I know I’m not the only one who leaves town for two weeks and comes home to this.


Customer assistance in Sporting Goods to the Stairs Please?

Customer assistance in Sporting Goods to the Stairs Please?

“OH! But it’s just an exercise bike and a weight bench!” you say.

Yes, it is an exercise bike and weight bench.




Ceiling. (and walls.)

Customer assistance in Sporting Goods to the Stairs Please?

Customer assistance in Sporting Goods to the Stairs Please?

And in case your worried about coming to my house and having an exercise bike fall from the sky and render you unconscious, don’t worry, it’s being held in by SIX BOLTS AND A CHAIN.

Customer assistance in Sporting Goods to the Stairs Please?

After seven years I’ve come to expect nothing less.

Customer assistance in Sporting Goods to the Stairs Please?

I’m so in love with someone so unbelievably odd.


I guess I should explain the stuff hanging on the walls…it kind of explains why I’m not peeved about it.

Whilst I was gone he found a big cherry wood desk on CraigsList for $100. (a $1500 desk mind you.)

The desk is so huge it took over where the fancy “home gym” used to reside. It also left six enormous holes in my walls and knocked out a door jamb. *sigh*

He got it so that he could come home at night and have a place to be with his “girls” when he studies.

So instead of him being at school from 6am to midnight I get to have him home a few extra hours and in exchange I get to have sporting goods on my wall. Both of which he can reach quite easily (my baby is all kinds of strong) and uses regularly. And yes, this really was the last (not necessarily logical) place to put the stuff.

Did I mention I married a packrat? Because I totally did, despite trying to beat it out of him for the last seven years the pack rat has clung on tight and refuses to die.


  1. On the walls though, really ? Why not the garage. That said I love that he bought the desk to be with his “girls” more!

    Worker Mommy’s last blog post..Why Red Lobster is the creepiest place on Earth

  2. That is absolutely….something….I had to keep back and looking at the pictures to really “get” where that equipment is. And he uses it right where it’s at?

    Okey doke.

    Note to Casey: get more life insurance on moosh’s dad.

    Darla’s last blog post..Spring Fever

  3. Wow. I don’t really understand it–how it works that is.

    But it sounds like you understand each other, and THAT’S what matters.

    Anna at Hank and WIllie’s last blog post..Saving babies, one step at a time

  4. We don’t have a garage. *sigh* I heart student living. Bah.

  5. I would suggest you just come and buy my house. Then you would have a place to store ALL of your boy’s stuff. 🙂 You can have it if you want it. I will gladly give it to you. Please?

  6. whoa. that’s wacky. if i or my husband put something there like that, it would never get used again.

    megachick’s last blog post..carnivory is hereditary

  7. that’s pretty ingenious – as long as it isn’t a giant pain to get down.


  1. […] So here’s the thing. I’ve been following the road trip and am sorry to report that BOSSY may have a hard time here. Of course she’d never say it on her own blog because she’s a classy broad. But she’ll be spending the night on my couch, my small couch with a substantial bar that is probably about seven inches too short to accommodate her height. If she’s really lucky she’ll get an air mattress that will lose air gradually overnight until she’s smothered in a hammock of plastic, flat on the ground. It’s not going to get any better in the morning. I don’t drink coffee. There’s no coffee joints around my house for many a mile (unless you count the seedy convenience store down the street). And when I say house. I mean apartment, graduate student apartment with exercise equipment hanging from the walls. […]