“There is something magical that happens to the light after sunset, when the sky becomes a giant sheet of soft, directional illumination, when the shadows soften and the colors deepen and the temperatures begin to slide into a cooler, kinder place . . . when one’s pupils begin to widen their aperture, and thus give everything a shorter, softer depth of focus.

This is “sweet light”, that magical time between sunset and dark. I think it is perfectly named.”

-David Perry

fancy nancy.

fancy nancy.

I was afraid the light would be gone by the time we got to our party.

Cody pulled to the side of a two lane country road as Addie and I hopped out, waded through knee high weeds into a freshly harvested corn field. She twirled three times, hopped twice and just like that, the light was gone.

She is my whole heart.

(She is also dressed as Fancy Nancy. In case you were wondering.)


  1. Your writing gives me goosebumps. It’s so beautiful.

  2. I die. DIE.

  3. Love so much.


  4. *She* is sweet light. I mean, really.

  5. She looks just like you in that second photo. Beautiful.

  6. She makes a perfect Fancy Nancy. We love her too!

  7. she looks so much like you…it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

  8. your costumes are so good. I’m ashamed of what we got going on over here…

    Addie looks BRILLIANT!

  9. She is gorgeous!

    That’s a fancy word for pretty.


  10. Beautiful. You’ve got to love the magic hour light! Love the costume!

  11. Such a beauty

  12. Oh my word. She looks so much like you in that second picture!

  13. I knew that was Fancy Nancy before you said it! (or as my daughter calls her “Fancy Dance-y”)

    A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!! I love it. Especially her little hat. 🙂

  14. Oh my gosh! She looks perfect!!