Ooh, this should be fun.

Do you have a recurring element in your dreams?

the moosh dreams about kitties and puppies and occasionally a pony is thrown into the mix.

I used to have dreams about all my teeth falling out, chewing on them and then spitting them out.

It’s just as gross as you’d imagine it to be.

I looked up “teeth falling out” in a dream dictionary and apparently it’s one of the worst omens you can have in a dream. It’s supposed to mean imminent death and horror.

Unless horror is a two year old roaming the halls at 3 am that dream dictionary was a bunch of malarky.

But I have a new recurring element to my dreams.


More specifically out of control elevators.

And they’re only out of control when I’m the only one on them.

Last night in my dream the elevator started to descend way to fast as soon as the old lady next to me got off. And in my dream I thought “Oh geesh, not again.” My dreaming self remembered what my dreaming self dreamt about.

Does that happen to you?  Are you supposed to remember previous dreams in dreams?
Methinks that’s not entirely normal.

I also dream in color, fully restored in all its glory technicolor.

I’ve heard that’s not normal.

Have you heard that too?

Eh, back to the elevators.

So when I’m the only one on these elevators they go up normal, they fall too fast, they go sideways, I can never get them to go to the floor I want them to go to and they’re all different kinds of elevators. Some are in hotels, nice hotels, seedy hotels, swanky hotels, old hotels. Some are in shopping malls, some are in parking garages. One was even in outer space. Some are big, some are small, some smell good, some smell like that one at the train depot in Chicago. Remember that one dude? (Just realized maybe it’s not so normal to smell in dreams either. Especially when one of the smells is a bodily fluid.)

Last night crazy elevator let me off in a Mexican beach resort. Another time I was let off in a creepy parking garage only to realize there was a man waiting there to rape me. There was another one where I was let off in the middle of a ski slope in Switzerland.

Crazy dreams people, crazy. And it’s all because of the elevators.

It’s not like the crazy elevator is taking me to my doom every time, while rape in a parking garage and skiing in Switzerland is definite doom for me, I had a really good time at the Mexican Resort last night. I even remember thinking “huh, I should bring Cody here when he’s done with finals.”

Are anyone else’s dreams this vivid and specific or am I swallowing a little too much mouthwash each night?

Maybe someone slipped me a roofie in my toothpaste.


So I’ve been brought to this.

Consulting the Internet.

Oh great and mystical Internet, what does the elevator mean?

Internet says:

“To dream that you are ascending in an elevator, signifies that you will quickly rise to status and wealth. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. Descending in an elevator, denotes that misfortunes will crush and discourage you. The up and down action of the elevator may represent the ups and downs of your life go emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious.

To dream that the elevator is out of order or that it is not letting you off, symbolizes that your emotions have gotten out of control.

To dream that an elevator is falling out of control, refers to your fears of letting go. You may also be expressing your desire to give up and escape from some demanding situation. If the elevator stops just right before it crashes, then it indicates that if you hang on long enough, everything will turn out all fine in the end.

Wow, thanks Dream Moods.

That was vauge.



  1. Ok,I must not be that big of a dreamer because I rarely remember dreams. I think it is because ever since becoming a mommy I never seem to get into that REM stage to dream.

  2. I’ve never known anyone else to dream that their teeth were falling out! Weird. Admittedly I’ve always had a bit of a fettish when it comes to my mouth. I thought it had to do with the fact that I wore braces three different times, (true) when I was 14, 21, and 29. Then had jaw surgery. Yep, I’m consumed with my mouth. Now, what does your dream book say about dreaming that you are constantly running and dodging the sink holes. Or running to catch the bus but never catching it? I use to have these dreams all the time.

  3. Are you pregnant? I always have pretty real, vivid dreams and they always seem intensified when I’m prego. Hmmmm…

    Interesting though. I had a dream, recurrant, when I was little that I kept brushing and brushing my teeth until my gums receeded and my teeth fell out.

    Funny. You know that us women can actually have an orgasm from our dreams when we’re prego! Just FYI. 😉 The men can’t have all the fun!

