Big week. Lots of travel! Lots of firsts!

Like baby’s first time being carried by a celebrity! (or mom’s lady friend who cooks good, whatever.)


When Ree gets home and makes another ranch baby she’s going to be blaming you. Just warning you now. It’s all your fault for being so wonderful. In fact I could name you the baby that launched a thousand pregnancies at BlogHer ’11.

You have been SO. GOOD. this whole trip. Putting up with the time change, all the touching, the strangers, the smells, the sights, the sounds, the late nights and the sometimes questionable sleeping arrangements.

If you cared I’d buy you a pony. But your sister would just get jealous and we really don’t have room for two ponies. In going back over some of the photos I took this week I’m realizing while you may have been super good baby, you may have not been loved every moment baby.

Take this for example, baby’s first limo ride!


Whoa. Baby does not like traveling in gaudy style.

Then I kept leaving you alone to take pictures of the places you had been that you’ll never remember. Like Balboa Park!


And then there was the beach. You didn’t like the beach. In fact you disliked the beach so much you slept through our entire visit to the beach (as soon as you stopped crying about how much you hated the beach.)


Today we head back to Indiana, rumor is they missed us horribly. The weather in California is wonderful. But you and I? We belong back home. With these dorks.

cody and addie.

We have a marvelous life you and me.

I’m glad we get to spend it together.

my baby and me.

Thanks for being my baby, baby.


  1. Vivi got to meet Ree. I’m jealous of a baby. Sigh.

    Alright so this post is going to be flooded with comments about how freaking adorable Vivi is (and she totally IS!) but I wanted to say how freaking adorable you are in those pics!

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. How can you stand the cute? Holy wow – totes adoraballs!

  3. Indiana misses you!

  4. oh so cute! 🙂

  5. I love her little leggings, she looks like a mini areobics instructor! Too Cute!

  6. You do have a marvelous life… isn’t it great when we realize it!

  7. I want to curl up inside of that last picture and never come out!

    Also, love the picture of your two dorks at home. <3

  8. Oh my. That last photo just made me smile-cry. I’ve been admiring you from afar for bringing Vivi to BlogHer, especially since our girls are almost exactly the same age (May 2011 in the hizzouse). As only bloggers can do for each other, reading about your experience has boosted my take-the-baby-out-of-the-house confidence. Thank you.

  9. My idol Ree? Touching YOUR baby? Can I hold Vivi, just so I can pretend Ree is holding MY baby?

  10. Totally a closet reader of your blog, but yes, let’s talk about the fact that The Pioneer Woman held your baby…probably the first time that I’ve ever been jealous of an infant.

  11. She also wins the award for Best Hair at BlogHer.

  12. She’s a crazy-good baby. She told me so when I almost baby-napped her, but it was the “crazy” of the “crazy-good” part that stopped me from taking her. I don’t need more crazy-good girls around here.

  13. OMG, the hair! I miss the hair. And Vivi (and you too)!

  14. Casey! Both your girls are just ab.so.lute.ly. adore-able.

    That, combined with your witing style makes me a reader for life. Just sayn’

  15. That last picture is beyond cute.

  16. I’m catching up on blogs – impressed you posted while traveling – and entertained that I did not realize you had the same ones when you asked about my TOMS at Blog Indiana. They really do go with almost everything & are perfect for travel.

  17. You just look so HAPPY. xoxo