Perhaps you’ll remember when I was all “LOOK AT THE BLURB BOOK I MADE!” and then a day later I was all “LOOK AGAIN!

Well it turns out not only did you look at it, but Blurb noticed as well and liked what I did (thanks!)

Now they want to return the favor and grant my wish of being able to give books to everyone. (EVERYONE!)


When you use the code ‘INSTAMOOSH’ at check out you will get $19.95 off a new book order, that means a 60 page softcover Facebook or Instagram photo book could be yours for the bargain price OF FREE. If you want to make a bigger book or upgrade it just a bit? You can use the same code to take $19.95 off your even fancier book. Do you live in Australia, Europe or Canada? YOU GET A BOOK TOO! (book maker must pay appropriate S&H)

BUT WAIT, this offer only lasts for 72 hours!

What is an Instagram book?

It’s a book , of your Instagram photos.

Like this one (shown next to my big beautiful book for scale):

instagram blurb book!

instagram blurb book!

(Are you following me on Instagram? I’m @mooshinindy.)

I upgraded to a hardcover on this book, it also has a lot of photos in it, 180 pages to be exact. ($37 softcover, $56 hardcover)

Since I started Instagram on my birthday this year I’ve decided to make a book every two or three months. How often they get made depends on how many photos I’ve taken.

I poo pooed Instagram for a long time (probably because I didn’t have a smart phone and once I did Instagram wasn’t available on Android until this year.)

Once I got into it though, it’s not just crappy photos with crazy filters, it’s tiny little stories as they happen in real time, it’s a community, it’s wonderful.

Gone are the days of "Push me! Push me!"

Die pigs.

Trikin' (also, what happened to my baby?)

Baby's first ice cream cone. Best big sister ever.

I may or may not be an abuser of the ‘walden’ filter. Sorry about that.

Kiss kiss Instagram, kiss kiss blurb. LET’S ALL GO MAKE BOOKS!!

(Don’t have Instagram? You can make one from your uploaded Facebook photos as well. No Facebook? NO WORRIES! You can always make one directly from your flickr photos or upload them to Blurb directly or use their handy desktop book making app.)


THE RULES: Promo code ‘INSTAMOOSH‘ MUST be entered at checkout for the discount to apply and for the best experience you should make your books on a computer and not a mobile device. The code is good for $19.95 USD/CAD (or 17.95 Euros/$21.95 AUD) off a 7×7 60 page softcover Instagram or Facebook book –  It expires in 72 HOURS (Monday night at 11:59pm EST time) then it turns back into a coupon pumpkin.

This coupon may only be used once by each person and on books made by you, It may not be applied towards adjustments on previous orders, gift cards or towards volume orders.

PLEASE do not Tweet/Instagram/Facebook the code itself, because that’s not fair, and moosh in indy readers play by the rules, right? Right. And if you want Blurb to keep on keeping on with the sweet deals? We all have to play by the rules and show them our support of their faith in our Instagram photos.


(Disclosure: Blurb did provide me with a code for my own Instagram books and all links are affiliate.)



  1. best promo ever! merci!

  2. YAY!!! Thanks so much! I just made an Instagram book. I keep meaning to, but procrastinate. So when I say your FB post, I just decided to do it right now. I LOVE Blurb and have made books with them before. 🙂

  3. thanks for this casey, i can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  4. THANK YOU! This is great. I just put together a book of sunset and sunrise pictures. Will be making more!!

  5. Eeeek! I almost missed this! Just finished my order…LOVE IT!

  6. Just ordered one…Thanks!!

  7. Tried to use it from Flickr and had a total fail.

  8. That was SOOO much fun. You are awesome! (and so is BLURB!!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  9. Thanks, Casey. Sometimes I forget that you’re kind of a big deal blogger. I just like your writing. Yeah for you and the Oprah moment. That is awesome! I can’t wait to give my son the book I created. Thanks, again!

  10. I made mine this evening…talk about getting in under the wire! Only complaint? You didn’t do this sooner! I had 1200 photos, but managed to whittle it down to a mere 160. Thanks to you and Blurb for this…I can see me making more instabooks as the years go on!

  11. I just finished my book and it’s awesome! Thank you for this opportunity. It feels like an Oprah moment for me too. Can I link to your site from my blog so I can tell my 5 readers how cool you are? I don’t know the blog protocol for that. Thanks again!

  12. I got my order in JUST IN TIME. Thanks, Casey and Blurb!!! I can’t wait to see my Louisiana adventures in book form. 🙂

  13. Thank you so much! I made a book to give to my fiance on our wedding day next week, using all of the Instagram of us, our house, and our puppy. I can’t wait to see it!

  14. Thank you!! i’ve been wanting to make a blurb book for a while now and i got one finished just in the nick of time!

  15. WOO! Barely squeaked that one in! I somehow missed the initial post with the code…but remembered tonight and got it DONE! Thanks, Casey. 🙂


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