Maybe you’ve heard that half of Indiana is underwater. It kind of is.

When my sister was visiting from Utah she didn’t take a shower because one day Cody used what she thought was too much water to wash the dishes. I don’t think she realized the difference in climates.

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

Indiana flood 06-07-08

None of the water came into our house or did any damage. The rest of Indiana wasn’t so lucky. Thanks for all the concern, and the occasional freak out. (HI DAD! Sorry I didn’t call, I forget you watch the news. xoxo)


  1. Glad the moosh family hasn’t washed away. Still loving on the third pic from the top, the one of the moosh doing her Rockette impression in the water. She has a cool mommy to let her play in puddles!

  2. Who has the time to let parents know everyone is safe during a sensitive time like this?? Come on, isn’t it more important to let blog world know what kind of “hooker” you are! I for one am glad that your house isn’t flooded. (You for sure wouldn’t have time to post!)
    Oh, I am and always will be a “under wired, back hooker”.

    Amanda’s last blog post..the full meal deal

  3. Aw cute

  4. i have been meaning to tell your for some time now that i loved your previous header. made me want to eat candy and cupcakes every time i saw it! so cute.

    i love this one too! that moosh is a cutie!

    natalie’s last blog post..Why we live in Turkey.

  5. I was wondering if the flooding was affecting you. I am glad to hear it hasn’t flooded into your home!

    That flooding is everywhere. My previous residence before SLC, Des Moines, is flooded, included a street TWO BLOCKS from my old digs– which was a basement in a house! And there was this tiny town in Northeastern Iowa not far from where I grew up- tornado ripped most of it apart, now flood is washing the rest of it away.

    Welcome to the Midwest!

    Emily’s last blog post..Keeping Busy

  6. Wishing you well and I hope that the weather is better soon.

    Nicole’s last blog post..Fair Fun

  7. oh my !! glad you are ok.

    feener’s last blog post..Giveaway ! Giveaway !

  8. The Moosh is just way too adorable playing out there in all that water! And oh my WOW- what a lot of water!

    Z’s last blog post..Movin’ on, Movin’ up!

  9. Great pictures!
    We’re an hour south where most of the town was decimated, hospital evacuated, etc. Luckily we’re dry, but only by 2 blocks. The flash flood warning that’s now beeping through Sesame Street has me concerned again.

    Debbie’s last blog post..Great Idea!

  10. Thank God it didn’t go into your house! That would have been one BIG mess. You’re girl seems to be enjoying it tons though, good for her! : )

    Jen’s last blog post..Euro Cup!

  11. That third photo is adorable. So glad your house is dry!

    MommyTime’s last blog post..Kangaroos Can Be Such Haters

  12. Glad your house stayed dry. The Moosh is just adorable!

    Kristin’s last blog post..MINE!

  13. glad you’re dry.

    well, sorta dry. the moosh looks pretty dang wet. my favorite thing about all those pictures? no pants. just underwear and a long jacket.

    love it.

    erin’s last blog post..weekends rule …

  14. Awesome Pics!

  15. at least ONE person is obviously enjoying the rains!

    Wendy’s last blog post..Monday’s post is relocated…for your reading pleasure, or confusion

  16. heard you all had some ugly flooding down there…glad it didn’t come into the house…

    staciesmadness’s last blog post..First Grade, History

  17. Amy in StL says:

    When I lived in South Carolina, my mom called every time she heard about a hurricane or flooding in the Carolinas. I don’t know how many years until I trained her to look at the map before she freaked out. Especially if I forgot to call or return a call…

  18. Those photos are sheer magic! Love the blonde curls.

    Hippo Brigade’s last blog post..Things that Made Me Happy this Weekend: an Introspection of Sorts


    Love the photos though. The Moosh just gets cuter, hey?

    Angella’s last blog post..That Blasted Lasagna

  20. The pictures of your little girl playing in the water are adorable.

    We are in central IL and our basement flooded due to all the rain. It’s a flipping joy being a homeowner. I don’t have any one to call to fix the problem.

    Dawn’s last blog post..Just a Little Water

  21. Yikes…what a wacky spring. We woke up Sunday morning, from the tornado that ripped through at 2:30 in the morning, to a huge tree branch in our backyard – knocked down most of our fence, tore off part of our garage and broke part of our deck… Mother nature, man, she wins again!

  22. Oklahoma must be getting your rain today. It has not stopped since 3 a.m. I am so glad the leak above my desk still hasn’t been fixed. *sarcasm*

    Megan’s last blog post..We have Internet!

  23. Had a bit of rain eh? Love the pics. She so cute playing in the water!!

    ashlee’s last blog post..Tap Tap — Are you in there?

  24. I don’t watch the news either. It takes me days to get info. In fact, I had no idea it was flooding in fabulous Indiana.

    Congrats on the rain! Looks like moosh is having a blast!

  25. holy wow. just wow!
    i’m so glad it didn’t do any damage.

    also? great photo ops! hahah!

    ali’s last blog post..just call me Rudolph

  26. Did you start building an ark? I mean, wow, that’s a lot of water!!

    Rhea’s last blog post..Sweet Magic happens inside this building.

  27. I love the one of her sitting in the water. Ah, Moosh. At least you have some entertainment during your flood.

    andi’s last blog post..More mouses in my houses

  28. I hate to be the one to do this. . .but do you know how GROSS the water your baby is splashing in is? Every fuel leak, every speck of cat poop, every gallon of pesticide sprayed, and every backed up sewer is IN THAT WATER. Water that she is probably splashing into her mouth and then using her cute fingers to touch her mucous membranes with. . .andandAND- please give her a bath. With really good soap. The Moosh is too cute for cholera.

    Ok- I am now finished being my mother. The only reason I know that stuff is because when I was a kid and my littel corner of the midwest would flood (um, yearly) and I would want to “go swimming” and I’d get that lecture, so I’m just doing what has been genetically pounded into me. sorry.

    Lou’s last blog post..That Which Doesn’t Kill Us Can Be Cured By A Myriad Of Drugs That Make Us Feel Like Dying

  29. Wow…the rain whilst in Chicago was insane. I heard about Indy. Glad nothing was hurt in your home. These photos are FUN.

    Kim’s last blog post..Holla! Chicag-a!

  30. Looks like one girl’s flooded basement is another girl’s fantastic fun!

  31. Nice pics, cute little girl 🙂