You fell asleep with an enormous smile on your face last night.

Your tiny, perfect eight year old face.

I on the other hand fell asleep with tears running down my cheeks from the enormity of the day. Terrible awful things happened in the world yesterday which added such a bittersweet note to such a perfectly magical day in the world you and I had been totally immersed in for the past seven days.

I know I said that other days were the best days ever, but yesterday. Yesterday was the best day ever.

I can’t even put into words what this week was like for me as your mom. Weeks like this don’t exist in real life, they only exist in movies, TV shows and Disney Cruise Ships apparently.

I spent the entire week floating above my body wondering when I was going to wake up. I kept waiting for you to lose your cool and become a terribly overstimulated, demanding, greedy and exhausted child but it never happened.

If anything I watched your heart grow this week from being surrounded by overwhelming magic and some of the happiest, most caring people I have ever come across. You may never remember the hug you gave me last night after dinner, but for me it was the best moment of my entire eight year parenting career.

This Disney magic, it’s no joke.

Tuesday night we watched fireworks launched from a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Wednesday night it snowed in the middle of a theater on a cruise ship.

Last night the most magnificent cake was presented to you as dozens of people who were complete strangers one week ago sang you into your eight year.

Confetti was tossed every day, I cannot stress how much I support liberal confetti tossing.

We laid in bed every night watching bits and pieces of different Disney movies, you even stopped making fun of me when I cried at the end of every single one.

You voluntarily took a nap yesterday, a two hour nap.

I will never, ever be able to outdo your 8th birthday. Ever.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying.

You are spectacular. I don’t know what I did to deserve the honor and privilege of being your mom, but I’m so glad I did it. Everyday with you is an adventure. Your heart only knows how to love and it loves fiercely, I’m fortunate to be at the receiving end of so much of it.

Keeping this forever and a day. #DisneyMagic #HardEarned

Nothing about that ship was ordinary, and I have to believe that with every trip it absorbs just a little more love, happiness and magic from those who are on it. You and me kid, we left our mark on that ship. It gave us confetti and fireworks and we gave it hugs, magic, happy tears and your infectious giggle back.

I worked so hard to get to this point, both as your mom and as a human. This week was my reward for all of it. It was worth every tear, every frustration and every heartache to have your arms wrapped around my neck last night.

I love you baby.

Happy Birthday.

Love, Mama.

(Thank you for capturing these moments Andrea, when I was too busy sobbing.)








  1. Happy birthday dear Addie! I’m so glad you guys had a magical week. She’ll never forget it. Well, you won’t either. Love you guys!

  2. Oh Happy Happy Happy Birthday dear sweet spunky Addie!

  3. Just reading about your trip makes ME happy.

  4. Happy Birthday, Addie! I’m so glad you got to celebrate it the way you did!

  5. “I support liberal confetti tossing.” That needs to be on a bumper sticker!

    Happy birthday to your eight-year-old. I got my second eight-year-old last month and I have to say, I really like this age.

  6. Happy Birthday, Addie! It sounds like you kicked this year off right!

  7. Bawling reading this. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Addie. xoxo

  8. Amazing in every way.

  9. and now…. I’m crying.
    Happy Birthday sweet Addie!

  10. I cried too, Happy Birthday Addie!! What an amazing way to spend the week!!

  11. Tracy @The UnCoordinated Mommy says:

    I am so happy for you both! 🙂 and I don’t even know you!

    Disney is so very magical. My son and I watched Cinderella today and I miss those movies so much!!

  12. Happy birthday, you magical little girl! May you embody the magic as well and as long as your mama

  13. Definitely just cried happy tears. A little late – but Happy Birthday to that sweet girl of yours.

  14. Perfect. That is what every single little girl needs to experience in their lifetime. And every single mom needs a moment like this. I would love LOVE to be able to take my family on a Disney trip. Where for a single moment James can forget adult issues and saddness he has been exposed to and I can smile like you have. Damn you money 🙂 Casey, Happy isnt a good enough word for how I feel for you. Your magical. xoxoxo

  15. Awe. This is PRECIOUS. Just lovely!

  16. Happy birthday sweetheart!

  17. Your kid drew that?! That’s amazing!! Addie, you’re super talented!! Keep drawing!