  4. After reading that final description I’m surprised that I’m not having those elevator dreams! I have falling dreams – and the meaning of those is actually pretty accurate to me and my life. Sadly. haha:)

    PS: You’re totally normal! I often act as a commentator on my dreams as I am dreaming. As you put it, my dreaming self remembers previous dreams. Sometimes the really *cough* good dreams before I married my husband had me feeling guilty WHILE I SLEPT for allowing them to go on. I was all… man… I’m going to have to go and see the Bishop – then I’d wake up and realize I hadn’t actually DONE anything. hehehe

  5. I’ll have the same dreams over, and my dream self recognizes it, and knows what to expect.

    The thing I dream about most frequently is toilets. Usually they don’t work, or they are in stalls with no doors so I can’t use them. The real simple analysis of this dream is that I need to pee.

  6. Hubby dreams about his teeth falling out, too. I dream about the world ending and I’m the only one who can stop it. Hmmm, maybe that says something about me.

  7. Casey is, in fact, NOT pregnant. I know I was with her when her red tide came…I have dreams sometimes…sometimes I remember them they are always funky and they are always in color. Hmm, bff thang I am sure.

  8. I also have really vivid dreams. And I ALWAYS remember them, unlike a lot of other people who told me that I shouldn’t be able to remember as much as I do ?

    I have had quite a few reoccurring dreams lately, but I’m to shy to “expose” them. LOL.

    When I was little though, probably around the age of 8 or 9, I used to have the SAME dream almost every night. It involved me driving my dad’s pick up on one of the main roads in our neighborhood. The speed limit would be 55mph and I could only go 54 or 56mph. I knew that if I didn’t go 55mph I was going to get pulled over and taken to jail, or I was going to wreck and die. Weird huh? LOL Oh and even though I had this SAME dream almost every night (I’m talking 4 nights out of the week) there were always different passengers in the car. And now I have freaked myself out before bed. Thanks Casey 😛

  9. oh wait! I remember that a while back I was having a dream about my hair falling out or something weird… I posted about it and my friend wrote a comment. let me look… Ah I found it! It’s an OLD one, but it’s here if you want to read it Click. The third paragraph is where I talk about it 🙂

  10. I dream about my teeth falling out all the time too! And I dream in color too. I thought most people did. No elevators or smells here though.

  11. I have the same dream quite frequently that I have quit my job, left my family, and am driving around looking for an apartment in the dumpy town I lived in (and hated) for two years in Connecticut. In my dream I am wondering WTF I did that for.

    Also have another dream that I answer the door and a man who I can’t see his face sticks his shoe in the doorway so I can’t shut it and I know that he is going to kill me.

    Why can’t the recurring dreams be the good ones? The ones where you are flying or can actually feel how much some unknown person is in love with you.

    I could definitely skip ever having the “forgot my locker combination and there is a test today” dream again.

    I also dream in color and have dreams where I know I am dreaming.

  12. I always dream in color. Maybe it’s a blogger thing!

    I think dream interpretations are crap too–and have always subscribed to the idea that it’s how you FEEL during the dream that begs interpretation. Are you excited while the elevator moves around? Are you scared? And then, are you missing Cody while you think about a beautiful place to be together? I’d say it’s just that you’re in Utah right now instead of your normal apartment, and you’re missing your husband. And the mind makes it more dramatic/metaphorical.

  13. I still remember vividly the dreams I had about my teeth falling out. I was in grade 8 or so because I had braces still; I would dream that all my teeth had fallen out and were all attached because of the braces.
    There was no blood though, just teeth. Falling OUT.

    I once bought a dream book. I think it was the biggest waste of money, they really can’t tell you anything.LOL

  14. I have two recurring dreams:
    1. I have an exam in a class that I’ve never attended and I just show up unprepared.

    2. My husband and I are trying to have sex, but we keep getting intrupted by things; children, people, phones…

    Both are in color.

    Strange, eh?

  15. If the elevator stops before it crashes, everything will be okay eventually? Okay. So what if the elevator crashes? Are you just dead then? If you die in your dreams, are you really dead? And just what roll does Freddy Kruegar play in all of this?

    Oh yeah, maybe you should lay off the mouthwash for awhile 🙂 Too funny!

  16. Let’s just say… dinosaur zoo. Recurring. Since before Crichton even thought about Jurassic Park.

  17. I didn’t delurk when you demanded it but I will delurk for this. I have had out of control elevator dreams for years although they’ve never taken me anywhere like a Mexican resort. I just get the crashing, falling, sideways turning elevators.

