We had dinner tonight one table away from the moosh’s preschool teacher, Miss Gloria.

A majority of dinner was spent avoiding ketchup covered fingers which were waving wildly in Miss Gloria’s direction.

When we had all finished our cheeseburgers Miss Gloria snuck up behind the moosh to tickle her goodbye.

Her tickle caught the moosh off guard and resulted in the moosh slamming her face into the table.

(Commence breathless crying.)

Well, at least Miss Gloria will know why the moosh has a fat lip in her school photo next week.


***Enjoy the plethora of guest postage over the next few days. Read, comment, repeat. It’ll be better than chocolate covered Brad Pitt. Promise.***


  1. Poor Moosh! I bet that teacher felt so dumb!

  2. oh boy.

    unintentional injuries to toddlers are the best thing to make you feel like a big dork.

    poor moosh’s teacher.

  3. I bet Miss Gloria felt just horrible.

    Maybe the fat lip will be gone before picture day?

  4. HA HA HA! I’m sorry, but that would have been really funny to see! Poor Moosh!

    Preschool should be interesting the next few days!

    You have baby legs? I’ve been wanting them FOREVER but can’t seem to find them. Well, only if I want to purchase them online. Is that the only way to go?

  5. Oh- ICE the lip. It should be better for pictures next week, which I’m sure will be adorable!

    When are you supposed to show the world that you didn’t get any stretch marks on that mommy belly of yours? I’m intrigued and antsy! Let’s see what this Rob (was that his name?) was hitting on!

  6. Aww poor, Moosh. At least it didn’t knock out her two front teeth 🙂

    Oh and on the clothes…i LOVE it. I don’t think I got enough Barbie time either. My kids are my paper dolls. I’m all about the cool kids gear and get oh so happy when putting them in their hip outfits!
    Uh can you pass me the info on that support group.

  7. Oh I bet her teacher feels horrible! Poor moosh :(.

  8. What a bummer! Bet Miss Gloria feels like a heel!

  9. Liam Craig says:

    i love it, i always find the week before pictures is when you get hurt on your face

  10. School pictures are such a jinx. I have pictures of my kids with stitches above one eye, one kid on a crutch, etc. I have just got the proofs of Senior portraits for the last kiddo and can’t believe we did it injury free.

  11. Agreed, Erin. I once was playing with a one year old who kept trying to put his fingers near my mouth, so I pretended to try to bite them. And then I accidentally did. Whoops.

  12. Oh no! Poor Moosh and I bet Miss Gloria felt AWFUL!

    Better than chocolate covered Brad Pitt (before or after Angelina, because I am picky…) hehe 😛

  13. Poor girl. It was nice to talk to you for 30 seconds today…real nice. Hope she heals fast…kiss kiss.

  14. I’m sorry about the fat lip…they heal pretty quickly…(speaking from major experience)

    And I know you probably have some great guest posters..However, there ain’t nuthin better than a chocolate covered Brad Pitt.

  15. Oops!!! I’m sure the teacher felt awful too.

  16. That Miss Gloria love hurts so good.

  17. Aw!! Poos Moosh!

    At least she’ll have Angelina lips for the pic?? LOL