For 22 nights over the last few months I have been holed up, parked in front of my TV watching SYTYCD. (Don’t know what SYTYCD is? We’re done being friends, go read, you’re boring.)
Here’s my take on the final four.

Have you seen this boy spin? His solo tonight? 18 pirouettes in a row, 3 backflips and who knows how many other jumpy spinny things. Video of his spinniness here. (Pardon the loin cloth, watch the spins, not the loin cloth. It’s hard, I know,) Do I want him to win? Let’s just say I wouldn’t be sad if he did, boy can twirl.


Sabra, she was in High School Musical (which was filmed at MY HIGH SCHOOL, and that’s a whole other post- TWO DAYS, TWO DAYS!) I’m pretty sure she maybe even went to my high school. Do I want her to win? Again, wouldn’t be sad if she did.


Lacey, ah, Lacey. You saucy little minx. I don’t like you. It’s because I’m jealous of you. There is no other reason not to like you except that I am green with envy over everything about you.

Do I want her to win? Nope. Jealous. Too jealous.


Niel. Niel, you want me to make little boy babies and make them dance and dance and dance and be as cute as you and as dashing and charming and tall and as good as dancer. I heart Niel. I want Niel to win. I’m pretty sure Niel is in my 5 after learning he’s legal and over six feet tall.

And, you know what they say about guys who can dance. EH? EH?


  1. Holy Christ! I admit I’ve not watched a bit of SYTYCD this season, giving up tv for son’s speech development, er, I mean lent.

    But I heart ballet, and especially men dancing ballet. Beautiful! I must now see more!

  2. Is this a bossy guest post?

  3. I don’t watch it. Can we still be friends?

  4. Dude, have I told you how much I am dying over this spray paint thing? LOVE IT…haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, I may get a six pack from it. So, thank you. Have I ever told you I want Jothan to dance? He would be fabulous! Anyway, miss you.

  5. Have not watched three seconds of this show but I did recognize the acronym immediately, so I’m not banished to MSNBC, am I? Cripes.

  6. Oooh, ooh, I’ve watched every. single. episode! And loved it! I’m torn. I don’t know who I want to win. They are all sooooo good! Neil won me over even more on this last episode. HOT HOT HOT! I’ve always been a little partial to Lacey, though. We’ll see. Can’t wait to see who does win.

  7. I want Danny to win.

    I can’t stand Lacey. She’s far to pert for my taste.

  8. I know OF SYTYCD, but I’ve never seen it.

    But it’s because I don’t own a TV. Will you still be my friend?

  9. I have to catch up this week on DVR…I can’t read this post.

  10. I heart SYTYCD! I’m a faithful watcher. Sometimes I can even get Tim to watch it with me. We would be laughing tears when we watched Dom cuddle Cat.

    I don’t like Danny. He doesn’t float my boat. I’d be okay with the other 3 winning. However I think Lacey will just cuz Benji won last time.

  11. i didn’t know sabra was in HSM, but my daughter would. i’m rooting for sabra and neil. neil is a hotty! and he can do lots of spins and jumps, too!
    i missed a couple episodes here and there, but my fav routine is neil’s devil/angel bit.
    and actually, i kind of liked that 2 foxes thing last night…

  12. I love that you’re just as obsessed as we are about SYTYCD!!!!!! It’s an epidemic over here. I ‘m still on the fence about who should win though. I love them all. The crappy thing is, being a Canuck and all, is we can’t freakin vote. So i hope you are!!!

    Oh, the fair post, i was honestly short of breath from laughing so hard. Loved it!

  13. I loves me some Niel and I’d love to see him win, but mainly I’d just like a little dancin’ in the sheets with that boy. Rwaawr.

    My votes for Sabra. She’s got it all, baby.

  14. My vote is for Sabra or Neil. I have to admit that I kinda feel like Lacey rode on her brother’s name for a lot of the competition, come on having last year’s winner audition with you!

    I will have to let you know how the show is when I go!!!!!! Whooo hooo!!

  15. I heart SYTYCD, too! I’m all about Sabra. Can’t wait to find out who wins tonite!

  16. Wait…High School Musical was filmed at your high school? DUDE. I love that.

    (Footloose was filmed at mine. Or rather, at one that looked exactly like mine. So it sort of counts. But is Zac Ephron hotter then Kevin Bacon? You be the judge.)


    Love Neil’s new tattoo. You should get a matching one.

  18. Too funny! This makes me want to watch the show.

  19. I don’t watch the show but your mad photoshop skillz are hilarious!

    Love the devil horns. I want those.

  20. Yeah, uh, I think it’s pretty obvious what would make you happy…

  21. I’m all about Lacey. I’d chop off my left breast to see her win.

    Rawr. She makes me tingle.

    I like Danny too. He makes my girly parts very happy.

    Neil…he reminds me of a buff young husband of mine…before three babies and endless amounts of beer.

    Sabra bores me.

    And I have watched EVERY episode.

    I knew we were destined for great things, the two of us.

  22. You mean there’s stuff on tv besides Noggin?

  23. Don’t watch it, but seriously- like I get to control the TV!

    Am I the last blogger in the free world to find out that you moved????

  24. Hey, I found you through my pal, Kerflop. I just left Blogger, too! While she could be a foul, bitchy mistress, she was comfortable!

    Of course, I’m hampered by my own techno-suck. Many days I want to stick a fork in my eye with this new set up. I can’t even figure out how to embed! We will NOT discuss the hell of plugins.

    Still…The whole “Owning your own url” is just cool. Good job!

  25. Girl, you have some serious tagging skills. Love the EHS uniform.

  26. I totally agree with you. This was too funny!!

  27. Yay for EHS! My grandparent’s alma mater and just down the road from me. 😉 And yay for Sabre! love her! (But still want to have Neil’s babies… yum!)