I had a conference call with my beloved Hallmark today, and as we talked of special occasions and making the mundane magical, I sat with a nit comb in hand picking through every golden curl on Addie’s head. Lice and life sound a lot like each other, and right now? Lice are my life.

Sorry about that Hallmark.

I’m going to be honest, the last 24 hours have kicked my butt. MY BUTT. I’m exhausted both emotionally and mentally and it’s just over a pile of bugs CRAWLING THROUGH MY DAUGHTER’S HAIR. But really, it’s cool. This too shall pass.

You want to be grossed out by society? Have your kid get lice and then go out in public. Suddenly everyone is crawling with little invisible bloodsucking bugs that are ready to destroy any hope you had at happiness.

(Did I mention I’m *minorly* overwhelmed with life right now and may be erring a bit on the dramatic side?)

It’s just bugs. It’s no big deal that I fell asleep last night resisting the urge to tear off my skin at every tickle.


I have that emotional build up where I know I JUST KNOW I’m going to lose it at some point, all out messy snotty cry with heavy sobbing followed by hiccups and burning cry eyes forΒ  24 hours. I can feel it brewing and festering. Woe be unto whoever is around when it all comes crashing down. (What? Why yes, PMS may be involved, why do you ask?)

I kind of wish I could just get it over with. I’ve even sat here trying to make sad faces in an attempt to get it jump started, but so far no luck. It’s like that one whisker hair you can ALMOST pluck with your fingernails but not quite and you don’t have tweezers but you know it’s there and it has to go and WHY CAN’T I JUST GET IT OUT ALREADY.


In other news.

A bunch of ladies (including Addie and I) went on a lady date to Disney on Ice thanks to some tickets provided by Feld Entertainment (thanks Feld!) Dude, you guys? Disney on Ice is spectacular (aside from them remaking the songs from Cinderella, don’t remake songs from classic Disney movies, just don’t do it.)

I took more pictures of the actual show which you can see here, but more importantly (and a far better selling point) are these faces right here…(It will be in Indy until Sunday before moving on. Go. Seriously.)

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

Soooo….how’s lice life for you?

(Disclosure: My family was given complimentary tickets to attend this event. I was not compensated for my attendance. Opinions are purely my own, especially the Cinderella songs. All facial expressions are also genuine.)


  1. That look of amazement makes even the redone Cinderella songs worth it! Looks like she had a blast. I went to Disney on Ice with my Mom and Auntie at about the same age and it’s one of my favourite memories.

    Casey Reply:

    @Kelsey, I remember going with my Aunt and uncle once and loving it just as much.

  2. When a kid in my daughter’s preschool class recently had lice, I completely lost my ****. I checked her hair for weeks. I was traumatized just by exposure, never mind her actually getting it. And I know, I know, it’s super common and happens all the time – but the girl will barely let me comb her hair once a day, nevermind the endless nit-picking an infestation would entail. Good luck, and please have all the chocolate you can physically handle.

    Casey Reply:

    @amanda, I remember Addie’s first “exposure” and feeling the same way. Knowing she’s had them for at least a week?
    Makes me want to run away.

  3. oh noes. i’m so sorry. we survived them in November. None of the nit combs would remove ours so I had to pick them out one by freaking one. my back hurt from standing over her for so long. all new meaning to the phrase “nit picking”

    Casey Reply:

    @Shannonannon, I will never be using the term “nitpick” again. Ever. It has joined the ranks of moist.

  4. I see so much Cody in her in these. Love.

    Casey Reply:

    @Kim, And I see so much Cody in Vivi that Addie is just that big one that keeps coming home everyday at 2 pm.

  5. So long time reader first time commenter. I live in Indy and my daughter goes this Sunday to the show. Loved the pictures of the girls faces. I know how you feel when it comes to lice, my littlest one got it when she was 3 and I thought I was going to have to be medicated before we got read of it. One tip I will share with you that will help kill the lice and most importantly the nits (it took me 3 weeks before I can officially say that we kicked lice’s butt) – Cetaphil face cleanser and a shower cap. While the directions said to dry the hair until it was stiff and leave on an hair – my 3yr old couldn’t do that. So I put on the Cetaphil face cleanser and dried her hair some and then I put a shower cap on her head and had her sleep in shower cap. The next morning we washed her hair – the biggest difference was every nit I found – slid right off the hair shaft. Which meant that they were all dead!!! My daughter has tons of hair so I know how beautiful your daughters curly hair is and I feel your pain of having to go through it with a lice comb! Good luck!

