I retold The Runaway Bunny, but I retold it using Peeps. Welcome to how my brain works, I’d be honored if you’d check it out.

By Cody:

Why the dog thing didn’t work out and how things have changed.

I am a terrible parent who hates leprechauns. Thankfully I have Cody to redeem me.

Vivi faces, interpreted by Cody.

10 things Cody has learned from Miss Addie.

By me: (sponsored but equally delicious)

I call it quick and easy spring cleaning tips but what I really mean is “how to make your house look clean in under an hour when you find out people are coming over.”

Who says potlucks have to be beans and weenies? Why not try baked brie and schmancy queso?

Lovely winter we’re having this spring, no? Easy ways to perk up you and your home with a little change of color.

10 things that are good no matter how bad things are. (A fresh box of crayons, a furry purry kitty…)

Green smoothies. I always feel better when I start my day with one (but I readily admit cereal is so much easier.)

Forget New Year’s Resolutions…I’m all about New Month’s Resolutions. (Still trying to decide on April’s resolution.)