Every few months I decide to take a break from sugar.

I feel so much better, so much lighter, so much more energetic, so much more alert.

But you guys, donuts.

Last night I saw a picture of a donut in a magazine that make me swear under my breath. It also made my palms sweat and my pulse quicken.

A donut.


Specifically a donut from Austin, Texas. While they don’t have a photo of the exact one online, they have this one. Which basically means my new end goal in life is to be paid to travel the country in search of the very best donuts.

I used to want to be a photographer for National Geographic.

Now I want donuts. I want my life filled with donuts, but only really good ones. Ain’t nobody got time for crappy donuts.

Did you see the Duck Dynasty about hot donuts?

A hot donut is one of life’s wonders. If they passed a law saying the only way you could continue to eat hot donuts is if you shave your beard? It’s good-bye beard.” -Jase Robertson

I’d grow a beard if that’s the only way I could have access to hot donuts.

A donut is one of the only cravings I had with Addie. I almost called Cody to get one for me, but the one I wanted was SO specific I knew he’d screw it up and I would cry and cry because I didn’t get the donut I wanted so I waited until I could get it myself.

banbury cross donuts. a Utah MUST.

One day I just want to sit down with two dozen warm donuts and eat until I can’t anymore. I’m convinced I could eat a dozen, minimum.

I love donuts so, so much. So much.

There’s a restaurant in Laurelville, Ohio called The Ridge Inn. They make fresh donuts on the weekend AND YOU GUYS. I dream about those donuts. DREAM. Thankfully there’s a donut place here in Indy (Long’s) that makes some of the best donuts I’ve ever had. But there’s so many donuts out there that need me to eat them. They need me to appreciate them.

It was homemade and still warm. From Ridge Inn in Laurelville, Ohio.

It would be the most perfect job for me ever. Casey Mullins: Donut Tester.

A girl can dream.

So here’s what I want to know, what’s your food? What’s the food you dream about? The one you’d grow (or shave) a beard to continue enjoying in life? Have you found the best ever? What are your rules about your specific food? (Donuts must never, EVER be dry.) Let your crazy out, because I got turned on by a donut last night. (It was a glazed donut topped with cream cheese icing, cake mix, blackberry filling, cinnamon, sugar and honey butter topped with ice cream. YOU GUYS I NEED TO GO TO AUSTIN.)


  1. Omg I want a doughnut so bad right now!!! My weakness, crime brûlée the only thing I will EVER chose over chocolate. Ooh and

  2. @Casey, My husband’s cousin’s wife (are you with me) surprised her groom on their wedding day with a groom’s cake made of stacked glazed and chocolate glazed donuts, arranged in a traditional cake tower shape. Brilliant. And delicious.

  3. If your travels will include “off the beaten path” then look up Turner Falls, Arbuckle Mountains, OK. Most people go there for the beautiful falls, real “swimming hole”, and sweet hospitality. That is all well and good. I’m telling you the secret reason to go there: Fried Fruit Pies (pronounced paaaaaaasssss). The peach is sublime. Don’t be fooled into thinking the hostess version ever came close. It’s like comparing a grocery sack to a Coach purse. Get the real deal:

  4. Valerie says:

    You have to go to Gourdough’s and order the Flying Pig. It’s life changing!

  5. Fonuts in LA! They do half of them regular and half gluten free and THEY ARE ALL THE BEST IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

  6. The donuts at Le Dulce Vida in Zionsville are HUMONGOUS and really good! (I should probably use the disclaimer that I would eat 3 day old donuts that have been sitting in a box on the counter and are super stale because I love them so much!) But really, they’re good! And did I mention huge? HUGE!

  7. You will probably dig Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR. Also Psycho Donuts in San Jose, CA. I think the Cooking Channel has a donut cookoff/competition show now and apparently, the head baker/chef of Psycho Donuts won. 🙂