A special thanks to Walgreens for sponsoring this post.

I’m pretty relaxed about the gross things kids do. Sure! Eat that tomato that fell on the floor! Five second rule! Playing at the playground and you just licked the monkey bars? Gross, but you’ll live. Hey! LEAVE THE POTTY STOOL IN THE BATHROOM (WHY is this one so hard for toddlers?)

It’s not until I’m sick that I realize every living breathing human around me is leaving behind DNA, mucous, air, and germs everywhere they go. I begin to wonder “How did I get sick? Was it that dollar bill I found on the ground? Was it from hugging my friend that had ‘allergies’? HOW DO I KEEP ALL THESE PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE FROM GETTING SICK TOO?” It’s terrible. I go from not caring to OCD-hand-washing-ninja in under a minute.

I skipped my flu shot this year, not on purpose, but because things like putting off a flu shot happen. Then I got the flu. On Christmas. Then Cody got the flu and Vivi got the flu and Addie got something else. We called it Flumas and I was so, so sad. Had we just gotten our flu shots we would have all been so much better so much faster.

No more putting off flu shots.

This is where things get serious, a friend’s baby was once hospitalized with whooping cough at 6 months old. I visited her in the hospital and you want to know what will knock the air out of any parents’ lungs? Seeing a 6 month old baby in a hospital bed. Want to know how you could keep a baby out of a hospital bed? Getting a whooping cough vaccine.

It’s one thing to suffer the consequences of skipping your own flu shot and ending up in bed miserable and uncomfortable. It’s another thing entirely to skip a whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine and be the reason a little baby and his or her parents have to spend time in the hospital.

If you’ve spent any time around a sick baby then you KNOW how scary coughing is for little bodies. I have a fully grown body and I once fractured a rib coughing. One shot could not only save you from the whooping cough, but it could protect the babies around you as well (this includes your grandbabies, grandparents!)

I used to roll my eyes at my step-mom, a long-time nurse in the NICU. She wouldn’t let herself come near my girls if she hadn’t had her flu shot, or if she had any sniffles at all. She was always overprotective and the first one shouting “GET YOUR VACCINES!” from the rooftops. I get it now. Sorry for thinking you were kind of crazy, Colleen.

The good news. You can get a whooping cough vaccine at any Walgreens location whenever the pharmacy is open and whenever you get a shot at Walgreens you’ll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® program, a partnership between Walgreens and the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign.

Get your shot, grab yourself a snack from the candy aisle at Walgreens (my favorite candy aisle) and know you helped get a life-saving vaccine to a kid in need and helped keep yourself and the babies around you healthy and safe. Deal? Deal.

*Donation currently valid for non-flu vaccinations. Aggregate donation of up to $1 million. Vaccines subject to availability. State-, age- and health-related restrictions may apply.

(My love for Walgreens has always been pure and true. My dedication to shots? I’m working on it. I know it’s a weird topic, but it’s one that is vitally and personally important to me. Thanks for listening.)


  1. THANK YOU!!!! As a primary care PA and the mother of a toddler, I am SO glad you posted this. 🙂 Here’s hoping you all escape next year’s flu season unscathed.

  2. Thank you! I have a bad reaction to the shot, yet I still get it. My MIL refused to get one when my son was born and I severely limited her time with him until he had his full vaccinations.

  3. I’m crawling out of the cave. I’ve had my kids. I fought for public school and lost. I’m homeschooling and finding my way. I’ve missed your blog. Yeah for you.