch of moms that blog to an auto show.

By inviting us, Chevy acknowledged us as invaluable consumers. Invaluable decision makers.

It’s not just about the reporters, the car enthusiasts and the guys who get glassy eyed around sports cars.

It’s about being involved with families who are going to be putting their babies into their cars every single day.


A special thanks to GM for letting us borrow so many cool cars, selling us one and providing me with a car to drive up to Chicago and a fancy place to lay my head last night. If you are looking into buying a new car? Buy a ChevyΒ  (GMC, Buick or Cadillac.) (And nope, I wasn’t asked to say anything or paid anything to love them. I just do.)



  1. I understand your love for the brand. Because I have the same love for FORD and could not live without my Ford Escape.

    Catherine Reply:

    Nicole, I was just going to post the same thing! I love FORD!!!

    I’m on my 5th Ford and come from a long line of Ford drivers/lovers…my nephews middle name is even Ford!

    My husband drives a Flex and I drive and Edge… Love them!

  2. I did a review on the Traverse a few years ago and loved it.

    One of the cool things about it is that a good portion of the designers were women.

    My husband is hoping to get a new to us car that isn’t off craigslist at the end of the year. I really want a Traverse.

    Everything about it was awesome. Everything.

  3. My father raised me to be a Chevy/GMC girl πŸ˜€ Go you for liking them too πŸ˜€

    We currently have an 01 Blazer (TrailBlazer SLT package *sweet*) and are deciding between an 04′ and an 05 Sierra LOL!!

    I’d go with the Traverse though πŸ˜€ I love the lines, and they look so much roomier, and just a sweet looking car πŸ˜€

  4. My husband works for GM and we bought a Traverse last August. I LOVE it! It is a great family car AND it is not a minivan…score!! Glad you like yours too

  5. Thanks for this oh-so-YOU post, Casey. Everyone who attended was hand-picked for a reason: exceptional writer; fabulous photographer; genuine enthusiasm. You happen to hit on all cylinders.
    It was so, so great getting to know you & share well-done steak with you. I love my job, and meeting loyal people like you is a large part of that. Thanks. Truly.
    And, Heather and Sarah? Honored to offer you my GM discount as well, whenever you’re ready.

  6. Love this post! As a Michigander I obviously am surrounded by people who take the Big Three verrrry seriously. My family has always driven GM vehicles, and I too am a lifer when it comes to Chevys. I drive a Cruze right now, and the experience I had at the dealership confirmed that I’d be a customer for as far as I can see into the future.

    My fiance actually works for Volkswagen, but he drives a Chevy too πŸ™‚

    The “Chevy Runs Deep” slogan is spot on.

  7. Oh my gosh, how fun!! I love cars, especially fast ones. πŸ˜‰ We are currently a Toyota home, but it’s good to know what other great options are out there when the time comes to add or switch!

  8. American cars are FINALLY being made as well as the best of the foreign makes. I would drive a chevy – but I drive an old Saturn. With 170,000 miles on it. A Vue. It runs like new. It looks pretty good, too. All of that said – the American car that most catches my eye is the Ford Flex. <3

  9. Anybody who doesn’t take women seriously as car enthusiasts and buyers is OUT OF THEIR MIND.

    We make the primary car buying decisions for our houses.

    My husband doesn’t even know where the GAS RELEASE is, let alone that my car is a V8.

  10. LOVE our Traverse. Best car EVER. Glad you have one now, too πŸ™‚

  11. First of all, our lives are strangely parallel. Every time I learn more about ya, I think we are more similar…anyway..My husband is also a Camaro FANATIC! We had one when we were first married. Red, V8, 6 speeds…super fast and super hott! I loved it so much. Then we had a Blazer that went through pretty much anything. My husband (who is a big kid) blasted through mud, snow drifts, you name it!
    Also, the fact that one “lends” out her employee discount is super-fab. What a great company for allowing that! I love Chevy’s…always will.

  12. Great post. We loved the Traverse. Everyone at GM is fantastic! (Also loved meeting you too.)

  13. It’s so great to find a brand you love isn’t it? Best feeling ever. Makes you want to run out and tell everyone. I loved being able to feel how much you love this brand when I read this post. πŸ™‚

  14. I love this πŸ˜‰ <3
    Way to go Chevy!
    That commercial made me do the silent cry <3

  15. I have always been loyal to Ford, but am looking at Chevy for our next vehicle probably in the fall. I love my Escape. But we want something with a third row, and I don’t like the Ford choices. I have heard good things about the Acadia and am wondering why you chose the Traverse over it? Hare Chevrolet is a little far though as we live in Brownsburg.


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