That whole hot mess in Texas? Completely different religion than mine. I’d like to tell you the whole history of the FLDS church but I’m not sure where to go for reliable information. I do know that my church put out a press release explaining the difference and I’d encourage you to read it since I could never explain it so eloquently without sheer plagiarism.

This is where I lose some readers after scathing emails about the horrible church that I belong to. (It happens every time I post about religion.) And that’s just fine. You’re all entitled to your own opinion. But I’d appreciate it if you’d keep your mean comments to yourself, save yourself the time spent writing the email and just hit “unsubscribe”. Thanks.

Anyway, the temple they keep showing in Texas and the temples that members of our church attend are completely different. While I won’t go into the sacred details of my temple worship I will tell you that there is no cyanide, no “wedding beds” and modesty is honored. The following quote is from

When individuals go to the temple, they should wear their best clothing, as they do when they attend church. When they are inside the temple, they exchange their clothing for the white clothing of the temple. This change of clothing takes place in a dressing room, where each person uses a locker and a private dressing space. In the temple, modesty is carefully maintained.

As individuals put their clothing in the locker, they can leave all their worldly distractions behind. Dressed in white, they can feel a oneness and a sense of equality with others in the temple, for everyone around them is similarly dressed.

To explain it as easily as possible, nothing happens inside our temples that would offend even the most sensitive of elderly grandma. And truth be told I am sickened about the goings on in Texas.

Just as there are less than savory members of my church I’m sure there are some magnificent people who belong to the FLDS church. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt just as I ask you to give me the benefit of the doubt that I am a good person trying to do good in this world, regardless of if you agree with my beliefs or not.

So there you go, your friendly neighborhood Mormon standing up for herself. Now be nice. And go enjoy the sunshine.


  1. You mean your church is DIFFERENT than a church with a SIMILAR name? I am shocked, shocked. How can this be? (Smooches. You’re allright, Casey.)

    Suebob’s last blog post..Post-Bossy let down

  2. Hold your head high honey. You did good.

    As if there is a “church” or “religion” in the godforsaken world that is 100% perfect. Trolls feel free to hate me.

    Adrienne’s last blog post..Boring

  3. I had no doubts that your reaction to that nasty stuff would be well considered and thoughtful and reasonable. I knew you would take your time and say the right things. Good job. You represented and presented your faith well.

    A friend of mine’s email signature says something I think seems to fit here… ‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’ – Dr. Seuss

    Auburn Gal Always’s last blog post..a treasure

  4. There are the unsavory types everywhere. Surely people are smart enough to know the difference.

    I am baffled that people ever are rude to you about your religion. People of faith are called to be loving. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.

    I love you, babe!

    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fussy’s Bedrest Day 3 & The Date Revealed

  5. Hey chica – you be you and let God worry about THEM. Easier said than done, I know.

    Darla’s last blog post..Coldwater Creek skirt….all is not lost

  6. There is a fundamentalist church that I used to drive by all the time around the time that I converted (not active now) and I always used to wonder – what? just what? went on in there.

  7. Thanks for this post, and for pointing out there’s a difference. Non-mormans (like myself) don’t generally know stuff like this, so it’s great to read. Sorry in advance for any losers that give you heck.

    To Think Is To Create’s last blog post..Lovely and Mellow

  8. huh. well, i guess i’m just crazy, because i would never blame you, even if it were the same as your religion. i read you for you, not because of your religious beliefs.

    just crazy i suppose. 🙂

    and i do enjoy learning about your faith and traditions – it’s very interesting to me.

    pgoodness’s last blog post..are you sirius?

  9. Praying the trolls do not rear their ugly head.

    If they do? I am here for you, babe.


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  10. Well said. 🙂

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  11. Lovely post as usual. You do a good job of presenting the LDS side. You make me glad to be a Mormon.

    Janssen’s last blog post..Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

  12. A lovely post, but I must admit I am baffled that these two could be confused. Oh my gosh, the Jeffs cult is SCARY, and not mainstream anything.

    Nic’s last blog post..Maybe some good comes from watching Supernanny afterall…

  13. I will never understand why people will flame so viciously about something so innocent and personal.

    I love your posts on religion, they make me feel smarter.

    Heather’s last blog post..Fabulous Five (Months)

  14. well said .. i need to send this link to a few folks i know.

    because you said it so much better than i did.

    erin’s last blog post..we have a piano! and a trampoline! and proof that i’m weird.

  15. Boise Leon says:

    You would have to have been lost in the desert to have seen an FLDS church. Maybe it was 8 years ago and it was the Reorganized church. They changed their name to “Community of Christ” because they didn’t like the confusion either. They still share a historical park in Nauvoo, Ill. Nice folks and nothing strange goes on there at all.

  16. Casey! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  17. I’m sorry that folks confuse the two. (Just so you know, NPR did a good job of making the distinction when reporting the story; they mentioned it several times.)

    Sara’s last blog post..Life Questions Episode #253: Frank Sinatra

  18. I read the entire lds definitions. Thanks for the link. I too do not, did not understand fully.

    so thanks

  19. I really feel for those girls taken from the compound. They must be scared to death. They’ve been raised to think the rest of the world is a horrible sinful place and now they have been thrust into it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the compound is a better place, I just feel for what they must be emotionally going through.

