Ding dong the bamboo’s done. (And the lighting and the paint.)

Kitchen Before.

dining and kitchen after Looking out from the Dining Room Before. dining room after

entryway after

6 months.

1 trip to Ikea.

17 breakdowns.

842 sq. feet of cootie free bamboo flooring.

At least 20 gallons of paint.

My furniture isn’t pretty enough to live here.

Heck, I’m barely pretty enough to live here.


  1. GORGEOUS!! Congrats! (and those lights??)

  2. It’s beautiful and it’s all yours!

  3. holy crap it’s GORGEOUS. Those floors are fantastic. I wanna come VISIT.

  4. So happy for you guys! I love the floors – we’re shopping for hardwoods now and that color is amazing!

  5. Beautiful! IKEA FTW!!!

  6. Pretties!

  7. Squeeeee! I LOVE your light fixture!!!! Also that post? Would kill me. I would run into it on a daily basis. I iz clumsee.
    It looks so beautiful, Casey! Gosh, I know you’re happy.

    Jen L. Reply:

    @Jen L., It’s not a post, it’s a column. So sorry. Am clumsee AND don’t know arkitekchure turms.

  8. EFF YES!!!! Loves it!

  9. OOOOO ahhhh. Gorgeous.

  10. It looks wonderful! I love bamboo flooring. Enjoy your cootie free house!

  11. that’s such a pretty color for bamboo! it has a great zen feel to it! Have fun breaking the new floors in!

  12. It certainly is a thing of great beauty!! You are, indeed, a woman of excellent taste.

    Well done =)

  13. Holy cow! That looks amazing! I love your light fixture.

  14. OOH chandelier pretty pretty

  15. Are sock sliding contests allowed on your new floors? If so, we are so having one on Monday!

    Nanette Reply:

    @Olivia, That’s exactly what I was going to say! (Except the Monday part.) I just wanna slide around them there floors in my socks!

  16. Gorgeous!!!!!

  17. Oooo, pretty!

    Congrats! You guys deserve this!

  18. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. I’m totally jealous of your brand spanking new look.

    And of course you are pretty enough to live there.


  19. Damn gina…do what I did, cry and beg and plead that your couch was too ugly…then get a new one like I did. (although we did have that downeast store.) LOVE your house, can’t wait to stay there.


    Also? You have more square footage of bamboo than I do in my whole apartment.

    Overflowing Brain (Katie) Reply:

    @Overflowing Brain (Katie), And by that I clearly meant you have more bamboo than I have square feet of anything total. I don’t have any bamboo in my apartment. We have carpet that the cat has eaten most of the corners of because he’s “special.”

  21. I love love love it!! great choices all around!

  22. Casey, it’s gorgeous.
    I’m so happy for you, honey.

    Now, tell me how on earht you took that pic of addie blowing out the candles on the cake. It is amazing.

  23. It’s beautiful! I LURVE IT!

  24. Wow, stunning! Can you come work some of that magic on the house we just bought??? Yes, seriously, we have papers mostly all signed, now we’re just waiting on technicalities… I can’t believe it!

  25. So, so beautiful! Looks like there’s plenty of room in that kitchen for me to come show you how to *really* cook great corn-on-the-cob. (I will forever believe that my way is better until proven otherwise.)

  26. I am so drooling over your bamboo right now!

  27. Ho-ly COW!! Amazing.

    You know what my favorite thing about new flooring is?

    Being made to take off my shoes at the front door. Seriously, I love that.


  29. LOVE!

  30. Wow, awesome! I love how it turned out. Love the light fixtures. LOVE! Don’t worry, IKEA will be there for you to pick up some prettier furniture over the next months/years!

    Continue to enjoy your fab new place!!!!

  31. loooooooooooove it. Well done my friend.

    (when does the money truck deliver the bags of cash for us to go shopping and accessorize?)

    I’m salivating to pimp this pad out proper…

  32. It looks fabulous! Furniture is one of the first things we purchased when we were finished with school. New couches, entertainment stands and TV’s. Now I want a new kitchen table mine is OLD!

  33. Great work and congrats on getting that part done. Its fabulous!

  34. It’s amazing Casey! I’m lusting after your bamboo floors! GORGEOUS!!!!

  35. I am in love with your floor… holy cow… so gorgeous!!!

  36. Oh, Casey…. it’s gorgeous!

  37. What a great holiday gift! Your home is amazing.

  38. What a nice place. Well done, Casey.

  39. Very classy and beautiful! I can’t wait to see more.

  40. AH. MAH. GAH.

    Gorgeous. LOVE IT!

  41. Wow! I love it. That dark color flooring looks amazing!

  42. OMG the floor is so dark and sexy! For some reason Bamboo to me was always pale. I am so doing this in my new house in England. That is, when I sell this house in SC, Find a house in Gloucestershire, move over…. Ok I just freaked myself out!

  43. Engineer Bob says:

    Wow, the transformation is amazing! It really looks great. Congrats and enjoy your great looking house and cootie freeness Casey.

  44. So pretty! When can I come over! 🙂

    So happy for you!

  45. I think this may be the first time my boss at the architecture office I work in has walked by my computer while my Google Reader was open and given an approving look.

    The house look fabulous.

  46. It looks so clean and fresh. Yummy.

  47. mommabird2345 says:

    OOOHHH, the house looks GREAT!! Can’t wait to see more pictures.