SO! Big changes around here, I retired from Disney Baby, while it’s an absolutely beautiful site and just the kind of thing I like to be a part of, it was a giant stretch for me to try and go back into baby and pregnancy mode when I am very much in toddler and very NOT pregnant mode. If you are pregnant or have a small tiny baby, be sure to check in on all my friends over there, lovely stuff they’re creating.

portrait of a (sixteen month old) lady

BUT! Since I am living toddler day to day, I’ve now joined Babble’s Toddler Times for 5 times the toddler talking action. Here’s what I’ve laid down over yonder so far:

Even better? Those slideshows EVERYONE hated (me included?) THEY ARE NO LONGER! Well, I mean, there’s still slideshows, but the whole page no longer refreshes with each click! Just the photo changes! AAAHHH! It’s amazing! It’s moving forward! PROGRESS!

Hope you’re well. We’re just dandy around these parts, I found cute boots that fit around my calves! WHOO!