    Casey Reply:

    @Jasmine, I love the “long time reader, first time commenter.” I hope she has so much fun this Sunday. I’ve used Listerine and tonight I’m going to be using vinegar, if she’s not all cleared up by tomorrow I’ll add Cetaphil to the list.

  6. Sorry for all of the misspelling I am at work but I just had to comment.

  7. LOVE those pictures – looks like everyone had a magical time!

    But lice? EW. My skin is crawling just thinking about it. Bugs just squick me out.

    Casey Reply:

    @meekasmommy, Yeah, there’s going to be some recovery that’s going to have to happen around these parts.

  8. Sounds like my house the last two months!
    It’s an infestation that’s apparently North American wide! My 5yr old Sara is in the same position. Her school has been overrun by these little translucent creepy crawlers and I can’t stand the way they’ve gone about dealing with it. They sent a letter mid November, as they do a lot throughout the year. A case has been found in your child’s class, blah blah. I check her hair, just to make sure, but she’s all good. Then, a week later, I get another note in the backpack. I start to wonder if maybe they just found one more kid. Checked, nothing.
    Two weeks go by and we’re both sitting there, an itch and a scratch or two, not thinking anything of it. I walk into my bathroom, pick up the front part of my hair where, if I had them, my bangs would be. I see a bug… I PANIC! OMG OMG OMG I HAVE LICE! I check Sara, yep her pretty blonde hair is crawling along. I call my husband (who has our car) I make him leave work early to come get me and take me to the pharmacy to get every lice product under the sun! I slink into the pharmacy, wearing a hat, and sheepishly ask the pharmacist for anything and everything that will kill bugs. (why they keep it behind the counter so you have to ask for it is beyond me)
    We go home, I wash both of us, comb, pick, comb, pick… my husband refuses to pick through my hair, saying he’d rather change my diaper than pick bugs from my hair. 😐
    So I am stuck, throwing product on my hair, dying it twice, and washing with tea tree oil for days and days.
    Needless to say, I still check her weekly and just last week I found a lone crawler… flippin school has 2 weeks off and they STILL can’t get rid of it.

    Please parents, check your children, and if they have anything suspicious… DON’T SEND THEM TO SCHOOL! It only creates a playground for these buggers!

    Sorry for ranting there Casey, this little box makes what I write look so small that I don’t realize how much I’ve written!

    Oh and we saw Disney On Ice in Toronto here and we loved it too!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Shannon, I’m doing everything I can to make sure she’s clear before I send her back, but I worry about other parents that aren’t as diligent.
    We’re going to be doing our best with prevention sprays around here…but oof, it happens once it’s hard to imagine it never happening again.

  9. hope you didn’t make our girls kiss and makeup by rubbing noses last night.

    I kid, I kid…

    Casey Reply:

    @designhermomma, Actually I made them rub hair. Piper and Nola. ENJOY!

  10. Video of us telling her where she was going last night will be sent to you hopefully shortly. Her reaction was as if we were actually taking her to Disneyworld. That was what I thought would be the most wonderful part of the day, until we got there and she was the most excited I’ve ever seen her. Words can’t express how swelled my heart was. Almost as much as the welling of tears in my eyes. You did that! And words will never be able to express my gratitude. So I hope by sending you the video of her reaction you’ll be able to understand what it meant to us. Thank you so much for thinking of us!!!

    If you unblur some photos of the two girls you’ll see us in the corner behind them! Ha!

    Casey Reply:

    @Tracy, I’m so glad you had fun! I looked for you but must have totally missed you with all the frog butt and flamingos skating in front of me. I can’t wait to see the video!

  11. I am no unable to stop scratching my head. the horror!
    Also, I had that ugly cry break down moment this weekend. It was headache inducing and feels like it’s still lingering. May be time for a sappy book or Lifetime movie to get the rest out.
    Good luck not scratching your skin off!

