Dear Hallmark,

I cry at commercials. I don’t normally bawl at commercials.

Until this year.

This whole keepsake ornament campaign you’re running? Allow me to hand over my credit card so I can give you the applause you deserve.

The one with the little girl doing the victory dance after she makes a goal? And then her parents buy the soccer goal ornament?

Gargantuan amount of tears. Messy snotty tears.

Because that’s exactly what the moosh would have done.

So, the moosh asked Santa for a big big Cinderellla Dress and big big Cinderella shoes and a big big Cinderella crown.

Guess the ONLY present the moosh is getting from Santa?

 Santa's gift to the moosh.

Uh huh.

I know.

Then I walk into my local Hallmark store and guess what ornament is hanging there?


Uh huh.

I know.

Remember the moosh’s birthday cake?

Remember that the moosh got a dress and a doll and a movie that matched the moosh’s birthday cake?

  Barbie the Island Princess and her little cake too.

Enter Hallmark.

 barbie ornament

Uh huh.

I know.

Your marketing is impeccable.

I was honestly shedding tears while purchasing these ornaments. Shedding tears over the cheesy memories that are going to come from these ornaments for dozens of years from this Christmas. Shedding tears over my own personal Hallmark moment.


Hallmark, dudes, wow.


Love and kisses,


P.S. If I just happen to end up living in Kansas City in a couple years, hire me. Okay? I’d be the best thing that ever happened to your company. You let me know who to talk to. Honestly.


  1. You and Hallmark are on some kind of matching wavelength here! Amazing.

  2. Dear Santa,

    See that blue Princess outfit up there? You know, the one for the little bucket full of mopsy curls and big blue eyes? Yes, THAT one.

    I would like that outfit in my size, please.

    Your friend,


    If you can’t find one big enough to fit my big (Yet woefully flat) ass, you may SEND ME A FREAKING BABY GIRL in aforementioned outfit instead.

  3. I would be crying big sloppy tears, too!! What a perfect match!!!

    Very cool…and ornaments ARE the things of memories!! I have many on my tree already, and we get more every year!!

  4. I’m still in awe of the cake you made. I’m lucky if I can get my cake to look like a cake.

  5. You have given me a glimpse into my life two years from now.



    Have fun with your hubby in three days.


  6. What a sweet post. Funny how commercials can get us like that, especially when the timing is just right.

    LOVE the dress from Santa.

  7. Can I request pictures of the moosh in her new dress ASAP! That is sooooo cute. You should get mom of the year award really.

  8. I cry at lottery commercials.

  9. I want another girl!!!

  10. That is almost enought to make me look forward to the princess years. Almost.

  11. Oh my! It’s like they just know.

    That picture of Moosh with the cake…. you can just see how giddy with happiness she is. It makes the whole princess thing worth it.

  12. The whole time I was reading this I thought you should work for those people.

    I think you can do it anyway, as a freelancer – you should look into it!

  13. love Hallmark. 😀

  14. Oh man, a princess themed tree! Priceless!

  15. It’s official.

    You are the greatest mom ever.

  16. AW! That is the cutest Cinderella dress I’ve ever seen! You make a great Hallmark advertisement yourself.

  17. weeping copious tears into my latte now.

  18. Moosh is going to have a fabulous Christmas. You can give credit to Hallmark, but I think it all you!

  19. You know I always thought I could write good Hallmark cards. I do my best mushy writing when the tears are flowing 🙂

  20. That is so adorable…you have such a way with words…loved it! You should write for Hallmark..yeah……Hope you have a very Happy Christmas!

  21. Oooh, I can’t wait for the princess phase!!! I love the picture of the moosh with her cake, I’ve got big sloppy tears and gooey snot because of that shot.

  22. oh…precious…

    i’m crying…seriously

    dang you woman!!!

    oh, and if you live in kansas city ever i’m so coming to see you on a regular basis!

  23. Please see Loralee’s comment cuz that is exactly what I was going to write…minus the woefully flat ass…I don’t seem to have that problem as it is expanding in all directions as I sit here typing this.

  24. Ok. I’m late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY moosh!

    Lina is still not really into girly things. She is such a tomboy! She always asks for the cars and other boy toys. I still try to force My Little Pony’s though. Chloe is going to be a lot more girly! Moosh looks ADORABLE in her princess gown!

  25. I’m gonna have to hire you to do princess parties for my girls one day.

  26. Moosh always looks cute, but she will be an absolute doll in that dress!

  27. Dear Santa,
    Please bring me a mop for Christmas, so I can clean my Mommy up from her Hallmark puddle on the floor.
    the Moosh

  28. I cry during Hallmark commercials just before my period starts.