It’s Valentine’s Day #8 for us, and may I just say it’s nice that we both kind of remembered this year given our long standing tradition of forgetting important moments in our relationship. (See birthday of ’04, Valentine’s of ’05 and Anniversary of ’02, ’03 and maybe ’06 and ’07)

I’m not going to lie, you’re pretty lucky to be married to me. There’s an awful lot of boring broads out there you could have ended up with. Even though you sometimes have to worry about my public behavior I’m so happy that we’ve come to a point where you’re okay with me dancing on bars, in fact, I think you’ve almost come to expect it from me

Moosh Has Moves from ToKissTheCook on Vimeo.

along with my karaoke stylings

Redneck wimminz.

(photo courtesy of Secret Agent Mama.)

going to hotel sex toy parties  (sorry no, pictures, but you know what I’m talking about)

and my love of hanging out with a gaggle of loud wonderful women.
the good hashtag elevator

(photo courtesy of Secret Agent Mama.)
Me dancing on a bar didn’t even surprise you. You just welcomed me home with hugs and stale pizza.

I know you think it’s funny what I do. But I love that you let me do it.

I love that you’re the one I get to be tangled up with every night when the lights go out.

You make my heart flutter.

Happy Forced Romance Day, baby.


  1. happy valentines day.
    that was actually…quite a sweet post!
    my hubby hasn’t even wished me a happy valentines day yet. sigh.

    melissas last blog post..Two Sick Kids, One Valentines Day and Zero Things To Say…

  2. Tacky? Not a chance.
    Perfect and adorable and anything but cheesy, yes.
    I have pictures of the 704 party, just sayin’ 🙂

    Happy Forced Romance Day. I love it.

    Happy puffy sparkly pink and red crazy day to you and your super lucky hubby. and the curly haired darling!!

    rachel-asouthernfairytales last blog post..Keep Believing

  3. Love it. So sweet. He is lucky to have you. Down with boring.

    Alpaca Farmgirls last blog post..Question of the Day: Who’s Pregnant?

  4. Awwww-I love it!
    Love the black and white picture.

    Happy Valentines Day!

    spoiled mommys last blog post..Running on E!

  5. I think it is awesome when a husband “gets” his wife and appreciates her for just who she is.

    Happy Valentine’s day to you as well!

    Domestic Extraordinaires last blog post..Experiencing Bliss

  6. Happy Forced Romance Day. lol

    Rheas last blog post..Not a Valentine’s post

  7. Very sweet. Cody is lucky. On your next trip to Cali you are getting a sitter and we are hitting the town. I don’t have any friends who’ll dance on bars with me without being plastered. Me? I don’t need alcohol. Woot!

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Random Thought (Warning, A Little Gross)

  8. I miss you already.

    Until next time, darling.

    Redneck Mommys last blog post..Electric Moment

  9. I love it – “Happy Forced Romance Day!” I think they need to make cards that say that! : )I too have had my share of dancing on bars. . .

    Kristins last blog post..Snow Day!

  10. Aw 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, Casey!

    Mrs. Wilsons last blog post..Without further ado …

  11. Just over from Momology and loved the title of this post! Delighted to discover a fellow bar dancer and karaoke queen. Indeed our husbands are lucky men!!!

  12. I love the video…I would have never guessed from the “panel” session that YOU of all people YOU would have done such…but you know, that glass house thing…..either way, I want to see the video from the Mom It Forward where you were so funny… it anywhere that you know of b/c I can’t seem to find it!…

    Geez, you are a riot!

    Jerri Anns last blog post..TV Boyfriends

  13. You are the most fun sober gal I have ever known!


    Alli {mrsfussypants}s last blog post..Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. great video! and I do really like the singing style.

    happy valentine’s day!

    Courtney from Mommie Blogss last blog post..happy valentine’s day

  15. So far, the most amusing part of Valentine’s Day season for me was getting to interview a friend who runs an adult store. Some years, my partner and I buy each other gourmet chocolates. This year? BOTH of the gourmet chocolatiers closed last year, and we can’t afford the gas to drive up to Champaign. Bah.

    Elizabeth Barrettes last blog post..Interview: Have a Sexy Valentine’s Day

  16. Stole a picture from this post of you and Tanis singing and put it up on my post for her redneck shower.xoxoxoxoxox

    PS You are the most fun sober person in America. It’s a fact.

    Michelle-White Trash Moms last blog post..The Redneck Mommy Shower: A Virtual Jello Salad

  17. I look crazy obsessed in that elevator…

  18. Very sweet. 🙂

  19. I get the distinct impression that “boring” has not ever once been used to describe you.

  20. sweet!! Loved the ending 🙂

  21. I need a good night of dancing on a bar… ::::sigh:::

    Crap. I’m old.

    Stopping by from MBC…

    Jenni Jiggetys last blog post..Winter Vacation Week – Day 1

  22. Aw, these pictures make ME love you (I belong in that elevator, I tell you). How could your husband do anything but? 🙂

    And ps. I clicked over too late to help you on your quaker quest, but I LOVE oats, and picture of the creme brule oats put a little flutter in my own heart. Delish. The man I share my bed with makes some mean homemade granola with our friend Mr. Quaker.

  23. LOVE the facial expression and jealous of the trip to nashville!

  24. Hahaha. great video!

  25. Very sweet.

  26. BTW is that Heather’s dress you’re wearing wilst singing with Redneck Mommy? Love that dress. Love you even more.

    Kimmies last blog post..Kids say the darndest things…

  27. girl’s got MOVES.

    great post!

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..Power of the bird.