I am quite possibly the last person on Earth who should be doing tech reviews. My friend Patric is much better at those and called the Motorola Droid Bionic his new favorite 4G smart phone, hands down. The only other 4G phone that I have used was an HTC Thunderbolt, which I liked, but I like the Bionic so. much. better. (As far as functionality, I liked the feel and shape of the Thunderbolt better.) I have also tried out a Droid 2, but was so overwhelmed with all the features (I had never tried a smartphone before that one) that I kind of gave up on it. Being able to have this Bionic with me and truly customize it has convinced me that I will probably never own an iPhone.

Did the whole world just implode?

You see, I like my widgets. I like being able to see what is going on without actually having to click into an app. From the homescreen I have the option to see 20 of my favorite contacts (with their face!) and I can call, text, email, tweet, facebook or chat with them with one touch. Right below it I chose to have the Fancy Widgets app that allows me to see the weather in a picture (love visuals!) based on where I am and the time right front and center. On another page I have my calender which lists upcoming activities, my email that shows me previews of my three most recent emails, a twitter widget that shows me my last mention and below that are shortcuts to my most used apps. On my third screen I have all the other apps I use fairly regularly plus a lady countdown widget.

I may be almost 30 but I still seem to be surprised by my period every month…NOT THIS MONTH.

Another thing the Droid Bionic can do that an iPhone can’t? Wireless hotspot. 4G LTE is faster than my home internet (although 4G LTE isn’t available at my house just yet) and while waiting at the airport last week I was able to do an insane amount of work before before boarding by tethering my laptop to the Droid Bionic hotspot.

I had complained earlier about the battery being a waste of everything that ever existed. I am pleased to report after trolling several Droid forums (whoa droid fanatics) and downloading a few free apps (advanced task killer and a wireless/bluetooth/GPS widget) I have figured out how to make it through the entire day without having to charge my phone. I still am not very happy with the camera. It has a really dramatic lag time with the shutter and sputters when it comes to focusing. Even in amazing light it still produces grainy/noisy photos which bums me out. It’s supposed to be an 8MP camera, but it seems more like a 2.5 MP.

Really the only appeal an iPhone has to me right now? The new voice activated feature thing and the new iOS5 chat/text messaging thing…I hear it’s going to be pretty sweet.

This review is in conjunction with Verizon and their new 4G LTE service. I’ve been provided with devices and 6 months of complimentary service to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.