I’m going to ask you to do something for me, and you’ll most likely do it because I am currently sitting in bed wearing footy penguin pajamas (available here) with my ridiculous glasses (see post here) and to top it all off (literally) I have one of Cody’s old socks balled up in my hair (tutorial here.) I feel you’ll be more inclined to do this little favor for me because I am obviously someone who does not take themselves too seriously.

I also put picnik costumes on my one eyed, extra toed cat whom I love more than toast, butter and fried chicken combined.


captain wink sparrow.

wink movember.

Clearly I am someone to be trusted.

Are you ready for the favor you’re going to do me?

Here goes.

Chill out.

That’s it.

There’s no need to be so uptight.

You have two ears and one mouth, which means you are supposed to listen twice as much as you speak. You also have two arms and only one right hook so that clearly means you are to hug people far more often than you are to punch them in the jaw. You’ve got two feet so you can walk away from trouble and even better?

You have all the potential in the world to be the bigger person without gaining a pound.

Be kind to each other.

That’s all I ask.

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  1. word.

  2. Amen. Well said. I will post to my FB now, more people need to read this.

  3. Thank you for this post. I have a poster in my classroom with the two ears and one mouth line. The kids are finally getting it.

    By the way, can you call my boss/principal? She needs to hear this!

  4. You got is sister!

    PS – I love picnik!

  5. Yes. This.

  6. This. So much of this.

    Though how can you go wrong with a one-eyed pirate cat?

  7. Charlotte Anne says:

    Loving this post as I sit in my matching, albeit larger, penguin footie pjs!

  8. So very true. The Plato quote is one of my favorites.

    I want the “A Christmas Story” inspired pink bunny pajamas.

  9. Mike is super jealous of your footies.

  10. Preach.

  11. Love! <3

  12. AMEN! Just spent the weekend in Chicago, and couldn’t believe how RUDE people were being at the Disney Lights parade! Parents were acting like imbeciles in front of their children! So sad…

    P.S. I love your kitty costumes. Sadly, I admit that I am THAT CRAZY LADY who dresses up her dog in costumes. I even have a couple for my kitties…

  13. I love love love this. And you. Love.

    Did I say love?

  14. I love you for this. I mean, among other things. THIS.

  15. Yes, indeed. Also, that cat as a pirate is my new happy place.

  16. Thank you for the reminder.

  17. I agree! Aaaand I love picnik!

  18. Casey, sweetheart, Wink already has a mustache. It’s not nearly so dapper as the curly handlebar you picked out, and who *wouldn’t* want to look that awesome, but he does rock a ginger ‘stache every day of his life.

  19. Done!
    That’s pretty much my driving force in life…be kind. Also, be colorful–too much drab out there. ;p