emily and rage

Thank you.

Thank you for bringing me with you to the house you grew up in.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your family (and Emily’s family? Right back at you yet.)

Thank you for twirling batons with my kid and letting me borrow your sweater.

Thank you for being a friend so fantastical most other humans pale in comparison.

You? Are simply lovely.

One of the greatest blessings in my life and possibly the best thing the Internet has ever given me.

You make motherhood more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever met.


Thank you for being my friend.


  1. Crying over here.

    So glad you have each other.

  2. That is just awesome. I’ve come to love her too, and found her through your blog. Makes me wish I lived in Indy!

  3. Beautiful

  4. I’ve been meaning to email Emily to thank her for her kind tweets to me.

    She’s a good friend. So are you.

  5. Awww, Casey you just write beautifully. And it made me follow the link to go read Emily because you inspire me everyday with your posts, you are so funny and vibrant and beautiful and I wish I weren’t half a continent away because you’re just the kind of friend a person can clearly not have enough of. Promise I’m no crazy stalker just someone who devotedly reads your blog–and comments sporadically, and thinks of you hoping you’re doing better with each day, because you inspire me.

  6. How lucky you are to have such an awesome friend. We should all be so lucky!

  7. such a beautiful post to a beautiful woman written by another beautiful gal!


  8. Lovely. Both of you.

  9. She’s definitely a keeper!

  10. How lucky you both are to have each other.

  11. love this.
    love you both.

  12. Whoa. This is beautiful.


  13. I also love Emily! Over the past few months I am remembering how dear to me she was during my senior year of high school. I am so glad you have each other! And I am glad you enjoyed visiting our Holland ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. So sweet. I’m still waiting to meet the person that could be that wonderful of a friend to me. I desperately want that in my life, and I can tell from this how therapeutic and comforting it is to have that.

  15. Everyone needs a friend like that. I’m so glad you guys have each other.

  16. quite a lot verklempt.

    You realize that Grandma Tulip is very much addicted to the moosh and you.

    This trip is not yearly, more like seasonal.


  17. Aw. *tears*

    I love you guys!

  18. LOVE Holland – it’s beautiful.

  19. lovely.

  20. Just, Amen.



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