Originally posted July 31, 2007


I promise when this happened I wasn’t reading any sort of bloggish thing online.*
Mascara IV
*this is a total lie.
Mascara IIIMascara IIMascara IA Clockwork Moosh
I was cured all right. -Alex de Large


  1. Oh my gosh. Your baby’s tongue. It’s the longest child tongue I’ve ever seen. It’s like a roller coaster. That’s amazing.

    Camilles last blog post..We Interrupt This Program to Kill Ourselves…

  2. Brilliant!

    A Clockwork Moosh. Now there’s a remake or a sequel I could endorse!

    Beths last blog post..Unsolicited Advice For John McCain …

  3. Are you sure Gene Simmons is not her father? That is a super long tongue.

    Just Mes last blog post..Payback’s a bitch

  4. Damn it. All those comments were mine!!

    Sherendipitys last blog post..I’ve got a problem with my plumbing.

  5. what was that scary movie with bettie davies, sweet baby jane or something ??

  6. I concur on the Gene Simmons thing. But, she is absolutely adorable! Seriously. I just want to eat her up… and not in a freakish way I swear. I just cannot get over how photogenic she is. Did you train her or is it natural?

    AFRos last blog post..Be Encouraged

  7. She’s adorable! Loving the eyelashes!

    HeatherPrides last blog post..I Hear Confucius Really Loved Turtles, Too

  8. Wow! That’s scary how much she looks like Alex de Large in that last picture. That is amazing! It love the book and the movie- well the movie is more disturbing than the book to me.

    perksofbeingmes last blog post..Simply Sunday

  9. Seriously, that tongue.. how does it fit in her mouth?

  10. Lol…simply hilarious!

    mels last blog post..i disappear often. . .

  11. you have the most beautiful little girl in the WORLD. i just love her little grin! so precious!

    Heathers last blog post..Open Letter #2: A Letter To Myself;

  12. OMG, that Moosh is just ADORABLE! Her expressions, those big eyes, her adorableness. I love her!!

    My boys don’t dabble with my makeup. lol Not a bit. Too bad though, would make for hilarious blogging material.

    Yeah, I’d sacrifice them for a good post. :o)

    Rheas last blog post..Mixed Signals: Just say NO to Indecision

  13. To answer Feener’s question, I’m pretty sure it’s Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (lots of scary makeup – and I think a dead parakeet).

    This is a great pictoral.

    Kates last blog post..Make Mine a Double: Part I

  14. oh my goodness…this is too cute!!!!

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..Meme-shmeme.

  15. What a cutie patootie!!

    That tongue – is a thing of wonder…

  16. Ok, so it has been said, but seriously…Gene Simmons needs to take paternity test.

    The Diaper Diariess last blog post..I’m Sure McCain is Thrilled

  17. OK, I think you need to have a contest with toddlers makeup and the celebrities they impersonate: my daughter was a dead ringer for Groucho Marx–you can see it here:


  18. DUDE…the moosh has a CRRRRRRRAAAAAZZZZZZZY Long tongue!!!!!!!

    Vespers last blog post..You’ll never believe what I found in my work bathroom