Originally posted September 27, 2007


Did your son come home the other night without these on his feet?

Vigilante Nikes

Did he tell you how he lost them?


Well, allow me.

Your kid was breaking into our car a couple of nights ago and my husband (we’ll call him Captain Awesome for the time being) drove up as your son was IN. OUR. CAR. (For those of you who are regular readers here this is a different break in than this one. I know, such a classy life I lead.)

Captain Awesome, being the bad ass vigilante that he is, jumped out of his car and chased your little juvenile delinquent son. That’s right, a 28 year old man took down your 15 year old twit. Lucky for your son Captain Awesome busted up his shoulder last week and couldn’t tackle your son properly without risking his arm. And my man needs his arm.

But he did get his shoes.

And I dare bet your son messed his pants.

We haven’t decided what to do with your son’s shoes yet, but we’re not giving them back.


Keep your mitts off our stuff you stupid, stupid people.

These are getting sold on ebay by the end of the month, any bidders?


  1. Oh the reasons why Indianapolis is such a classy town.

    I started reading your blog after I moved to Indy a few months ago and love hearing your stories and I couldn’t not comment on this one. Yippes…

    I’m sure the would be crook had a rough time explaining why he was barefoot tho…

  2. Oh my!

    Stacys last blog post..Sweet Lemony Goodness: A Quilt Giveaway!!

  3. Dude, you guys are AWESOME. Also, your husband is only 28? GAWD, I feel old.

    Mr Ladys last blog post..At Least I Won’t Have To Worry About Him Getting A Girlfriend Anytime Soon

  4. That’s awesome your husband took him out…and took his shoes. hehe That’ll make thieves think twice before messing with the Mooshes.

    Love your sign…nice handwriting!

    Rheas last blog post..Nursery Rhyme Gone Bad

  5. The only thing that would have been better than this recounting is if you would have gotten a video of Captain Awesome’s delinquent shoe-wrangling. (Why are people such jerks? I mean, really? STOP STEALING. It’s so lame.)

  6. I wish we’d had Cody at our house a few nights ago when our car was robbed. I need to go to spy school so I can learn to steal shoes and trace finger prints. Love the sign!

    Ems last blog post..GRAND OPENING of the My Room Animal Museum

  7. Hi, I found you on All Things BD’s blog.

    Wow… I mean, WOW! That is very, very impressive. Frankly, if this happened to our family, we would have probably called the police, watched as the prisoner-in-training took off with our stuff, and then lamented about all the cool CDs the PIT took. I like your way better. Well done.

    Tiffany Ts last blog post..Free-Enterprise Friday

  8. This is sad but also hysterically funny. Did the shoes sell on EBay? How much did you get for them?

    Tinas last blog post..I’m twice the woman I was…

  9. Oh, way to go…now the poor kid is going to have go and break into another three cars to round up the scratch to pay for another pair of shoes.
    Big meanie.


    Sherendipitys last blog post..Follow Me Friday

  10. I was so ticked when a kid (I assume) broke into our car parked right in our driveway.

    He broke a window and was able to steal 2 car chargers and a hands free kit…. not a blue tooth…. a $10 hands free kit. Oh yeah, my emergency tire jack too.

    The window cost me $160 bucks.
    Punk kids. I wish I’d come out when the kid was in my car. I would have taken my anger out on him.

  11. AWE.SOME.

    The sign is priceless.

  12. All. Kinds. Of Awesome.

    Miss Britts last blog post..We Call This The Curly Bob

  13. Oh my god — that is AWESOME. I love that he got his shoes!! Ah!

    Desiree Fawns last blog post..a greener life, one sax at a time.

  14. Those shoes are FAMOUS! Start the bidding high.

    Momo Falis last blog post..Boo

  15. Girl. That is awesome. I don’t know how you feel about *cough* profane adjectives, but I wanted to throw in an f-word just before the word awesome.

    I love it. Seriously. Classic.

    AFRos last blog post..Be Encouraged

  16. we had almost the exact same experience in provo 5 years ago.


    call gil grissom to do dna testing on the shoes and then charge said punk kid the the full extent of the law.

    mrs. rs last blog post..happy birthday, nana and prop 8

  17. fabulous.
    people who steal SUCK.

    welcome home, btw!

    Heathers last blog post..Fall is the season of change…

  18. Aside from the obvious stealing, a kid who can’t tie his shoes deserves to have them stolen off his stupid feet.

  19. I remember this post! HAAAA. You guys are awesome. There’s no justice like Moosh Family Vigilante justice.

    metalias last blog post..Succot, Starbucks, and SATC

  20. That was kind of really awesome. (Not the trying to steal your car thing. The sign and stealing his shoes thing.)

    Zandors last blog post..Haunted Houses, Animals, And Target

  21. I woulda added a whole lotta “F” words if I were writing this post. lol so funny!

    Mz. Nesbits last blog post..Greeblemonkey October Contest