Dear Gage,

nose nibble

Happy birthday little man, today was a good day to be born. And not just because you were one cheese stick away from weighing nine pounds. No, today was sunny and warm for November. Also? 2009 has been kind of a crappy year for a lot of us who were already here so your arrival was a welcome delight to everyone who’s lucky enough to know your parents.

born into love

OH YOUR PARENTS. Such lovely people. Obviously I’m a huge fan of your mom, but your dad is pretty amazing as well. And your big sisters? I’m pretty sure given that you’re already 12 hours old you’re probably bigger than Birdie, and PK? Don’t worry about her, she’ll be off playing Polly Pockets with my kid. You and your dad are outnumbered and will have to stay close to each other.

You have been born into so much love.

already wrapped


one cheesestick short of nine

I got to the hospital moments after you were born. Apparently you had a schedule to keep to seeing as how you came screaming out of your mom leaving her wondering what the hell just happened. (P.S. She didn’t have any pain meds, I have a good feeling you will be reminded of this regularly. So when you get the chance? Buy her something shiny.) I walked into the room to your dad smiling proudly over his son. You. I was there when your mom gasped when she saw you for the first time. And honestly? You were (and are) perfect. You looked so tiny in your dad’s arms. You fit so naturally into your moms embrace. And when your mom held you for the first time?


This is the kind of joy that can only come with babies.

proud momma

Welcome to the world little man. I promise to teach you all about Chick-Fil-A, chocolate cake and crossing monkey bars.

I’m glad you’re here. I look forward to nibbling on you often.

xo-Miss Casey


  1. Amazing shots. And words to go with.
    Congrats to Emily and family. Baby Gage is adorable! Warms my heart. Me loves me some babies!!!


  3. love it! great pics, even greater little baby. 🙂