When I was about Addie’s age my mom took my sister and me out to eat at Pizza Hut while we were on vacation. It was around the time Jurassic Park came out because I remember putting the dinosaur sticker I got from the restaurant on my window in the car, it was a green brontosaurus. Obviously Pizza Hut is not fine dining, but when we got back to our hotel my mom gasped and said “I forgot to tip our server!” Being a kid I didn’t understand what the big deal was.

Before we set out on our daily adventure the next morning we stopped at the Pizza Hut where we had eaten the night before. My mom put some money in an envelope and an apology to our server for forgetting the night before.

I have absolutely no memory of what city or state we were in or what else happened on that particular trip, but I remember my mom going back to take care of that tip.

It has stuck with me ever since.


Sometimes it is the very little things that leave the biggest impression.


One time I was snorkeling with my mom in Hawaii when her face was attacked by hundreds of fish, that stuck with me just as much as the Pizza Hut tip (sorry mom.) Learn about the fish attack and 24 more random little tidbits (not a slideshow!) about me over at Shutterlovely. (There is also a bonus photo of me in a bikini at the end.)


  1. With 4 kids under the age of 7, we try to tip well all the time. But a few days ago, the kids and I decided to leave an extra big tip for our server because he was super-duper nice. It was fun to explain to them what we were doing and why. We all left with big smiles on our faces and the server ran out the front door and said “Thank you so much!” with tears in his eyes. (I’m so glad I was inspired by Emily’s post about the grocery store…because it obviously meant a lot to him and it made all of our hearts happy.)

    I pray that I am teaching my children as many little lessons as my parents always did. Lessons like this that aren’t in a book.

  2. gorgeous photo of a beautiful woman…love this story.

  3. Your mom sounds like a very good person!

    Being attacked by fish is one of my top biggest fears of all time. Obviously she made it out alive, as would I, but it still sounds gross! (Fish give me the heebie jeebies, in case that wasn’t obvious!)

  4. Your mom is so beautiful!! What a stunning picture.

    And what a beautiful heart she has!

  5. I can’t believe she went back to tip. That’s just amazing.

  6. ahhh…so I am seeing where you get your beautiful looks from.

  7. 1 – you’ve got GOOD genes. Your Mama is hot!
    2 – this story make me slightly nervous about the things that may stick with my kids…. eek.