  20. I’m not Mormon anymore, but I have utter respect for those who are. I don’t believe in the Mormon doctrine, but the people are wonderful. Mormons, by in large, are very decent, very moral, family-centered, upstanding, patriotic people. Most of my family is LDS and tons of my friends.

    So when I had a Catholic sister-in-law talk crap about Mormons having sex on altars at a Christmas dinner over FIVE years ago, I was shocked and offended. Pissed was more like it. It took a great aunt to call me off of her.

    Ridiculous I said. Foul. As soon as she left, I called my older Relief Society president sister in California. She also was outraged.

    She in turn called my other Relief Society president sister in Montana. Again, we were all like,”whatever.” I might have used some four-letter words with that whatever. Hehehe.

    It feels like I’ve always done this. I may not be a practicing Mormon, but don’t disparage them in front of me. You’re dissing my sisters, my mother, my grandmother, my nephews and neices, and my friends. Just because I don’t believe doesn’t mean I won’t defend the faith from the stereotypes, jokes, and slams.

    So imagine my shock when this FLDS crap came out. Arrrgh. I’ve spent the last few days trying to educate my Catholic-raised husband (his sister made the comment) and anyone who would listen into thinking that FLDS does not equal LDS. It’s like calling protestants Catholics. Catholics would have a real problem with that. Episcopalians splintered/branched off years ago just like the FLDS segment branched off from LDS. They’ve evolved into VERY different faiths.

    So, FIVE years ago I said LDS members don’t have sex on altars and that still holds true today.

    This makes me so frustrated. Arrrgh.

  21. don’t you think 99% of people need to just RELAX? eyes on your own plate, mean people.

  22. One of the reasons I really admire you & your blog is your ability to write well and openly about being Mormon. It is something I struggle with—striking a balance between stating how I feel but not coming over in an overly-sentimental way. I think you do that well. Great post!

    Amy Sorensen’s last blog post..Ugggg.

  23. Thank you for your comments. It is great that you encourage good feelings and understanding about the LDS church and all of the other religions out there. I appreciate your level-headedness.

  24. eeep! i hate it when crap like this happens in texas. we’re really not all crazy country idiots! but you know that…

    Biddy’s last blog post..I Gave The Baby Back…

  25. Amen, sista. Thanks for saying it and saying it well!

  26. I’m a native Texan, and I hate it that this keeps happening in my state! There was also the Waco thing…

    anyway, nice post, the only way we all learn to be less ignorant and more understanding is through information, and you did a great job getting some out there.


    Rhea’s last blog post..Can’t catch a break, even in my dreams.

  27. Well said, Casey!

  28. what on earth are you still doing up!? also? love the new header

    Biddy’s last blog post..I Gave The Baby Back…

  29. Just a question (and you are the only Mormon that I “know”), are the words “Temple” and “Church” not interchangable? Meaning on Sunday (or whatever your day of worship is) you are not necessarily going to Temple, but you are going to Church. But do you go to “church” at “temple”? Does that make any sense? I am just curious… [I didn’t learn about Mormonism in my religions of the world class at the conservative Baptist university I attended in Texas. (*cough* Baylor University in Waco, Texas*cough*… LOL)] I promise this question is coming from a genuine desire for knowledge. I am not a crazy Texan, I promise!! 🙂

    BTW, I love your blog! I am a long time reader and lurker, and a first time commenter.

  30. Ashley-
    Totally legitimate question even if you didn’t go to school in Waco. No, they are not interchangeable. Church is every Sunday at a public building anyone and everyone is free to enter and attend. It’s where we take the Sacrament and attend Sunday School classes. Attending the temple on the other hand requires a “recommend” from the Bishop and is only available to adult members who actively keep all of the commandments. There is no set schedule with the temple, you go when you are able (the closest temple to us is two hours away). And they actually aren’t even open on Sundays so that everyone can go to church.
    What goes on in the Temple is similar to what goes on at church but much more, for lack of a better word, serious. It is also where marriages are performed.
    Does that answer your question enough?
    Hope so.

  31. Thanks for the post. I’m LDS AND live in Texas. Haven’t had any crazy questions yet, but I just wonder if people are linking the two religions or not. Thanks for clearing it up for many out there.

    Sheyenne’s last blog post..He put his finger where?!?

  32. How sad that you feel the need to explain this? I think the media has been pretty clear that Warren Jeff’s church is entirely separate from LDS – people choose not to absorb that though and will use any excuse to spew mistruths about religions they don’t like, or that are different from their own.

    I know this, I grew up in Northern Ireland where people were judged entirely based on whether they were Catholic or Protestant.

    Annie’s last blog post..I am all out of blog steam

  33. I’m sorry you have to defend yourself. Or maybe I’m sorry I don’t blog about being Mormon so I never have to defend myself and sorry your taking the brunt of it? I love ya Casey >^-^

  34. When I first heard about the cult thing I immediately thought of you — in a good way, I promise! I wondered if you were going to address it in your blog. Great post and explanations on your part!