  18. I used to have dreams about my teeth falling out all the time – haven’t had one in a long time too.

    Now I get the crazy elevator one a lot – usually mine is going sideways and upside down. The other people in the elevator with me always act like it’s completely normal, while it completely freaks me out.

  19. maybe you just aspire to be willy wonka.

  20. I have very specific and vivid dreams that never, ever make sense. So odd are they that I’ve given up on analyzing them – I’m just strange, I guess! And in color? Yep.

  21. Well crap, I dream about my teeth falling out about once a year. And yet, no death and horror. Those dreams are always so frustrating, because I’m freaking out about my tooth falling out, and everyone else is like, That’s not a big deal, calm down. Which is almost as bad as the actual tooth coming out.

    I always dream in color but I don’t remember ever dreaming smells.

    Another recurring theme in my dreams is being seduced by men. Those are fun.

  22. I dream about losing my teeth all the time. In chunks. I have to spit them out. EW. I also dream in colour…I didn’t realize that was rare.

  23. I have teeth dreams all the time and yes, they are disturbing. I also have dreams where I’m trying to drive my car from the back seat or where I’m hitting the breaks as hard as I can and they won’t work. I also dream about fish tanks a lot. And going to Disney World but no one will go on any rides with me. I don’t know what that all means.

  24. I hate the teeth dreams. I get them too and they are disgusting.

    My other recurring dream is that I’m trying to talk but my mouth is numb or something and won’t form the words right so no one can understand me.

  25. I dream in color, too! Never thought it was abnormal. Depending on the stress level in my life I do have recurring dreams and do realize it in my dream. Sometimes I can even will myself to wake up if the dream is going in a bad direction.

  26. Oh man, I have had dreams of teeth falling out. Bad omen? Yikes!

    Thanks for the dream wibesite… will check out soon.

    And also, thanks for the lip gloss shoutout sometime ago. I love it!

  27. Hmmmm. I had an orange VW bug (the old kind) show up in my dreams for years. I and it were always in some strange away-from-home setting, and there was always one person I knew (a different one each time) and the rest of the players were strangers. Situations were always chaotic. Haven’t seen that VW in my dreams for about 10 years – I wonder if it was Larry in disguise and now he’s real?

  28. I never even thought about other people having recurring dreams. Huh. I consistently dream that my teeth fall out. According to Freud that means you feel guilty for participating in masturbation. I thought that was really interesting. I also dream that I drive my car into a lake in various ways, I smoke cigarettes but hide the nasty habit from the people in my life, and I’ve forgotten that I was in a class I registered for and have one week to catch up on a semester worth of work. But my personal favorite dream of this week is I registered for a credit card but didn’t realize it charged an annual fee until after I activated my card. Talk about anxiety.

  29. I’ve had a million of those shattering teeth dreams- they are SO GROSS.

    I have had many reaccurring type dreams- and I find that as soon as I am able to figure them out and be honest with myself about what they symbolize- they go.

    I spent 3 months dreaming that I was miscarrying. They were full on, graphic, wake up in pain and the bed would be drenched in blood kind of dreams- I’d wake up and immeadiately check for blood, even though I wasn’t pregnant. When I finally understood them- they stopped- thank heaven!

    I dream in both color and black and white-it just depends.

    My “theory” on the elevator (’cause I’m so brilliant)is that it is a transition point, a limbo between there and here. Emotionally and physically you are in between phases- you are waiting to go back home to be with Cody, you are waiting for him to graduate and get a job- there’s a lot of limbo in your life that you have very little control over, and sometimes that limbo dumps you off someplace nice, and some times it forces you to someplace horrific- either way, the control is not yours, and it is a frightening ride.

    How’d I do?

  30. I too dream about my teeth falling out, and in color. I read somewhere that if you dream about your teeth falling out it is a sign that you are insecure about the way that you look. Makes sense to me. Better than beeing doomed!

    I like your theory on your dreams. Only you would know what makes sense, but the connection is sometimes so incredible! Not too much longer and you get to enjoy your husband! YAY!

  31. In my dream we are always fighting with out neighbors. One of them rides by on a bike and smiles. Then he pulls a big gun out of his long jacket and we start running around the house as he shoots, trying to hide.

    Figure that one out.

