I’d be remiss not to thank you for the excellent work you’ve been doing for me lately. Especially when it comes time to dominate my family at monkey match each night. I know you’re well aware that this whole making our living on the Internet thing is feast or famine and we’ve had to pass on a lot of feasts in the past because you just couldn’t be trusted to hold your own.

2.8 self in the mountains.

You’ve been working so well I’ve taken on far more this month than I ever have in all my six years doing this. I have faith that we can do this together brain. That you won’t break on me. At least not until the feast table has been cleared and the food coma has set in.

We’re good brain, you and me.

Let’s keep it that way for as long as possible (at least until the end of August please.)

xoxo, the body that contains you and feeds you all those tasty omega-3’s


  1. I know I already told you this, but I am so stinkin’ happy that you’re so stinkin’ happy. xo

  2. Amy in StL says:

    I was just looking at my bottle of anti-depressants this morning and thinking how happy I’ve been the past six months and wondering why I ever lived with that life-sucking black cloud. Also, reminding myself to call my doctor for a refill.

  3. love this.

  4. Be careful the weather doesn’t overheat it, your brain, that is.

  5. Your brain is my pregnant body. Where are we going in October?

  6. I am so glad things are going better for you.

  7. It IS feast or famine. So true.

    And I love that photo.

  8. glad you’re happy 🙂

    But can we talk about the awesome that is that picture?!