In case you’re one of those people that need the full story, day one is hereday two is here.

Real life time and vacation time are two different worlds. If you asked me to be somewhere at 11am here at home? I’d be wide awake, well fed and prepared for the day. Ask me to be somewhere at 11am on vacation? I’ll forgo breakfast to get an extra 15 minutes of sleep and end up twitching half the day from hunger.

We all met in the crazy sex vibe living room (the W calls its lobby the living room, I now call my living room a lobby. Get in, get out and for the love don’t mess it up.) with plans to spend the early afternoon back at Vivienne’s Boutique for a private function. Private function in my head translated into food so I ignored my stomach which apparently had also learned to swear at me in several different languages from Chinatown the day before .

I asked one of the other girls what we were in for and she said “It’s a surprise.”

We arrived at the boutique and instantly we all fanned out taking pictures, touching, coveting and mentally blogging the entire scene, it had changed so much from the night before. First of all, there was natural light (swoon.) Second of all her entire spring collection (you know, the one that matches the laptop?) was out.
Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique. Vivienne Tam Boutique.
“Excuse me ladies, if I could all have you come over here.” said Alan Wang, the boutique manager. Not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t what came out, that’s for sure.

Specifics escape me…but it when something like “Thank you so much for being a part of this campaign…blah blah…very excited…blah blah…honored to have you….blah diddy blah…Vivienne thanks you….blah blah…PICK ANY DRESS TO KEEP.”

oh. my. gosh.

Immediate reactions from the group?

  • tears
  • “CAN I HUG YOU?”
  • clapping
  • “THANK YOU!”
  • Oprah-esque squeals of joy
  • “What the hell am I going to fit into here?”
  • and my reaction…blank stare.

Of course another one of my first thoughts was “MODESTY!” seeing as I’m a modest girl. I silently walked around scoping for something that would keep me covered, and Vivienne? You totally delivered.

A lot of girls picked buttery lambskin handbags.

A lot of other girls picked classic LBD’s.

Everyone was on cloud nine and everyone looked amazing in everything they tried on. (I also learned that designers make stuff for normal sized people! Huzzah!)

On the way back to the hotel we were informed that the launch party for the actual HP Mini Notebook Clutch later in the evening was optional by the man boss. Little did he know that us ladies had just been given designer dresses and like hell if we weren’t going back that night to be fancy and thank Vivienne for her generosity.

By now my stomach had gone into cahoots with other body parts and demanded some sort of sustenance besides Tic-Tacs. I asked the concierge about Thai.


“UH HUH!” I answered even though I hadn’t understood a word he said, I just knew it ended in Thai.

“So which is it?”

“HUH? I just figured you were giving a restaurant selection and I was going along with it, did I mention I’m hungry?”

“Did you want casual?”

“OH! YES. Casual. But more importantly FOOD.”

He gave me the suggestion of a place a few blocks up called YUM YUM BANGKOK.

Sorry, but you put “YUM YUM” in the name? I’m so there.

A whole gaggle of us headed over and stuffed ourselves full of some of the best Thai I have ever had (not sure if it was so good because I was so hungry…but whatever. I ate myself bonkers.)

We headed back to the hotel to gussy up for the evening.

I didn’t realize that when you’re wearing a dress that matches the star laptop of the evening a lot of attention is drawn your way and most people think you work there.

At least I'm not, uh, gray? And hairless? And asleep?

“Excuse me, can I get some more champagne?”

“Excuse me, can I try this is a size 6?”

“Excuse me, do you know so and so?”

“Excuse me, but when does Ms. Tam arrive?”

“Excuse me, where are the restrooms?”

Finally “I don’t work here, I just wear the clothes” became my mantra.

A whole mess of people showed up, including a pig.

And the pig smelled really, REALLY bad.

That’s New York for you though.

The highlight?

Having the designer of the dress you’re wearing tell you that you look beautiful, and that you only make the dress even more lovely than what she intended.
all the VT HP ladies.

Vivienne Tam and Me

I was honored to be in such great company. I miss you girls madly.

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One day left in New York, and it involved a hobo named Hollywood and way too many pictures.

To be continued…


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    Love the pic of y’all, love all the pics!

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