  32. I so have you beat. Haven’t you heard? I pull my husband’s hair in my sleep and laugh in maniacal ways.

  33. i’m right there with you…

    i dream in full color, all to often my crazy ass dreams are way too realistic. so realistic that i wake up wondering if it happened or not. i remember dreams in dreams. and all too often i’m naked or partially naked, and many times my grandad is back from the dead (like, we all know he’s back from the dead)…weird

  34. I don’t usually remember dreams these days – too damn tired and I don’t get to leisurely wake up and that’s the only time I remember them.

    I do have a recurring dream that I’ve had all my life. And yes, it’s in color. It involves the a gray sky and an open meadow, empty for miles around, except me. The sky slowly turns red and then a dragon comes. It’s scary, but it never hurts me. Ooh – I’ve never thought to Google it before.

  35. Oh my gosh Jen! I have that dream too! My car WON’T STOP! I have to keep on hitting the brake and it doesn’t work! AH! Scary!

    I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what other people dream about- the good and the bad. It’s very interesting!

  36. I think it means that you need a vacation. alone. with cody. at a Mexican resort! 🙂

  37. I delurked not so long ago with a “yo”.

    Anyway, I had to comment on this post about dreams. I dream in about every imaginable way possible. I dream about dreams. I have reoccuring dreams. I’ve had the teeth falling out dreams, the nightmares, the not so nightmares, the flying dreams, colorful dreams, smelling dreams, feeling dreams, out of body dreams. I could go on and on (like Bubba and shrimp) but I won’t! I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone!!

  38. I remember my dreams too, they are in color, I can smell stuff, I remember what I dreamed about in my past dreams and think “here we go again” I know what’s going to happen next… I hate reocurring dreams. I have had the teeth dreams but mostly I run away from scary people trying to get me or have to have things perfect so I don’t get much rest in my dreams… Kinda defeats the purpose of sleeping! April

  39. Does the elevator ever drop you off at Nordstrom? I would love to have that dream.

  40. I’m ALWAYS dreaming about my teeth falling out. My dream sounds strangely similar to yours. I’m usually chewing something and realize it’s my teeth, and I keep spitting them out.

  41. I used to have dreams about my teeth like that!

  42. Another symbol of teeth falling out, according to my aunt means new beginings, a turning point in your life.
    I don’t know if that means anything to you.
    Teeth falling out in dreams is just…creepy!

  43. I’ve had the teeth dream. Many times. Its one of the most recurring ones since I was a little girl. That and death. I dream about dying. Car accident (in which i was a little boy), old age in a hosital bed, falling/jumping off a roof etc. Strangest thing about those is that it feels like my heart slows down and breathing stops and just when it goes black…. I wake up.


    Anyway the teeth thing creeped me out for a long time and I remember reading about it that it can also signify a perceived loss of control of your life. Each tooth representing something you are losing your grasp on. But then as i flipped through the dream book some more, I noticed a lot of them said stuff about losing control.

  44. I dream in color, too!!! It used to be fun until I dreamed about changing diapers…that was pretty messed up.

    Heather’s last blog post..Night Out

  45. Hello, I heard the Asian culture has unique dream interpretations as well, as they are rooted in Buddhist/Confucian philosophies based on one’s karma.

    1. Falling teeth, hair, elevators are generally signs of inauspicious events to come, due to one’s past unvirtuous deeds ripening.

    2. Dreaming of strangers coming after you, raping you, wanting to kill you are also inauspicious. These are due to karmic enemies in the spiritual realm from one’s past live(s).

    Dreams occurring between 5am-6am are most accurate, whereas dreams occuring after that time are sometimes the OPPOSITE of the above interpretations.

    Either way…interesting topic!

  46. Crystal says:

    i dream about out-of-control elevators all the time. in my dream, i will get on an elevator and think, “oh good, this one won’t be out of control because i’m not dreaming.” but then it will be out of control, and i will think, in my dream, “oh my gosh, now they are really out of control in real life!” weird, huh?

    usually in my elevator dreams, there are several other people on the elevator and it starts tilting sideways until everyone starts stumbling around. usually everyone braces each other. it also often starts going up very, very fast and sometimes shoots through the roof of the building. after that happens, i dream of falling through the air.

    i never dream of the elevator stopping anywhere or of getting off.