So this was my first month officially writing for Disney Baby and you guys? It’s a lot different but it’s lovely. I share the space with some amazingly lovely people and the site itself is pretty, easy to navigate and the content is right up my alley. Here’s a few things I’ve covered so far:

Vivi has a passionate and intense love for…cans. Yeah. Cans.

Vivi headed into a fountain fully clothed, oh to be the second baby.

Flying with babies, the honest truth. You know, after I was able to take a deep breath and recover from Sunday’s flight.

When baby goes to grandpa’s. A photo essay of Vivi’s trip to Utah. (Seriously? This new slideshow format will MELT YOUR MIND. I promise. It’s amazing!)

Of molars and moaning. See also: Top molars? COME IN ALREADY.

Addie and Vivi skyped while we were in Utah and Addie was in Indiana. It was just about the cutest thing online.

Vivi loves babies. Big babies, little babies, real babies and doll babies. (The doll babies are safest around her.)

Vivi vs. Addie *ding ding* Vivi’s defense tactics against her overly affectionate sister.