So let’s pretend you’re at BlogHer ’11 and for whatever reason you don’t make it down to breakfast in time for whatever reason. (Sharing a room with six girls and one shower? Hangover? TINY LITTLE BABY ON HER OWN SCHEDULE?) Have you been to the Hillshire Farm booth? Where they will make you a delicious noshing of food featuring any number of Hillshire Farm meat delicacies even when breakfast (or lunch if you’re REALLY hungover) is long gone and over? Yeah. My kind of booth. I tried the turkey sausage today, SO GOOD. Not to mention the protein is a delicious break from ALL. THE. CAKE. POPS.

Wendi McLendon-Covey of Bridesmaids and Reno 911 fame will be on hand to view, admire, meet, greet and discuss the finer points of sausage on Saturday if you’re around.

If you’re not around?

I miss you.

Wish you were here.


DISCLOSURE: This post number three of  four sponsored posts I’ll be doing with Hillshire Farm and their new “So Good They’ll Think it’s for Them” campaign. I have been compensated for my time and participation, not for promoting a particular product, turkey sausage love? Purely my own. GO MEAT!


  1. This is entirely too cute. ;p Enjoy San Diego!

  2. The best part of your vlog was your expression the first time Vivi cried. =)

  3. This made me laugh! Not at you, with you. I spilled my coffee on me because I swore I had screwed the lid on, apparently not. Hope you are having fun. It sounds amazing!

  4. My goal is to come next year, if only for the hangover and sausages.

    Wait… that doesn’t sound good, does it.

  5. aw sweetie! too cute, but really, you totally shoulda just had me bring you food! i loved loved loved getting to spend time with your gorgeous self, and of course, doing some baby snugglage as well <33

  6. Hahaha… I miss you. xo

  7. oh muh gosh. i am just now watching this and laughing, out loud, at my desk. whisper vlogging is the new cake pop. (and i wish i had seen this earlier that day, i would have helped you EAT more than cookies)

    meeting you was a joy, i spent the rest of the day telling everyone how sweet you are. (AND i totally hung out with Leslie the next night. matchmaker!)
    all my love xoxox

  8. This made me laugh SO hard! I wish I had seen it when you shaked that juice.