Today I prepare to leave for NYC for a Blogger Summit with Pfizer about getting old.

Truth is? I lived enough wild and crazy life in my teens that the granny inside me is begging to come out to bake cookies for her grandkids and give those super good warm squishy hugs that only grandmas can give.

Cody will be tagging along, and while he’ll be off doing his own thing (re: eating pizza and cheesecake) it means a lot to me to have him in New York with me. Twelve years ago he asked if I’d like come with him to New York and that was when I knew I was going to marry him.

In the meantime on Shutterlovely:

Teach your children well and don’t let them grow up to be those buttheads who crowd the luggage carousel.

Don’t poop in front of people, especially the ones you make whoopie with.

And over on Toddler Times:

Hiking with a toddler in tow, it’s not for sissies.

We took Vivi to the COSI museum in Columbus. She was a fan.

If we suddenly won a trip around the world (or say, New York?) We’d probably leave Vivi behind.

Cody got a fist bump in the mall for (supposedly) being there by himself with both girls.

9 things Vivi, Percy and Wink have in common. (#3 – BOXES ARE THE BEST)

UPS delivered the best toy ever, it had a dryer drum inside.

And finally, 10 little tasks you can complete while your toddler is in the tub.

(Remember, slideshows over at Babble are all new and improved and won’t make you want to punch a wall!)

And finally finally? This is maybe the third or fourth picture IN EXISTENCE that has all four of us in the same frame.

We're all in one picture! It's a miracle!

We’re pretty cute.