Originally posted August 9, 2007


Our main library is temporarily housed in a scary old government building that gives one the feeling that they are going to have their soul sucked out by Dementors around every corner. Shelves are stacked in every nook, cranny and in every possible old scary room that was accessible. While on a hunt for a “Teach yourself HTML and CSS” bible I found myself in a very dark, very dead end, very quiet part of the library that housed law books.

Snooze fest! Who on EARTH would want to read “Indiana State Court Rulings of 1984?”


The thought then entered my head that this would be an excellent place to do a little public bow chicka bow bow (you know, if you were into that type of thing), and if it were a good place for public nookie it would probably also be a good place to fix my underskirt that was hiking up my crotch because I didn’t fix it properly after using the hobbit sized bathrooms on level one.

So that’s what I did.

I hiked up my skirt and fixed it. Undies exposed. Very unladylike.

It was then that I heard a page turn and a voice clear. Dude on the other side of “Indiana State Court Rulings of 1984? just got the most front row seat possible to my skirt hitching and fixing possible. What a gentleman, he waited UNTIL I WAS DONE, to let me know he was there.

Nothing like flashing young, up and coming attorneys in the library to bring back my carnal need to blog.


  1. you are hilarious! i can’t believe he didn’t say anything!! oh, i’m so sorry for you!

    Jesss last blog post..10 things i love about him

  2. You know he’s thinking that FINALLY those three years of law school and massive student loans were worth it.

    Way to make his day!

    Rheas last blog post..A Special Message

  3. Well that is only the best blast from the past, EVER!! hahahahaha, awesome.

    HeatherPrides last blog post..Are You Amazing?

  4. Re: What Dewey # is it? The librarian/cataloger/cough*nerd*cough answer to that question is, it depends on the context and subject. “Naked” in religion/morality is one thing, arts/nude art is another, science/anatomy, fashion, etc.

    In this context, it is more of Auntie Nettie’s/Library of Congress Classification Number of 1OLH. #1 Out-Loud HYSTERICAL!

  5. you wear crazy Mormon underwear though.. remember. so he obviously didnt see anything

  6. Ha. That is hilarious.

    Zandors last blog post..I worry too much.

  7. Awesome! It’s good to remember at times like these that even your worst moment can make a great story.

    Merediths last blog post..Ode to Rachel

  8. a ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  9. Love it. Split your pants lately? OH, how I miss your unladylike moments!

    shimmys last blog post..let the fighting begin!

  10. nahhhh, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all…..