How do you decide when to get your hair cut? Or colored? I personally find that one day I look in the mirror, see nothing overly redeeming about my hair except for the fact that it is growing and that it is growing out of my head. Much like it was on this day:


I then make an appointment about a week away, so I can think about my decision and wear my hair up in a ponytail all week so I can show it who’s boss. Problem this time around was I decided to style it on Sunday before I got it cut off on Tuesday. Big mistake.

My hair always behaves itself when it knows it’s going to be cut off. Kind of like how a three year old behaves when she knows there’s ice cream involved. But I know it was just a show, and it went back into ponytails for the next 48 hours.

Then there’s the dreaded “so what are we doing with your hair today?” question. I dread it. “Cut it off! NO! Long, but not frizzy, but I need body! But I don’t want short. I want to do it curly, but straight too. I spend a lot of time outside so I want something that can be pulled up, but funky you know? I don’t want to look like a calico cat but I don’t want to leave here looking like a normal haired person. But I don’t like cool hued colors, I need warm, but not orange! I like a lot of colors, colors that remind me of food. I need to go dramatic or I’ll regret it after I leave! WAIT! Not too dramatic! I am a mom you know…” Blah blah same thing every time. Some of you may remember the last time I cut off my hair. Gah. Nightmare. I was told by four different people I looked like my mom. Which isn’t bad but when one of those four people is your husband, well. Then things get a little iffy. I wanted to go to Whoorl but when I read in the New York Times she had 150 people in queue for hair Thursday, I figured I’d better start praying.

Thankfully I was referred to a genius of hair and from her nimble hands I am now caramel, copper and ruby with the ability to fluff, curl, straighten, pull back and funk up in a hundred different ways. I wanted to wait until I had all! sorts! of! styles! to show you, but I’m too excited.

So without further ado, the new moi.

I’ll keep you updated on any new follicular discoveries around these parts.


  1. Looks awesome!! Came over from Whoorl-

    I love that cut/color on you! Fabulous!!!

  2. love love love it!

    and? i SO need a new do

    biddy’s last blog post..i’ve been thinking….

  3. woah!
    seriously, you look a million dollars!
    (just popped over from whoorl’s too lol)
    kate in NZ

    kate5kiwiss last blog post..knitty gritty


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