Addie: curly headed six year old.

Thomas: “almost” uncle to aforementioned curly headed six year old, lives in Utah with my sister.

Me: the mom.

*cleaning out Addie’s suitcase from her trip to Utah, I find green pair of Fruit of the Looms.*

“Ew, my dad’s underwear ended up in her suitcase. Do I mail it back? Throw it away? What is protocol for ending up with your dad’s underwear?”

*continue unpacking. find two more pairs. notice that they are kind of…small.*

“ADDIE? Why are there boy’s underpants in your suitcase?”

“They’re Thomas’.”

“Addie? Why do you have Thomas’ underpants in your suitcase?”

“They’re too small for him! So I sleep in them!”

*blank stare*

“He bought the wrong ones so he gave them to me!”

“Soooo…they’ve never been worn?”

“Nope. Except my me.”

*texting my sister*

“So the ‘Why do you have Thomas’ underwear in your suitcase?’ conversation was a fun one.”


  1. That could have gone so many ways! Hysterical! You must get a picture of Addie in these green fruit of the looms and send it to your sister and Thomas!

  2. mommabird2345 says:


  3. The strange undergarments discussion starts so soon.

  4. These kind of convos are my most very favorite.

  5. Michelle says:

    My daughter just comes home with her uncle’s jeans. 🙂 But she is 17 now.

  6. Hilarious. 🙂

  7. Wow bet that was interesting to find. Not exactly sure what I would have thought. I agree that they should definately get a pic of her in them.

  8. So…um…WHY did he think that Addie might want them??

  9. That? Is awesome.

  10. HeidiLee says:

    Well, my kept a straight face?

  11. :O *giggles*

    I so couldn’t have not laughed or gagged (if I thought it was my father’s 😆 )

  12. Perfect outfit for the family Christmas card pictures.

  13. I don’t get it…. sorry. 🙁

    Casey Reply:

    @kj, My sister’s boyfriend bought the wrong size of underwear and never returned it to the store. Addie had a sleepover at my sisters house, forgot pajamas and so he let her use the too small underwear as pajamas since they had never been worn. (They were boxer briefs.) She liked them so much she brought them home to sleep in.

  14. huh. 🙂

  15. Oh my word, too funny! This will be a story to tell when your sister gets married… maybe at the bachelorette party!

  16. Oh my word, that conversation just made my day! How bizarre!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  17. Ba-ha-ha!! I love it!