Yesterday marked the date that Cody and I became man and wife. Annoyer and annoyee. Our anniversary.

Neither of us have very good skills when it comes to romance and remembering important dates.

Ah well, at least we’re equally lacking in the area.

Before Cody left in the morning to die slowly in the law library yet again study for the bar he gently shook me awake.

OOH! He’s going to wish me a happy anniversary before he leaves for his class! ” I thought.

I made a genuine effort (keyword effort) to roll over awake and happy to see my betrothed and welcome his anniversary greetings.

“So, uh, there’s a dead mouse in the laundry room. In the trap. It may even still be alive, but anyway, it’s starting to smell and I’m running late. You’ll have to take care of it today.”


Yes. Well.


Eight years later.

There you have it.


  1. Nice! I was just writing a post about my anniversary when I decided to take a google reader break and read this post.

    This kind of relationship beats the sappy kind. you know it does.

  2. It’s my anniversary too! Though, only 4 years… 🙂 Congrats!

  3. Um, that there is grounds for divorce. There will be no mice/rats/critters in my house. I don’t care how late he is. *runs away screaming*

    But hey? If it works for you…

  4. Wow! It’s like your still newlyweds!

  5. excellent. just excellent.

  6. Haha…at least he “gently shook you awake.” My husband whacks me in the feet and says, “Hey.” I usually wake up scared to death. Good luck to your husband on the bar.

  7. Oh, that’s so sweet?! Well, maybe he brought you a bouquet of fresh traps and d-con later. I bet he’s romantic like that.

  8. I think the 9-year anniversary is actually the dead rodent anniversary.

  9. Happy Anniversary!

  10. happy not-so-big day to you! My husband is much like yours. Doesn’t really celebrate the day either, until it’s time to go to bed – then he thinks he’s entitled to an, um…”gift”.

  11. Happy Anniversary – I love the story!

    That’s much like my hubs and I. I think he’s waking me up to wish me a happy birthday and then he’s telling me the dog puked in the bathroom. Ugh. Men – gotta love them!

  12. I can feel the love!

  13. Congratulations to you both! Happy 8th anniversary too 🙂

  14. Ha! I love it. Seriously after nearly 10 years the hubs and I have been together (5 married) this is so true!

  15. Heh, heh, heh…

    Too bad the Moosh is potty trained. You could save him a poopy diaper for when he gets home!

    Happy Anniversary!

  16. Ha ha! Classic! We’ll hit 5 years on Friday and my husband has already asked me 2-3 different times if he can do this or that on Friday. I keep saying, “If that’s how you want to spend our anniversary” and he snaps back into good husband and says, “Oh yeah! I keep forgetting how far we are into the month”.

    I think people remember better when they have money because they make wonderful plans and then it’s set. WHen you are broke or saving money you don’t make those kind of unforgetable plans.

  17. Oh my goodness! Hahahahaha…
    Well Happy Anniversary anyway sweetie!

  18. Happy Anniversary. Hope it was a good one, mice and all. 🙂

  19. Awesome! My husband and I took a 10th annniversary trip to NYC this year the weekend before our anniversary, which is more than we’ve ever done. On our actual anniversary day, I remembered at 11:30 PM that it was ‘the day’ and gently tapped him on the shoulder as he was sleeping and asked ‘honey, what day is today?’…… Funny that we both forgot, but I wasn’t bothered since we did actually celebrate.

  20. totally perfect. ha! Happy anniversary 🙂

  21. Hahahaha! Oh, WIN!

    Happy anniversary, by the way!

  22. The fact that you took care of the mouse? THAT is true love.

  23. just wait for the romance at 11 years. just wait.

    happy anniversary, lady!

  24. That is hilariously awesome.

    Did you take care of it??

  25. Happy Anniversary!

  26. Wow. That takes romance to a new level.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  27. Year 8 is half dead rodents? Can I just sleep through that anniversary please?

    To be honest, we’ve never really celebrated an anniversary ~ it would probably ruin a good streak to start now, huh?

  28. Oh, the love!

    Happy Anniversary friend!! xoxoxox

  29. aww… how romantic. Really! At least he told you about it rather than ignoring it and letting you stumble upon in bleary eyed and half asleep while you picked it up thinking it was either a toy or a huge gob of lint. Love is taking the time to warn someone before they touch dead or semidead rodents.

  30. We both forgot our 8th Anniversary…until we got a ‘happy anniversary’ card from his mom a week later. This year (the big 10), I REMINDED him a week before because yeah, he forgot.

  31. Ha ha! I’m looking into my future…

  32. and you failed to mention this while we were chatting? LOL.

    Happy 8 years! our 8 years was the 2nd!!! YAY!!

    Glad your g key is back in action 😉 xoxo

  33. Your hubs goes to law school in Indiana? Is it Notre Dame? That’s where I went. Can’t help but ask. It’s the bond of the Golden Dome! 😉

  34. Dude, I so would have boxed that mouse up and gave it to him for his anniversary present.

    But I am sure that you are much more classy than that.

  35. Who says romance is dead?

  36. Oh my… well Happy Anniversary! I hope your love didn’t diminish with his “gentle shake” to wake you this morning to inform you of the dead/half dead mouse in the laundry room! Congratulations on 8 years, we just celebrated 7. Life is great!

  37. THAT is just AWESOME. Imagine what he has planned for your TEN YEAR! Step back now!

  38. Ok, your anniversary pain is one fabulous blog post. (There’s that, right?)

  39. HA~! Did you say anything to him before you made this post, or is he going to be reminded here when he says “Hmm… I wonder what Casey is up to on her blog… I think I’ll mosey on over there and check it out. *click click clicky* Oh, a new pos… uh oh. *Beep boop boop beep ring ring* BABY, HI!! I just made reservations for dinner tonight at your favorite restaurant. You know, because today’s our anniversary. Love you, bye.”

    “Crap… what’s her favorite restaurant?”

  40. michelle says:

    ha ha! So true. But, he would seriously be dead if he left any dead or live rodents in the house. There are some things that I WON’T do.

  41. And welcome to my world…tee hee.

  42. I didn’t think dead mice were anniversary gifts until at least the 13th anniversary.

    Or wait…maybe it’s just fur. I’m not quite that far yet in my anniversaries…