I am not a food blogger.

Food blogging is a whole mess of work between the photography, the steps, the presentation and THOSE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW TO DO IT BETTER. (I’m looking at you CORN SNOBS.)


So I made these muffins today. Only I made them in my muffin top pans. (Proof that God loves a good muffin top.)



I took pictures of all the steps but they didn’t turn out very well because today was the day God nearly forgot the promise he made to Noah not to flood the Earth ever again and the lighting in my kitchen was seriously compromised due to all the fire and brimstone going on outside.

Let me show you…what my street should look like normally…(well okay so this is AFTER all the flooding, but you get the idea.)

after the floods.

Earlier today? It looked like this…

you're not even supposed to be able to see the creek. let alone swim in it.

Normal trip to the mailbox should go something like this…(with tutu, yes.)

after the floods.

Earlier in the afternoon? This…

this used to be a road.

And you people wonder why we Mormons are so big on being prepared for natural disasters. The only reason I left my house today was because if the world was going to end today?

I was going to have Double Stuffs to see me through it.

An Argument for Cookies.

So yeah, I made the muffins. And took pictures. Pretty self explanatory.

What I didn’t do was take a picture of the finished and baked muffins.

Because I ate them all before I remembered.

And this? Is why I would never hack it as a true food blogger.


  1. @SciFi Dad, Only if you take pictures. It’s in the recipe.

  2. @susie, No. THAT’S HYSTERICAL. Did the back say “Batter Buddies” or something equally cheesy?

    susie Reply:

    @Casey, Sadly no, I think we were going for uh… inappropriate in a punny way? Ahh, to be 15 again… never.

  3. Mmm. Double-Stuffed. Almost as good as my favorite comfort food – peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich, on toast, with banana and bacon.

    Casey Reply:

    @lceel, My current favorite? Grilled Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Marshmallow sandwich. Up next to try? Grilled peanut butter and honey sandwich dipped in cinnamon sugar.
    I speak comfort food fluently.

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Muffins.

    And by the way, we’ve been using your corn cooking method, and it works perfectly!!! You. Rock.

    Casey Reply:

    @Suzy Voices, THANK YOU. I knew I was right.
    *mutter*cook corn in milk and sugar*mutter*

    Suzy Voices Reply:

    @Casey, Milk and sugar??? Sheesh. It’s sweet corn, it doesn’t need anything else!

  5. I thought you had video too?

  6. We are definitely kindred spirits.

  7. I had to work in Indy yesterday, helping to unload and setup 26 hospital beds… I had to work outside… that’s all I’m saying.

    Anyway, that Oreo picture is one of the awesomest pictures EVAR! Teh winnar is you!

  8. So funny, but so true… food blogging is a lot of work… Ive only posted 2 recipe posts… and well… Im just too lazy.

    Im with you,… more about eating food, less about blogging it

  9. pffft. you could TOTALLY be a food blogger. um, remember those cinnamon rolls??!?! I have that post PRINTED up and stuck to my bulletin board….because, holy heaven, CINNAMON ROLLS.

  10. I totally bought the muffin top pans last year after you posted about them. Look at you and the power you have! 🙂 Also, I think your recipes were great and I have missed them! My husband still thinks your cinnamon rolls are the best he’s ever had… and he’s a cinnamon roll snob!!

  11. I’m way late to the game but I’m getting through my Reader from vacay and the doublestuff picture made me laugh so loudly that my office-neighbor came over to check out the ruckus. Priceless.

    Also moosh in tutu? Always please.

  12. Whoa o.0 That’s a lot of water. They look like nice muffins too 😀 Don’t worry, people still appreciate the effort even though photos of finished products aren’t your best. I made a video of making pizza that looked like it was shot through a shoddy Webcam (because it was), but people still appreciated it.