    Mitch’s last blog post..Wind In Her Hair

  35. Narrow-minded pooheads can suck it! (And the winner of the most mature comment goes to…) 🙂

    Mymsie’s last blog post..Not Dead

  36. Can I link to this post? I’ve been trying to come up with a way to say what you just said, and now I don’t have to…

    Cheers girl.

    good&crazy’s last blog post..Gentle as a Freight Train

  37. I knew the churches were different, but I didn’t know about the clothing change. I really enjoy reading your posts about LDS – it’s nice to have someone explain it.

  38. Being a severely nonreligious person I always find these posts so interesting. I had a talk with Loralee a few days ago and she was telling me about growing up Mormon and the horrible way they were treated sometimes. It just blows my mind. In my opinion everyone should just be left alone to believe whatever they want…as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, which clearly isn’t the case with FLDS. (And as long as they don’t protest my family and tell me I’m going to hell. Thanks Westboro Babtist!)

    I just don’t know why so many people have such a hard time separating the two or finding accurate information when it is so widely available. Thanks for the info you linked to. I always enjoy learning about the LDS religion and I am sort of fascinated by all the FLDS news stories. I’m glad you poke your mind about this. (I found you via your guest post.)

  39. It always makes me sad to hear that people are being troll-y to you. I wish sometimes that I could be as “stand-up” as you about my religious beliefs but I tend to keep them to myself because of such scrutiny (sp?). I think you rock for standing proud in what you believe in!

  40. So glad you wrote about this. I just got home from Vegas and tried to explain to two older women that Utah was just polygamists. They told me they would never let their kids come here to ski because they were afraid they would be brainwashed. Lame.

    Lindsey’s last blog post..Vegas is Fun

  41. Um, typo error above. I tried to explain to them that Utah was NOT all polygamists. Duh me.

    Lindsey’s last blog post..Vegas is Fun

  42. Good&Crazy-Go for it.

  43. It always baffles me when people put down someone’s religion (or lack thereof), especially when those put downs are generally based on ignorance and/or misinformation.

    If people would just do some research and become informed, maybe, just maybe, the world would be a little more peaceful.

    Major Bedhead’s last blog post..Raise Your Voice

  44. Great post as always!
    Thanks for keeping us informed! 🙂

    Mandy’s last blog post..Worth it

  45. love it! i am getting annoyed at the comments about it too. And I do not know about you, but here in Canada they even had a “Movie” about it, and a lot of times they called them LDS not FLDS, and a lot of people got the wrong idea, i had to clear that up as well, and i wrote a letter to the TV station because I was so mad at the “mistake” they said they made, but did they do anything to change it…nope… it aired again about 2 weeks ago….

    Liam’s last blog post..28 weeks

  46. It’s so unfortunate that there is confusion about this that tarnishes good people and legitimate religions. I’m so sorry you have to write posts like this and I can’t believe you lose readers when you write about religion. Morons.

    I’m Catholic so I know that impulse to say “Wait – the vast majority of us are wonderful people and good Christians!!! And there is so much you don’t understand!”


    Amy’s last blog post..Tax Time!

  47. Casey, as soon as I heard about this, I wondered what you would say. I noticed a lot of media saying specifically that it was NOT LDS, but I also heard a lot of reports that didn’t bother to clarify that.

    Before I found all my lovely LDS Blog Friends, all I “knew” about Mormons was that they were polygamists. Now that I know better and actually know a bit about the religion, I find myself trying to educate people on it. What you do (writing/sharing) helps your community and it helps all of us who don’t/didn’t know much to be better and more understanding people.

    Kind of funny – when my grandma was in town for Thanksgiving, she was telling us about her friend who no longer goes to her Baptist church because the woman he was dating went to UCC and “You know how THEY are. They think if you’re not UCC that you’re just evil and won’t get into heaven!” Me and my mom: “…..uuuuuuummmmmmmm….WE’RE UCC. WE don’t believe that. At all. In fact, we chose our church solely based on their acceptance of all religions.” Her, “Oh. Well. They must be different in the South.” 🙂

    People like to talk badly about things they don’t know about. Religion and politics being the favorite subjects.

    I know I’m not getting to any point here (or rather several random points?). But know that even if you get nasty trolls over here because of it – what you are doing is GOOD. And it will only create MORE good because of it.

    Butrfly Garden’s last blog post..Answer You Anything! Part One.

  48. One of my dear friends from our old neighborhood is Mormon. She moved back to Utah about 4 years ago after her husband finished his residency. I learned so much about the Mormon religion and life — it’s beautiful. I even visited one of the first Mormon settlements and temples in Kirtland, OH (we live very close to there). I’m not even Mormon and I get upset when people confuse FLDS and LDS.

    Trish’s last blog post..Apology

  49. Sheer ignorance.

    Hiya Moosh!

    Gunfighter’s last blog post...comLots Happening Today

  50. well, it really should be obvious to all of us watching the mess unfold that this is a CULT. i don’t know much about Mormonism but i do know that this cult ain’t it.