I went to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday to acquire a pot rack because I bought new pots and they’re so amazing I can’t bear the thought of them all leapfrogging over each other in the cabinet and getting scratched, see also: a pot rack makes your kitchen look SUPER official. Like, I COOK SO MUCH I KEEP MY POTS ON SPEED DIAL! It also makes for fun rack jokes with visitors.

Anyway, back to BBB. Vivi insisted on walking, which is cool because I’m a second time parent so I’m totally more laid back with my second toddler walking along behind me in a big store (aka: I lost my first one so many times I’m much better at keeping track of the second one.) You can’t go into BBB and not do the big loop, so Vivi and I did the big loop before buying our amazing pot rack, as we passed through home textiles I looked right at the pet beds then back to Vivi.

I didn’t see her.


Then one of the curtains giggled.

when i looked behind me i couldn't see her so i called "vivi?" that's when i heard the curtains giggle.

Toddlers are the most fun you’ll have wearing yourself out.

February is about to hit warp speed for me. Lots of travel, lots of giveaways (I’m telling you, feast or famine when it comes to giveaways, partnerships and sponsored content.) Anyway, you’ll have the chance to win not one, BUT TWO Windows phones, some original artwork and other fun little goodies. There’s also a redesign going on behind the scenes, my first one in YEARS. My second one EVER. LOOK ALIVE! February may not be a complete waste of time after all!

Over on Babble (because sharing is caring):

Do you like coconut? I sure do. I’ve managed to curate some of the most delicious raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, paleo and dairy free coconut snacks and treats. (Don’t get turned off by all those healthy words! SERIOUSLY! THIS STUFF IS SO GOOD.) If you don’t trust me: Samoas. There, are we friends again?

I rounded up the best pictures of Vivi from January. Half of them were taken with my DSLR while the other half are off Instagram. I’m officially to the point where I love both mediums so much I couldn’t pick a favorite, could you?

I finally sat down and wrote down everything I would tell you (if you would listen to me) about going on a Disney Cruise. This is one of those posts that I worked really, really hard on. If you’re a pinner, I sure would appreciate a pin if you have a board related to Disney or Travel. Thanks. Also? I talk about this, which may be the best Disney souvenir ever in the history of time.

character signatures on disney cruise

Last. THIS:

Perhaps you’re familiar? Get the full story here.



  1. I’m seriously currently obsessed with the concept of taking my children to Disney and your amazing Disney Cruise photos didn’t help.

    I love that keepsake… I wonder if they do that at the parks or just on the cruise..

    Lisa Reply:

    @Marta, You can have the characters at the parks sign anything you care to carry around! Just make sure you bring a marker that will work with their gloves (for characters like Mickey, Donald, etc).

    Casey Reply:

    @Marta, I guess you could take a mat around the park, I’ll have to investigate if the drop off option is available at the parks. It’s nice on the cruise because it’s all done for you without having to wait in any lines. Total bonus. (You can also get a regular autograph book signed at character greetings on the ship as well. Bonus.)

  2. Pretty sure that the category after in the same room (like, within touching distance) requires a mushroom cloud icon.

    My two year old loves the curtains, too.

    Casey Reply:

    @neal, The mushroom cloud is kind of the best idea ever.
    Version 2.0 perhaps.

  3. I think I need to go on a Disney cruise some day. Maybe the opportunity will present itself sometime soon.

  4. The first paragraph made my day. The giggling curtains made my week. I should pay your family for keeping a smile on my face all these years.