I have never been super obsessed over a particular music group or band.

However I have a very passionate spot for insanely talented, truly smart and oh so quirky artists. Lady Gaga? Love you. Hard. I may not let my kid watch your videos or listen to your music (hell, I barely do), but we have long discussions about how kind and genuine you are in interviews and at one time you felt awkward, out of place and freakish.  Look at you now.

Marshall Mathers, Eminem. You tortured, talented (and recovering) soul. I have a very soft spot for you. I know all the awful things that are said about you. I’m well aware of the awful things you sing about. But YOU. You. I’m convinced I could have been the girl to soften you, the one to change you. The one that every other girl would hate forever because I GOT YOU. Don’t worry, I’ve polled almost every girl I know, we all have the same soft spot for you. Most of them just won’t admit it.

Bruno Mars. I wanted to hate you. I DID HATE YOU. That baby face…goofy smile. “I’d catch a grenade for CHA?” “Put my hand on a blade for CHA?” For you. FOR YOU. Diction Mars. DICTION. But somewhere after all the CHA you won me over. I have no idea how it happened. And now you have a duet with my secret dirty? Fine. You win. I give up.

Jared Leto? You’re so strange, but…yum.

And last. Richard Marx. You are…wonderful. Timeless. You’ve aged well. You sing a love song like Ryan Gosling does a love scene. Right Here Waiting? I used to make out with Tom Cruise my pillow to that song. Whenever you come on the radio? I have a moment. There’s something about you. I love you. That is all.

Any dirty musical love affairs you’d like to admit to?


  1. Lady Gaga is my hero. Also? Britney Spears. Also? If I were 7 years younger Justin Bieber would be mine. I am sure of it.

  2. I think we may be musical soulmates! Bruno Mars sucked me in too, and double bonus with the Lighters song with Eminem! yum!

  3. Damien Rice.
    Adam Levine.

  4. Adam Levine and Sting. Oh yeah!

  5. Danielle Randall-Bartholomew says:

    hummmm…. mine are Mos Def. HE is hottness wrapped in street smarts and SWAGGGGAR! Then Adam Levine, He is “throw panties on stage hot” and A perfect Circle… Now Not the members (he he he I said Members) but the MUSIC, dark and sexy and a little dirty. Yep. OH and Christina Aguilera. lol But that is another Blog all together I AM SURE. =P

  6. George Michael. He may not be an angel but he has the voice of one.

    I especially like his Christmas song.

    “Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away.”

    I love you, George.

  7. Oh, Eminem for sure.
    And Jack Johnson. I know, I’m supposed to think he’s boring and all that – but a surfing hottie who plays guitar? I’m sold.

  8. Adele– amazingly talented and soulful.
    Justin Timberlake– seriously, bring sexy back and make another album.
    Aaron Lewis– his voice is so sexy.

  9. LOL this is hilarious. Mine, DEFINITELY Bon Iver. Rawr.

    I know we are so alike because I think the same thing about Eminem.


  10. I saw Richard Marx in concert when I was in college. It was awesome.

    And I have a soft spot for Eminem. I’ll admit it.

    And I do like Justin Bieber. Mainly to show my daughter that it’s ok to like someone that your friends make fun of you for liking. But I do always dance to his music and burst out in singing when his music comes on Radio Disney.

    Yes, I said Radio Disney.

  11. OH, I should have added Win Butler from Arcade Fire OH MY and of course Tori Amos.


  12. I am hardcore for Marshall Mathers. In fact, I had a dream about him that I can’t even speak of because the blush starts at my toes and bursts through the top of my head.

    Also, I confessed recently on my Facebook that I had a moment of confusing attraction to Lady Gaga’s male alter ego. I’m over it, but it still sort of lingers.

    Finally – every one of those boys in Mumford and Sons. I don’t know the name of a single one, but yep.

  13. I love Richard Marx too! I’m a little young for him, but my mom was a big fan and I LOVE him.

  14. Hanson. I loved them then and I love them now. They still put out great album after great album and I will forever be a fan. Not to mention their Christmas CD is one of the best of all time.
    Also, I have a crush on 50 Cent, or Fity. I listen to “In Da Club” every year on my birthday and I swear he’s singing right to me! I am Shawty!

  15. mommabird2345 says:

    Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October. Yes Please!! 😉

  16. You are so right about Eminem.

  17. You only *think* you love Richard Marx now. After viewing this vid you will truly love him. Because what could be better than a well aged 80’s balladeer? A well aged 80’s balladeer with a sense of humor.

  18. Chris Martin of Coldplay. I know he’s happily married to Gwyneth and all, but I can’t help thinking he might love to snuggle up to someone a little less bony at night. Like me.

    And ditto on the Eminem thing. Us mommy bloggers could treat him right.

  19. Usher…Burn video…oh.my.stars.

  20. Eminem definately. LL Cool J..he has an awesome mouth.

  21. Definitely love Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper.

    Always have love for Eminem.