  12. I said my piece on lice, Ice Capades and the You Tube’d implosion of my childhood last night, so today I’ll just say:

    THE WHISKER!!! OMG THE WHISKER!!! And all this time I thought I was the only one. Is yours also dark black and seems to suddenly just jump out of your chin an inch long, even though you watch for it diligently?

  13. Duuuuuude. Having a girl with lice sucks so hard. India got it last year and we spent days – DAYS – getting rid of it. I nearly shaved her head out of frustration. I feel your pain.

  14. I have nightmares about lice! We battled it two summers ago. And by battled, I mean the nits waged an all out war on our house. I started getting super paranoid about what Rid was doing to my kids’ heads (and my bank account), so I got Suave coconut shampoo and coated their heads. Covered it with a shower cap and left it alone for a few hours. I did this for a couple of days to be safe and I haven’t seen a nit since!

    Good luck!

  15. I love you so much that if I could do the whole lice thing in your stead I would. However, Peter doesn’t quite love you as much and he says no way.
    Thanks again for last night it was spectacular.

  16. So, I’ve never had lice but we did have a maggot infestation last summer that I will NEVER EVER EVER FORGET. I am having “shudder fits” right now just thinking about it. So sorry for you and for Addie. πŸ™
    I’m with Gamanda on the headache inducing cry-outs. Why must something that is supposed to feel good hurt my head so bad?
    Hope Indy brings us some sunshine soon. Or maybe just less snow.

  17. Jill Dettman says:

    You know what induces that full-on crying jag for me? Kindness. Be a hag to me and I’ll just suck it up and deal. But show me the slightest bit of kindness or a quiet word and I will lose it right on the spot. Hope the world starts to feel a little less overwhelming mighty freaking quick. We mothers can only take so much before things start to go dark.

  18. Melissa A. says:

    Been there, done that with the whole lice thing. My daughter had bugs twice when she was in kindergarten! Here’s a tip for you……we did the whole Rid thing then I saturated her hair in olive oil, put a shower cap on then sent her to bed (be sure to cover her pillow with a towel). In the morning I used the nit comb again and combed through real well then “washed” her hair with vinegar.

    By the by, have that cry! You’ll feel so much better. When I am on the brink, I will watch a movie that always makes me cry (doesn’t even have to be a sad movie).

  19. Uuuuuuuuugh! Bless your heart. When I was a little kid, I had lice and chicken pox at the same time. That? Was a sucky week. Hope the bugs vacate soon.

    Disney on Ice is the greatest thing ever. We took Dean in early December and he has not stopped talking about it since. It is absolutely magical–which you can see all over Addie’s face. πŸ™‚

  20. D’awww, I love the joy on their faces in those pictures. I remember going to Disney on Ice when I was Wee!Sized, and I remember how darn captivating and pretty the show was, so I’m glad your lady dates and you had a good time. Also, I agree with Kim – I do see some Cody in Miss Addie in these pictures, but mostly I still see you.

    Good luck on the lice front. It’ll pass soon enough, but I understand (had a similar zomg scare last week) the paranoia/horror/need to scratch like crazy each time your skin does a little tickle. Hang in there!

    If that emotional buildup does decide to make its ugly appearance, hang in there and ride it out, and after a day’s worth of burning eyes and a certain tenderness beneath the curves of your eyelashes, you will bounce back and be just fine again. πŸ™‚

  21. and now I’m itching

  22. Casey, Carter got lice on Christmas. Actually, he went to the ER for an allergic reaction and while they put in his IV I realized he had lice. I thought for sure someone was playing a joke on me. My breakdown came on Christmas in my parents’ kitchen. I cried and my dad hugged me and told me it was all going to be okay. And if my dad says it’s going to be okay, it is. Promise.


  23. PS I still look at people on TV and notice every time someone touches their hair. And I wonder- how do they know if they have lice or not?


  24. Not sure if you would take this as a compliment or not but it just occured to me that Addie reminds me of Dakota Fanning. Has anyone ever mentioned that to you ?

  25. About the lice, been there, done that. Advice? Don’t do the mayonnaise thing. My youngest (now 16) can’t stand the smell of mayo now.

