I know it’s only been twenty four hours and that I never really see you much anyway, but I miss you. I only miss parts of you though. Not all of you. Don’t go getting all egotistic that your wife can’t live a day without you. Face it, there’s a lot not to miss. The socks in the middle of the floor, the whiskers in the sink, the incessant teasing and poking, the milk in the bottom of the cereal bowl and the fact that you demand to be referred to as “Legend.”

But you’re the moosh daddy, and the moosh misses her daddy.


I miss your smile.


I was going to write some disgustingly mushy garbage about how you just held me while I bawled into your armpit nook the night before I left.

Then you teased me the next morning about getting boogers all over your shirt and the mushy garbage I was planning to write went out the window.

Tonight the moosh watched “The Wizard of Oz” with Grandpa Fish. After dinner she asked to watch “Lizard of Bob” again. This is the kind of stuff I’m sad you’re missing. Oh? And remember that time we were on ESPN? I watched it tonight.
Remember that time we were on ESPN?

Baby, we look good in HD.

the moosh saw it too, she almost attacked the TV.

the moosh thinks she's seeing things. 

So don’t get too full of yourself. I miss you, yes. But I’m not going to see you until December 20th, so I can’t miss you too much yet. You understand right? Of course you do. Go get a job, get all A’s on your finals, don’t trash my house and get a little sleep worked in there too.

Loce, Love and Sloppy Kisses in all the right places,



Photo by Kim (hey sweetcheeks, I’ll be seeing you in an hour, *wink wink* RAWR)


  1. Aaaw, now I miss Cody too!! Well OK so I’m lying.

  2. Oh I can’t imagine. Hubby takes business trips here and there but never that long. Hopefully Dec. 20th comes quick for you but not too quick because I have a lot of shopping to do 🙂

  3. That last picture makes me all teary!

  4. I’m glad my husband isn’t the only one that makes his wife refer to him as a legend.

    Have fun sans man!

  5. My husband does the teasing and poking thing too. Glad I’m not the only one.

    That’s so cool you guys were on ESPN!

  6. That last picture is so gorgeous! You clearly need that blown up big hanging in your house.

  7. That list picture! I love it!

  8. The longest I’ve gone home without DH has been about 2 weeks, and that was bad enough. Good luck with being away for so long.

    And alas, I see that we can never be friends. You are a Ute. My loyalties lay more southern, and blue.

  9. Ok, I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself that Scott can’t come with me for 9 days to the west coast for Thanksgiving.

  10. Love love love the last picture!!!!
    I hope you got lots and lots of boogers on his shirt!!!

  11. That is an amazing picture at the end.

    You were on ESPN???? How COOL!

  12. dec 20th?? whaaaaaaa???

  13. awww…..now i’m sad…i want hubby to come home so i can give him a big hug!

    sorry the moosh is missin’ her daddy..that must be hard. but think about great it’s gonna be when you guys see him on Dec. 20th!

  14. I just have to say, Moosh has the sweetest cutest baby curls I’ve ever seen!

  15. Please come back…PLEASE! I got her now Cody…I’ll treat her right.

  16. Hmmm. An APB for my husbandfwould sound supiciously similar to yours of Cody, but mine likes to be called my “My Hero” instead of “Legend.”


  18. That last picture? Is perfect.

    (I love that Cody makes you refer to him as “Legend.” I myself am married to “Mr. Smooth.” Jealous?)

  19. that is just too precious!
    I, like everyone else, adore that last picture. That should be framed in a huge frame somewhere in your home. Or sent out at Christmas with a beautiful verse about love and family. Too tired to give you one off the top of the noggin’. Baking cake #3 for the 3 tiered princess birthday tiara tall want something pink and fluffy birthday cake demanded by princess for party tomorrow.

  20. the LEGEND??
    That’s awesome.