    And…I can’t believe I am admitting this…but I have always loved Chumbawumba. I get knocked down? yeah, I get up again. How many times have I blared that on a bad day?

  22. Ooohh, Richard Marx takes me back to junior high school dances!!

  23. Has Yes…dirty dirty love affair for Eminem. It must be like you said “I could be the one to save You”. YEP!

    ALSO…a soft spot for Britney Spears. I just can’t help it.

  24. I am not sure that they qualify as a dirty musical love affair. Who I am I kidding they do. Maroon 5. More specifically Adam Levine.

  25. I loved Will Smith and Vanilla Ice. They made rap music I could understand in all my pasty white glory.

  26. Oh my goodness, how I love Adam Levine.

  27. my husband was helping me put the finishing touches on my play list for my marathon on saturday…i was scanning some music and fell upon a Killer’s video. Brandon Flowers…with a wedding ring. I told my husband that when I see a wedding ring the singer just becomes more sexy to me..um..bad huh. I don’t think it is because I “want” him more- but I find it wonderful that they are in a committed relationship…so committed they are married. And maybe it was because my husband used to be in a band when we were dating and first married…and once that ring was on his finger it was just so much more hot…maybe because I knew I got to take him home with me after the show..and I also knew he would show it to the girls that would confront him after shows that I did not attend and then come home and tell me about it!

  28. Lenny Kravitz….he makes me tingly all over

  29. You totally nailed it with Eminem!! Also, Chris Martin – swoon!

  30. I frequently joke that Jared Leto is my secret boyfriend — in fact, it’s such a secret that he doesn’t even know it. But … seriously. SO DREAMY.

  31. Ok YES. I feel the same way about Eminem. I really need therapy to break my thing for bad boys. and Bruno Mars, SAME. I kind of secretly love him.

  32. holy yes!
    marcus mumford.
    obsession happens to me when famous people(singers) become real to me. i got an awesome opportunity to see a private M&S concert and I also got to meet two of the band members…..and now they are more than just amazing musicians–they are real! (and seriously two of the nicest men i have ever met)
    sadly, Marcus snuck out without meeting with anyone. so now i am obsessed with everything about them!
    i love an amazing voice, and that man HAS it.

  33. Anyone who knows me at all (ahem, see my email address) knows Sting does it for me… but I also confess that John Legend’s voice is like musical sugar for me. And Daughtry?! I went to see Bon Jovi just so I could see him open the show!

  34. oooooh! I love me some Adam Levine, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz/Micheal Buble. I think its the soulfulness. yes, that is a word 🙂

    Also what is it about the dirty boys? so hotttt!!

  35. I love Yanni for his music, not how he looks. There. I admit it.

    But give me some Chris Daughtry. He’s hot, his voice is awesome and he’s a family guy. Yum.

  36. I’m totally with you on Eminem. I’m certain I could have been the one to change him. In fact I’ve been listening to him most of the morning as I’ve been angry at my boss. I will now listen to your make out song.

  37. Zac Brown
    Justin Timberlake
    Brandon Flowers
    Chris Daughtry
    Katie. Perry. Meow.

  38. He’s not really dirty, but Oh Em Gee I love me some Mr. JT. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and I will be married one day, well in my dreams at least!

  39. Eminem? I’d take him home in a heartbeat.

  40. My biggest weakness is long-haired metal guys who can play multiple instruments.
    Tobias Sammet of Edguy and Avantasia–he’s a little short for my usual tastes but his music reaches me in depths no one else’s does, and has since I was 19.
    Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth and I think a few other bands (pretty sure he does Bloodbath too but even I can’t get into metal like that). He mostly does death grunts but his regular singing voice is just so beautiful.
    Marc Jansen of Epica, formerly of After Forever, and the brains behind the operation of both. I stood 3 feet from him when he was doing a concert here and had lots of eye sex w/ him.
    I definitely love Lady Gaga.
    Solo German Artist Hubi Meisel…I believe he’s an angel incarnate.
    And the lovely mezzo-soprano ladies of metal: Sharon Den Adel of Within Temptation and Simone Simons of Epica. if I could be anyone in the world other than me, I’d want to be Simone.

  41. I love Eminem too….and lil Wayne I have no control when it comes to music with a good beat.

  42. Oh, the filthy things I would do to Eminem. I have no problem admitting that at all. He gives me the fanny whooohaaaas. As does Justin Timberlake. *fans face*

  43. So glad to see I won’t be the first one to say Hanson. Yes, I force my boyfriend to listen to their Christmas album EVERY YEAR. And my family before him.

    Eminem and Jared Leto. And Justin Timberlake. Ohhh Justin.

  44. Completely with you on Eminem. My secret…Boyz to Men…the original boy band, except they could really sung together. Oh, and I love PINK. Great post!

  45. Dude, you know you wrote “Jared Leto”, but you meant “Jordan Catalano”.