    And Disney on Ice – we got to go to “Beauty and the Beast” in Des Moines a few years ago courtesy of free tickets sent to the paper where I work. It was magical. And awesome.

  26. Lice – I had 18 months (yes, I said 18 months) of treating my daughter’s hair 3 times a fortnight whilst she was in grade 4-5. She has lovely thick wavy hair, which now that she is almost 18 is down to her waist. In the end I dyed her hair a shade lighter which killed them (and changes the feel of the hair so lice don’t like it). I also put kerosine on my hair at one point to kill them because I have a hubby who can’t see them, let alone comb my hair properly – don’t ever do the kerosine. I was sick for a week from the fumes.

    So, I’m feeling for you with Addie. Hope you don’t have to suffer as long as we did.

    And I’m sure that life-long memories were created at Disney-on-Ice. I can see it in her face.

    (I’ve managed to read and type this without scratching. Amazing.)

  27. I completely understand how you feel. It can seem to be a never ending battle with those little things. Please check out this post–it really does work!

    I remember going to a show on ice when I was a kid…nothing compares!!

  28. I used Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap with Tea Tree Oil when my son was sent home with the bugs. It made his hair so nice, never did make mine nice, that I just continued to use it on him for years after and he never had the bugs again.
    I will have to break out of my hermit cave and start taking Marjorie to shows like Disney on Ice now that she is a big grown up 4. πŸ˜‰ Glad to hear that show comes with good recommendations. Thanks.

  29. 1. Lice are creepy and gross… sorry that you are having to deal with them. I mean what is the the point of their existance?

    2. Addie couldn’t look more like you in that first picture.

  30. I’m glad there are such pretty pictures to stare at because now I can’t stop thinking lice live here and there’s been no recent exposure. You are a strong woman, dealing with bugs.

  31. So sorry about the lice. One of my daughters had it once and I thought I was going to die. I was relentless with the comb and the OTC stuff and even the special recipe using natural oils that I bought online. And even then, it took weeks to be rid of them for good. And right now I’m feeling the urge to go look through all my kids’ hair. Good luck! Make sure Cody does some nit picking, good father-daughter bonding right there.

  32. Okay I’m ignoring all lice related content because I’ll just start getting itchy.

    My husband took me to Disney on Ice as a Christmas present for our first Christmas together as a married couple. He has yet to outdo himself because it was so amazing. My face was literally just like Addie’s in those photos. Pure joy.

  33. Ahh lice…so many stories, so little time.

    Looking forward to meet you at Blissdom πŸ™‚

  34. I sooooo very your pain! Two times in four months my son and a couple kids in his class had lice last year. I was sure that I had it too. I would ask anyone who would check my hair to check it. I couldn’t talk about it wo feeling itchy. I wash my son’s hair with an all natural lice preventative shampoo which who knows if it works, but it makes me feel like I am doing something. Because washing everything and bagging everything and spraying everything SUCKS!

  35. I was thinking of your blog last week (it’s been years since I read it and lost it (back when you were remodelling a house??) and today I found a link with a picture of you and your curly-haired angel girl on Pinterest.

    We battled lice for a few weeks — starting on Christmas Day. Wheeee!!

    I finally told my husband that I was taking my (long & thick -haired daughter to a professional lice treatment place). Boy, am I glad I did, because it turns out I was infested too by that time. It’s worth the money. And their combs are *way* better than anything I got from the drug store. Good luck! It’s gross, but not as bad as it is perceived to be.

    This is my place here in the NW (liceknowingyou.com/) perhaps there is something similar close to you.

    Good info: Lice that are off the head for 12 hours are in the process of dying and cannot do any more damage. So, you only have to set aside toys/pillows/coats for one day — once you are clean. Persistence is what gets all the nits/lice eventually. They hatch after about a week and there is a space in between hatching and being mature enough to lay more eggs when you can scoop them out. I was using this method when I just couldn’t go any further in my daughter’s monstrous ammount of hair: nuvoforheadlice.com/ (cheap and non-toxic).

    Good luck! (now my head itches again.)

  36. Wow. Sorry for the lame use of parenthesis. I even proof-read!!


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