How is it almost the middle of July already, wasn’t it just January last month? Stuff’s been busy around here. Summer’s winding down, the toddler is wound up and Addie — let’s talk about the emotions of an eight and half year old girl shall we? SO many emotions. She’s SO tender.

Seriously, let’s talk.

Over on babble:

Curious what I looked like as a toddler? Here you go! (Plus some comparisons of the toddlers I made!)

“Don’t do drugs, but if you do — use a clean needle.” And 16 other conversations I’ve had with Addie in my head about the tough stuff.

I love food.
Here’s some of the best foods I’ve had.


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  2. Loved the hypothetical conversations (mostly because of the turtle picture). Have you read Mindy Kaling’s book? She actually talks a lot about the importance of being smart and educated, and the unimportance of being popular and cool. It was a refreshing Hollywood perspective and a good read for planning more future talks.

  3. Adorable picture comparison!
    I recognized that Graeters’ cone before I even clicked the link! Makes me want to try all your other picks. 🙂

  4. First, I see tons of you in both your girls.

    Second – I have had some of those hypothetical conversations already with my just turned 9 daugther. ACK! But relief that we can talk (and have talked) about some really important stuff. Some of your takes are so spot on and direct – refreshing to know I’m not the only mother who ‘talks’ with her daughter like that.

    Finally – FOOD!!! Insert Homer Simpson drool here.
    I just did my first food tour while on vacation in Asheville, NC last month. So now every place I travel too that offers a food tour I am totally signing up for it!

    I once ate my way through Disney for a week and yet I didn’t even touch HALF of what they offer there!

    Shapiro’s is the BEST isn’t it? I’m so glad to hear someone finally compare it to Carnegies! I haven’t been to NYC yet but that was on my maybe list (I have an entire Evernote notebook dedicated to Places to Eat when I travel). So I won’t be upset if I miss it…

    If I ever run into you around town I may be ‘one of those’ who stops you and introduces myself!!


    P.S. How is Wink doing? Has he recovered from his traumatic dog experience? Has he forgiven Cody yet?